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Path Of Exile

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See it here:


Open Beta starts Wednesday. I'm in the closed beta now, and having a blast. The skill tree is just amazing.

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I will have to check that out once I'm done with Titan Quest. Looks like a grindy good time with appropriate (i.e. depraved) levels of gore!

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Dat Skilltree. I liked what I saw in the open beta last time. Some new twists on the standard genre designs. But man, all that brown really turned me off, I had Locust War flashbacks.

So how do you get in the closed beta? You can still buy into that with the tiered pricing packages right?
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Tried it out a bit last night. Made a Duelist, and tried to name him Dartagnan to reference both his swashbuckly roots and the great Django Unchained, but the name was already taken. So I named him DartagnanMFers.


I haven't had much time to really let it soak in and see what they've done, but my character looks hilarious right now, like Johnny Appleseed or something.

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Jumped into this last night as well. Didn't get long to play thanks to the dripfed 1.5g update, but I liked what I played. That skill tree is indeed insane. It's a surprisingly pretty game, too. Love the offaltastic death animations.

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  My 8th lvl witch Shirria is on the American servers, feel free to look for me.

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My current character's on the Singapore server for proximity's sake - will have to check whether you can transfer characters. Either way it's moot, I can just set up an alt on the US one. Will get on it.

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Every time I boot the browser it crashes. Wah waaaaaaah.

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Jacob - just sent a friend invite. Not sure if it's under my username (CavG) or my character name (Souness), but that's me.


Anyone else is welcome to sling me an invite if you like.

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Cool beans. I'll likely be on this afternoon (Eastern US time).

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Just for everyone's information, it seems that this game has taken a leaf from TSW's book and not limited characters to server. You can join any of the servers via the login screen and have access to all your characters, which is fucking awesome.


Also, if you come across a gang of mobs over 5, do the smart thing and run and let the herd thin itself out. NEVER jump straight in. This game punishes you for that. 

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Yeah, when I solo and run into a big crowd, I raise zombies like a muhfuh, then run like the sissy I am and throw fireballs/arrows/whatev. Mobs die, just more zombies to raise (assuming they're humanoid, of course).

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Loving this so far (purchased 10 bucks in transaction points to support it), i'll share my character's name later...playing a templar; kinda loving the whole ragtag and salvage nature of the early weapons and armor, and the gameplay is top notch; pretty much a perfect Diablo II clone/heir in the modern age.

Only complain so far is that gems do not drop very often, but i assume thats early level related.

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I'm level 12, and most of the gems I have were quest rewards. But it's completely random, you never know what's gonna drop.


I have to say, it's getting even better as I go. I'm happy to have given them my $50.

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Just re-leveled my Templar to six so far today. The installer is a bandwidth hog, couldn't even browse the internet at times with the data it was pulling out of the tubes. Be nice if some of the quests I completed actually gave up useful rewards for my character, rng and all, at least when I start a ranger character she will be decked out in brown gear. On the whole there's a nice progression of pick ups I've been gathering, even hoarding stuff for other classes down the line. The game is actually challenging, you don't have to play the game 4 times to get to meat of the game like in Diablo (meat that has since been nerfed to hell), it's probably not effective but so far when I'm hurting I run away and lay down all the random sparks I can which occasionally makes mobs melt...not optimal but works for now until I can get an AOE gem.

I had to pull myself away and eat dinner and do other stuff. I still haven't spent my Exile Bucks on anything just yet, even with some of the sale discounts, the transactions still feel kind of expensive here and there. But it is what it is, the devs have bills to pay and need to eat. Anyone have any recommendations besides more stash slots?
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I'm enjoying the living hell outta this. Again, Shirria, lvl 15 witch.

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Hurm. Now this sounds like precisely the kind of thing I could get into. I will jump on soon if possible.

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I've been tinkering around with this a bit, but I should probably finish some more of my unfinished games before really diving in. I just finished Witcher 2, but my "other" game is Titan Quest, which I'm not done with, and that's the same genre as this. Think I'll take a week or two off of this and power through TQ, as two ARPGs at a time is a bit much. But then, I've been wanting to get back to Torchlight 2, so who knows?

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Level 10 Marauder and trying to build him towards being a duel wielding tank with the blood magic perk to transfer all mana into health, then buff out life leech and health regen perks. His nams MacTir and hes running around with my closed beta supporter bronze kiwi pet. This fuckin game man.

Was never an action rpg guy, never did the Diablo thing and I only discovered I was really enjoying Torchlight about a month ago, but Path of Exile has managed to push its way to the front of my formidable game playing list to become the one game I cant stop playing. Grinding Gear also have one of the most generous FTP models Ive seen to date. So much so Im scared theyre not going to turn a profit. Most surprising of all is that I can play this game at all on my shitty old lattitude laptop that doesnt even have a graphics card, just an integrated chip family. Sure I have to run it at lowest res, graphics and get around 15-20fps, but the fact its in any way playable at all on old systems and netbooks is amazing.

If you love this game and can afford it, give them money, become a supporter. For a little kiwi dev team what these guys have achieved is fucking phenomenal in my opinion and this business model needs to be supported if we want more of these and less cynical War Z's or mercenary Diablo 3s.

At days end tho, the games just insanely addictive fun. Anyone want to look me up, not surprisingly, Im TheRainDog, feel free to friend me, tho I usually hang on the Singapore serversto maximise framerate and minimize lag. Anyone up for some cooperative grinding tho, Im game :-)
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Took some tinkering, but got the Mac client. Works great. Looks awesome and holy balls, that talent tree. Wradia, level 2 Ranger, hanging out mostly on the American server. Haven't had a whole lot of time to play but what I saw, I really, really liked.

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Only played for a few quick sessions, but I like it so far.  The resource/gem system is a little different and as many of mentioned before the immense skill tree is quite enjoyable.  It's like the biggest rpg Chinese menu. I'll take a little of this and a little of that.  I'm on the US Servers as DerokDueright I think. A ranger who I think is it a girl an didn't realize it when I made the toon at 2:00 in the AM LOL

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Made it to Act II last night. The end boss for Act I, Merveil, was tough solo, but with the roommate she went down easily enough. It was late then, so I haven't looked around the new town much. Looking forward to new maps and loot (more support gems!).

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Downloaded this last night. Besides the game just seeming to move slowly, its been enjoyable for the few levels that I have played. Can't say I'm too excited as to whats in store for the aesthetics of gear. Going to try to get the lady at home to download the client and give it a go before I get too involved in it.


Overheard someone in global chat refer to the talents as "Skill Forest". Got a good chuckle out of it.

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Anybody still playing this?  Just started playing last night and it certainly seems to scratch that Diablo itch.  Leveling a witch since I have always been partial to magic users in these types of games, but want to try the others as well.

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So I'm going to be starting a new character.  As with all of these types of games, a Summoner never works well until they introduce a patch that buffs your minions.  Happens to me every time.  The thought of having an army of zombies and skeletons at your disposal is cool until you realize that anytime you run into any type of boss your minions get slaughtered quick...even with all appropriate buffs from the skill tree.  All thats left is spamming fireball and running until you run out of mana. 

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My roommate and I are still playing the hell out of this, but our schedules have been off and I haven't been able to log much time in during the week.

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I'm liking it a lot too.  So many ways to go with your characters.  Started a templar, liking it more than the witch at this point.  It's a little scary that you cant do a full blown respec, makes it a lot like Diablo 2 in that way.  But im digging it.

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This game.  What a time-sink.  It's been a while since I've played a game in which I have to pull myself away because it's suddenly 3 am and I've got to be at work in 5 hours.  I'm currently toiling in act 2, the pyramid is a bitch.  I've got a lvl 28 templar now but I am still learning how everything works, especially the rune/socket/synergy system.  I'm in the process of trying to get my Templar to throw thunderbolts like Zeus (he also frequently uses a skill called glacial hammer, so maybe he's more like Thor), but have no idea if it will work in the end game...which is a little scary considering I'm not going to be able to respec him.

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I'm in Act II as well, 27th witch, mostly summoning zombies and skeletons, and throwing fireballs and ice. Just finished up the Church dungeon last night, next is un-blocking the path that the sorceress blocked in Act I. I hope to get in a bunch of playtime this weekend.


And hats off to this dev team, they've really got their shit together. They took down the servers last night for literally one minute and implemented a new patch seamlessly.

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Originally Posted by Jacob Singer View Post

I'm in Act II as well, 27th witch, mostly summoning zombies and skeletons, and throwing fireballs and ice. Just finished up the Church dungeon last night, next is un-blocking the path that the sorceress blocked in Act I. I hope to get in a bunch of playtime this weekend.


And hats off to this dev team, they've really got their shit together. They took down the servers last night for literally one minute and implemented a new patch seamlessly.


I am at about the same spot you are.  I have not done the Church dungeon yet, but I did clear the path to ACT 1. 


I am in the process of trying to fix the "darkness" that I accidentally unleashed in the world.  If you havent done this quest yet, it litterally turns the world dark and its a pain in the ass.  There is a big pyramid to the north of the map that took me forever to get to the top of, only to find that I needed an item that can only be acquired from killing 3 seperate bandits in 3 seperate parts of the I said, pain in the ass.  I finally found all the bandits and got the item I needed and I intend to make the long haul back up the pyramid tonight, where apparently there is a nasty boss waiting.


I agree with you about the dev team, its a great game.  The only issue I have had is the occasional bouts of lag, where the hotkeys on my keyboard wouldnt work.  It's caused a few deaths, but it certainly doesnt break the game.  I love the fact that you can build your characters any which way you want.  It really is what Diablo 3 should have been (I enjoyed my time with D3, but I have enjoyed this much more). 


Since we are at about the same point, if you want to join up, please feel free to look me up.  I don't really know how to contact somebody else in the game since I haven't used the chat yet, but the name of my templar is "ceasareleven". 

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I ended up getting thru A3 with my lightning templar, but it was turning into a grind.  Lightning damage is just too inconsistent and is poor versus a single target.  I couldn't solo the A3 boss, so I jumped into a party.


I ended up starting yet another new character this weekend.  A marauder who uses two handed weapons.  Lots of life, lots of physical damage.  Having an easier time of it thus far.  Its fun to just run into a pack of enemies without worrying about getting overwhelmed.  I can also switch to sword and board if I want to tank.


In addition to about a dozen skill gems that I wont use, I found my first unique weapon, a knife.  I'd love to trade it for something more useful for a marauder, but I'm still trying to learn the economy and am scared to get ripped off.  It looks as if chaos trinkets are the currency that most people use, but I havent gotten any of them yet. 

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I love this game.  LOVE IT.  I know these types of games aren't for everybody, but for anybody who has ever enjoyed playing Diablo, you have to play this game.  This game is better than any Diablo game.  Even D2.  I've started yet another character, my 5th.  I've come full circle and made another witch, this time one that focuses on cold damage.  I have finished Act 3 in the normal difficulty with 2 of my characters, but the truth is I havent scratched the surface of what this game is.  The endless possibilities of crafting your character between the endless skill tree, the gems, the ability to combine spells into's unbelievably well done.  Also as you reach the higher levels you find maps that unlock secret territories filled with top end treasure and top end monsters.  Im a long way from that but I am going to enjoy the ride getting there.

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Just made it to Act III. Solo'd the Pyramid boss by throwing up a portal as soon as I got there, so if I died (which I did several times), I'd have a quick way back. Act III seems a lot tougher so far, and I haven't picked up any new gear worth a damn in quite some time. Those guys in the crematorium are giving me hell.

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Originally Posted by Jacob Singer View Post

Just made it to Act III. Solo'd the Pyramid boss by throwing up a portal as soon as I got there, so if I died (which I did several times), I'd have a quick way back. Act III seems a lot tougher so far, and I haven't picked up any new gear worth a damn in quite some time. Those guys in the crematorium are giving me hell.


Make sure you have some lightning resist gear for the crematorium boss if you havent beaten him already.  I usually carry around different resist rings for different situations.  Are you still playing as a summoner?

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Yeah, but I only summon when I solo. When I'm partnered up it's usually fireballs and AoE ice and lightning. And I've got a decent sword for melee.

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Originally Posted by Jacob Singer View Post

Yeah, but I only summon when I solo. When I'm partnered up it's usually fireballs and AoE ice and lightning. And I've got a decent sword for melee.


Obviously I don't know how you are distributing your passive skill points, but take it from a guy who has theorycrafted more PoE builds than probably everybody else on this site combined (and watched more Youtube videos on this stuff than I want to admit) have to focus on one type of attack.  You have to put all your eggs in one basket.  If you are a summoner, make sure all of your skill points are going towards minion health, your health, minion attack, number of minions, etc.  if you try and split it up between say elemental damage nodes and minions nodes it will most likely fail once you reach the next level. 


The most dominant player I have ever played with in my relatively short time with this game has been a summoner.  I was at the end of A3 on the normal difficulty and joined a game aimed at killing the final boss.  One of the guys was a lvl 35 summoner and he had an ARMY.  I don't mean like 5 minions, I mean like 20.  He had skeletons, zombies, spectres.  He would simply stand in the mass of death he created and keep raising his army with skeleton totems, with offensive auras running which would support all his minions, and trample everything.  It was very impressive.  The other players in the game with us didn't even really have to attack.


This guy was obviously decked out in the best gear possible (the right skill gems, unique items), which most of us don't have access to yet, but I dont think a summoner build is that gear dependant.  Here is a Youtube link to a guy who uses a summoner with fireball.

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So I have finally found a character to stick with, my (now) level 45 Ice Witch.  I use a spell totem, in conjunction with Ice Spear, Greater Multiple Projectiles & Faster Casting.  So my totem is continuously firing 5 spears at a time, while my character is using either ice spear or freezing pulse (with crit damage and crit chance gems).  With my high crit chance, I end up freezing most enemies before they can get to me.  My goal is to eventually be able to drop 2 totems at a time, freeing me up to just drop curses on the mobs.


I breezed through Act 1 and most of Act 2 of cruel difficulty.  At the end of Act 2 the mobs start using a lot of chaos damage which ignores energy shields and directly eats away at your life.  This continues in Act 3 which I just got to.  This is making it difficult to progress considering I have ignored all the life nodes in the skill tree while grabbing all of the energy shield nodes.  This development is going to force me to take the Chaos Innoculation node which makes one immune to chaos damage, but reduces your life to 1 hit point.  Before I am able to do this I need to bump up my energy shield a little more to compensate for the loss of life.  Complicating matters is that my equipment, for the most part, is absolute garbage.  I've been pretty lucky in getting the right gems, but finding the right equipment to put them in with the right sockets is a challenge.  Up until a level or two ago I was using a wand and chest piece that I acquired when I was around level 20.  I havent had to continuously grind in one "safe" area for exp and gear drops up to this point, but I need to progress a few levels and increase the quality of my gear if I am going to solo Act 3 Cruel.  So I'll be farming in A2 Cruel until I am ready to proceed thru A3. 


Im probably the only one on these boards who is consistently playing the game at this point, which is a shame because it would be easier to play in a group of people that you could trust.  To me, this game is much more addicting than any of the Diablo games...and this is coming from a guy who loved playing Diablo. 

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So one of the most important things you need to learn if you are going to play PoE is the currency system in place here.  Early in the game this isnt really an issue.  You will be leveling so fast that it is mostly unnecessary to trade for anything because you will soon outgrow what you have traded for.  But later in the game trading becomes very important.


There is no "gold" in PoE, but there are orbs.  All different types of orbs that do all types of different things.  You can obtain these orbs through killing monsters and vendoring items.  Early on, when you are leveling, you should be KEEPING ALL OF THESE ORBS.  Alteration orbs, Chaos orbs, Alchemy orbs, Fusing orbs, Chromatic Orbs, Orbs of Regret, Gemcutter Prisms and if you are lucky enough, Exalted Orbs.  These orbs are the currency of PoE, and knowing their approximate value will help you acquire items later in the game that will help you in end-game content.


The value of these orbs can and will change.  For instance, two months ago you could have traded 20 chaos orbs for 1 exalted orb.  Now the ratio is 40:1.  Exalted orbs are like the $100 bill in this game.  Everybody wants the Benjamins.  Whenever you are trading for that superduper unique or rare item late in the game, usually Exalted orbs are going to be the desired currency going back the other way.


Believe it or not, there are websites devoted solely to providing the current exchange rates of orbs in PoE.  This is one of them:


Here is a quick rundown of what stuff is (currently) worth:


20 Alterations = 1 chaos

20 Chromatic = 1 chaos

2 fusings = 1 chaos

2 alchemy orbs = 1 chaos

3.5 chaos = 1 Gemcutter's Prism

13 Gemcutter's Prisms = 1 exalted


Of course this is subject to change, and there are a lot more types of currency out there, but these are the basics.  Chaos orbs are like the $1 bill.  Most low level uniques or decent rares can be had for a few chaos orbs or a few Gemcutter's (GMPs). 


Next post:  Crafting

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It's Officially official, officially, like right now man...Path of Exile on Steam as a free download for folk too afraid to peek their toes outside of Valve's garden of delights.

And like that, the login server died. But it's worth it, a good arpg, free, great devs making good with the community. Try it now, dammit.

Process for linking your existing account as a steam login is fairly easy. Just log into the PoE site, go to the Manage Account setting, click on steam, and then enter in your steam credentials. After which you'll get a confirmation email and boom, you're theoretically in.
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whoohoo! Fuck time! Fuck responsibilities! Videooooooooo games!


Seriously, glad it made it to release. Will download this, link it to my account and never play it because ain't nobody got time for that, but it's a good'un.

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Logged in today, linked up my account to Steam, made sure my witch was right where I left her, and logged back out. Gonna try to get in some playtime this weekend.

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It's a great, great game.  It's free and deserves to be supported.  I have left my softcore level characters behind for the moment and started a hardcore character in the Nemesis League.  It's sort of nice to start from scratch in a league where everybody starts with nothing.  And the hardcore aspect makes it a totally different experience.  If anybody wants to play just hit me up.

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So got up to level 40 on my hardcore character and died.  More of a lag death than anything else.  So I'm retreating back to my standard league characters.  If any of you newbies need any help or want any items, look me up.  I've got tons of low to mid level uniques taking up space in my inventory that could really help somebody who is leveling a character.  My POE account name is Lukyjack.  If you can't get me that way, the character Im usually playing is "DUDEBROneckbeard".  You can just whisper me to see if I'm on.

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Public service announcement:


The new gem "Cast on Damage Taken" is ridiculous.


You can link it with multiple skills at once, which I didn't realize till yesterday.  I've got mine linked with Molten Shell, Enduring Cry, and the Vulnerability Curse.  So basically, once I take a little damage it instantly pops the shell, with endurance charges AND curses all enemies in the area.  It's amazing.  And perfect for my leap slam Marauder.  I can basically jump into any situation knowing my shields will go up without me having to manually pop them myself.


I don't believe the gem can be gotten through a quest reward, so its a bit expensive at the moment.  But well worth it if you can afford it.

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So a lot has changed in the game since I last logged on.  Its almost overwhelming all the stuff you can do, especially in the new league.  I'm getting my ass kicked a bit, but I'm enjoying it.  Attempting my first Lord Labyrinth...and I keep dying. 

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Originally Posted by bob loblaw View Post

So a lot has changed in the game since I last logged on.  Its almost overwhelming all the stuff you can do, especially in the new league.  I'm getting my ass kicked a bit, but I'm enjoying it.  Attempting my first Lord Labyrinth...and I keep dying. 


I check back in now once every 6-12 months to see whats changed and end up losing at least another thirty hours again whenever I do. The amount of new content is incredibly impressive.

Best free game ever. No competition. None.

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POE is back and grindier than ever!  Actually I'm really enjoying the new expansion and the reworking of the Acts.  Gone are the 4 acts at 3 difficulty settings each, replaced by one 10-act setting.  It's much better this way.  The new content is great. 


It's also free, people, so what the fuck are you waiting for?

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Just got that huge update too (posted in the MMO thread about it). I don't know what all else they've changed, but suddenly half the armor I'm wearing is red to me (must have been some stat adjustments somewhere).

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