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His name is Leo Leo. How does this happen?


asshole parents

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Justice Breyer's dissent before Gorsuch's deciding vote allowed Arkansas to execute a man whose trial was dubious, at best:


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Gorsuch is cool with debt collectors harassing people with middle-of-the-night phone calls and suchL



Justice Neil Gorsuch’s first Supreme Court opinion won’t earn much notice in his biographies. The unanimous decision reads more like a grammatical lesson, scrutinizing one line of text in a decades-old statute. But if you have ever been harassed in the middle of the night by a debt collector, or been threatened with tax liens or court summonses or even bodily harm, you should understand what Gorsuch and his fellow justices did on Monday: They gave some of the worst bottom-feeders in the economy a free pass to break the law.


The case, Henson v. Santander, looks pretty innocuous at first reading. But the Roberts Court’s deference to big business, and lack of experience about the real-world legislative implications of their legal debating club, turned this decision into a huge win for financial predators. It’s now up to Congress to fix what Gorsuch and friends broke. But with the current group in charge, don’t hold your breath.


Here’s what the case is about. Citi Financial Auto made a series of car loans, and then sold the defaulted debts to the Spanish bank Santander, which subsequently tried to collect. The plaintiffs allege that Santander violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) of 1977 by harassing and intimidating the debtors. The FDCPA protects debtors from such practices, enabling them to file suit against the debt collector, with hefty fines for misconduct.

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The Supreme Court has no idea what they've done with this ruling.  I mean, I understand the grammatical argument, but they simply have no idea of the real world effect. 

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This is weird to me. I have been sent letters from debt buyers. The letters ALWAYS indicate on the amount who the original debt was owed to. Now, that might be statutory or it might be something easily removed because of this ruling. If I were the people bringing the suit I would point that out first thing.

On the other hand I can see the point of language written prior to industry appearing. The FCC has the same issues with the internet. I appreciate the court staying non-activist and allowing this language to change legislatively as it should but it does highlight a problematic interim.
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Neil Gorsuch, campaigning with Mitch McConnell:


Very inappropriate.  I guess he feels indebted to McConnell.

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