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The Amazing Spider-Octopus

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If I didn't stop reading comics years ago this would probably have gotten me out of it.

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I always wondered if they'd ever come up with an idea more monumentally stupid than the Clone Saga. Looks like they did.

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Still not as sad and sorry as breaking up the character's marriage to resolve the Editor-In-Chief's mid-life crisis, but this is at least a unique and creative form of bad, complete with the horror of Mary Jane Watson not knowing who her sex partner is anymore.
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Spiderman is the Marvel flagship character just for the last 20 years he has been kicked in the nuts, Clone sage, Norman Osbourne knocking up Gwen Stacy retcon,One More Day.I wish Dc could buy the rights to him and send him to Metropolis.I think he would fit in great in the JLA.

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I haven't actually read the comic so if any of the details are wrong I apologize. It's pretty standard for comics to kill characters. That is just normal stupid. But to kill a beloved character by having his enemy steal his body, his life, etc and act like he is now going to be a better hero than the main character ever was is not only stupid but kind of insulting. Ock murdered him for his body. People who still read comics are supposed to cheer for this guy even with a half assed change of heart?

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I expected to hate the comic, but I came away kind of loving it.


Thought I'd throw this out there for anyone who hasn't yet read it and is still remotely interested in Devin's views.

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I was genuinely surprised that Devin came away from the comic with a positive review, and that he openly wept while reading it.


It's weird how Peter Parker is dead in both the 616 Universe or the Ultimate Universe now. I have been getting a kick out of Miles Morales' adventures as Spider-Man in the Ultimate book, although I find Brian Michael Bendis' dialogue exhausting at times. At any rate, that title seemed like the "What if Peter Parker had died?" alternate universe take for anyone who's into that sort of thing. Having him dead in both universes seems redundant.

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The Last Stand becomes the biggest X-Men film, so Marvel proceeds to de-mutanize most X-Men.

The Incredible Hulk is released, and Marvel bombards fans with a bunch of Red Hulks.

They just miraculously "successfully" rebooted the Spider-Man films, and Marvel does... this?


These guys suck at cross-pollination.

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Civil War turned Iron Man not just into a heel, but into a parody of post-9/11 security state intrusive chickenhawkery. It's as if they do it on purpose. I could have sworn they celebrated the release of Thor to theaters by temporarily killing off that character and replacing him in the books with Hercules and Ares, but someone who has been a more active comics reader in recent years would have to tell us for sure.
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Superior Spider-man came out.  The most obvious thing that could possibly happen from this happened.  Peter Parker is still inside his body with Octavius, who is unaware of this, and Peter is going to eventually take control.

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Is the book any good?
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