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"Is little Goblin Jr. going to cry now?"

Who says Maguire's Spidey doesn't have any good quips? Not I!
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Spider-Man 3 is fascinating. You're watching this really sincere film about honesty and forgiveness and moral failings get wrestled to the ground by the will of the studio that paid to make it happen. Venom is a shit character foisted on Raimi and even in that, he tries desperately to make it succeed. Then you have the Gwen Stacy shit, the amnesia, the Uncle Ben retcon, the forensic scientist butler and one of the dumbest, most whatever the fuck supervillain team-ups in superhero movie history and the goddamn thing just collapses by the end.
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it has really good faces

it's a movie that's really making a good faith effort to be a real movie despite the studio machine (as JK covered above)

I've come to really appreciate the first two thirds of the movie and really like the final moment
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I forgive the movie for not being perfect.
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Harry's amnesia is one of the character's defining aspects in the comics.
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Just thinking about the kwazy kwane sequence makes me giggle.

I've never enjoyed a second act more than the second act of Spider-Man 3.

From the moment he gets the symbiote suit to the moment he rids himself of it the movie is gold to me.

Pure gold.

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"Gwen, I've got a secret. It's my copier!"
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Originally Posted by Bradito View Post

I forgive the movie for not being perfect.
More folks should adopt this attitude..
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And the scene with Jameson in his office hearing the marketing pitch and Betty Brandt buzzing him repeatedly on that loud-ass intercom -- hysterical.

"...thank you."
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Yes! Love it!

"Not that one."
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I love the scene where MJ comes to Peter's apartment to complain about her bad review in the paper, and Peter's like, "People say mean things about Spider-Man all the time." And she gets mad and is like, "You don't understand how I feel!"

This is immediately after he's finished explaining to her that he understands how she feels.
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I remember I had just started dating a girl and she already willingly agreed to go see Dead Silence with me without a complaint.

Right at the beginning of Spider-Man 3, as Mary Jane Dunst begins to sing in her big broadway musical, she turned to me and said "What is happening?".

And then kwazy kwane scene.
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"It's wonderful... So. They. Sayyy..."
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"He issssssss...... a good boy."
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"Spider-Man killed him."

"What happened?"

...uh, that's what happened.
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We're just skirting around Butler Exposition's big monologue.
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Wasn't that Bill Paxton's dad :'(?
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"A guest guest?!"
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Wow his character's name is Bernard Houseman.

It's perfect for a butler!

"Bernard do I have any girlfriends?"

"Not that I know of sir."
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Originally Posted by erik myers View Post

Harry's amnesia is one of the character's defining aspects in the comics.

I've never understood why people hold this against the movie as a con. Not only is it a recurring, key trait of both him and Norman in the comics, but Norman IN THE FIRST MOVIE briefly has amnesia after becoming the Goblin and then regains his memories the exact same way, by talking to himself in the mirror (in Harry's case, to Norman in the mirror).

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The amnesia functions like Hitchcock's "bomb under a table" narrative device. The tension comes from wondering when Harry's memories will come flooding back.

Naturally, when he spills the omelette in the floor.
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I wasn't fond of the amneisa device in the movie back then.


Yes, it is a repeat of Norman Osborne doing it... but his was done more as a "what have I done???" story element where his relationships with the characters weren't really affected much.  His amnesia was more about forgetting what awful villainy he enacted the previous night.


Harry's amnesia is a full-on soap opera reset so that the movie can indulge in things being hunky-dory between him and Peter again so we can see them lose it all again later in the same movie.  Same device, different purpose.  And I can't say I felt much tension in terms of when the memories would come flooding back... partly because it's a foregone conclusion in a superhero movie, but MOSTLY because the movie is so stuffed with characters and subplots that the tension of the amnesia subplot doesn't really get to build much. 


As Brad said... omelette.


STILL... in the years since, I've come to enjoy Franco's goofy performance more (both his friendly, high-as-a-kite loopy side... and his eyebrow arching villain-side).  And I've come to embrace soap-opera cheese in silly superhero movies.



I also forgive this movie.

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Exactly. The device doesn't work in the film proper. Who cares if that's what they did in the comics? Ra's Al Ghul is literally immortal in the comics, and I couldn't have cared less that he wasn't in Batman Begins.

Mind you, I don't think it's the film's biggest error. A snowball effect takes place as Raimi is juggling all of these disparate threads and though some of the ideas he presents are pretty sound, I don't think the film satisfactorily resolves all of them. Also, doesn't Gwen Stacy basically disappear from the film?

I will say that I enjoyed more of 3 than I did the original, which is kind of a terrible movie, but equally sincere. I may kind of like 2, but I saw it once on cable and don't remember most of it.
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Will never happen. The Venom movie won't either.
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Says you!
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When's the Rocket Racer movie scheduled?
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Tomorrow at noon.
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"Mom, can we go and see the Black Cat movie?"

"Black Cat?"

"It's a superhero movie. She's a thief and she's in love with the hero but they fight sometimes when he tries to stop her stealing stuff..."

"No, we won't be seeing that. Your father and I sat through the first one with Halle Berry and it was awful."

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So is this the "female Spider-man" spinoff Sony announced alongside SINISTER SIX, VENOM and AUNT MAY around the release of AS2?
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