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Originally Posted by D.T. View Post

Not really feeling it this year. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I couldn't get myself amped for that until the morning of.


My sister and I are in our 30s now, and my dad in his 50s. It really should just be a nice day to get together for a meal, exchange a gift or two and watch some football. But my sister lives for Christmas, and keeps dragging us into a big gift-giving affair each year.


When you're a kid, Christmas is fucking awesome because it's all about you and the magic of getting all that rad shit you waited all year for. When you're an adult, you get what you want when you want it (with some saving or planning ahead, if it's a bigger purchase). Giving and receiving gifts as an adult is fucking awkward because you basically tell the other adults what you'd like, then act surprised when you get it a couple weeks later.


I just hate pageantry.

Well, I guess fuck me and the new bugatti veyron I got for you this year.  That shit's going RIGHT back to the store!

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Originally Posted by Codename View Post
Screw it, this year everyone's getting a half-gram of coke and some over the pants action from the local streetwalker.


I call Codename for Secret Santa.

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Originally Posted by Freeman View Post

Well, I guess fuck me and the new bugatti veyron I got for you this year.


Nevermind, I call Freeman for Secret Santa.

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I respect any man who will willingly dress and adopt the persona of Santa Claus,

weather out in public or for a photo shoot.


But this mustache...

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I usually get my siblings a little joke gift paired with an Amazon gift card. The joke gift covers the "It's the thought that counts" angle, the Amazon card covers the material angle.

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My siblings and their spouses generally draw names every year.  Rather, we did until last year.  It got to the point where everyone may as well have just swapped two 20 dollar bills, so we stopped.  Everyone pretty much buys what they want, when they want it, so doing any sort of gift giving is rather pointless.  We all still buy gifts for the next generation (in their 20s) because they're dirt poor, but that's about it.  

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My favorite holiday and time of the year is Halloween. Always has been and will always be. I dig Christmas because of that holiday cheer vibe; people seem to be a bit more merry this time of the year. Or, at least, a bit more hopeful.  


Sure, when I was a kid, it was all the presents. But what I loved was all the presents under the tree. All wrapped and just looking right out of a Rockwell painting.  I've never liked the unwrapping/opening part because it destroyed the composition.  I do love decorating for the holidays, too.  Must be the artist in me. 


Maybe things will be different this year because of...well, because of how awful shit seems to be. Plus, my sister and I have disowned our parents and have decided we're orphans. And my sister lives in Kuwait and I'm here now in LA. And my housemate doesn't "do" Christmas. I know that once I get my own place, I'm decorating.  But I am still getting a tree for this year! A fake tree, but A TREE and decorating it. 


AND I'm adding to my Krampus kids.  Got a Krampus dog, cat, femme, and next, a bear...


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Christmas is my second-favorite holiday, but it's been tough to get into the spirit for me so far, because the upper midwest has been unseasonably warm and we haven't had any snow yet.  As a person who loves the different seasons and is ready for winter, it kind of sucks!


Even so, tonight I threw on Henry Mancini's wonderful SANTA CLAUS: THE MOVIE score and did some decorating inside while drinking several hot chocolates, and things finally started to feel right.

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I'll get to sleep in on a Monday, so I'm looking forward to that.
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My wife and I have been in full Christmas mode for a few weeks. Thought I would share a picture of our living room.

We always do a new jigsaw puzzle every year on the coffee table.
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Catartik, can I come to your house for Christmas, please?

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I showed this picture to my best mate last night and we came up with comments no one here did

(or even bothered, thanks so much,,).


I mentioned that everything was spot on, tho perhaps a bit cheap looking, but the mustache was outrageously and comically large.

It looks like a white version of Yosemite SAM's lip hair.

He contends that the 'stash is the only real hair, that the wig and beard are fake!

We both agreed that he's writing  'Help me! The Elves have...'

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My Christmas tree is going up this afternoon.  If it turns out satisfactorily, I'll report back with a photo.

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I draw/design my own Christmas cards to send to limited number of close friends.

I've done this kinda sporadically. Early on I had a 'war' between The Easter Bunny and Santa,

every year the other would respond to the previous year's card. The only one I still have saved

images of was this one, which was presented in B&W with yellow color added for the gas.

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After 9/11 2001 this was my Christmas card I sent out...

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Another card, which I hand coloured every one with colored pencils. Very proud of this drawing.

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It was gingerbread making last night. I made the Homer. My girlfriend made the unicorn next to him.
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Ha. Those are pretty great, Steve. 

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One year I custom drew a snowman on the front of each card, no 2 alike.

Don't want to ever do this again tho. I did about 15 of them. Here's two of them.

These are scans of the artwork but each drawn card was hand colored (carrot, scarf).

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 another Christmas card cover. feeling kinda grumpy that year I guess...

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Those are great Steve. I especially like the snowmen and it reminds me of something ambitious I did one year for Halloween when I insisted that all my scarecrow decorations had to be distinct from one another.
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Here's this year's Christmas tree!

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Cool stuff Steve.  We do the same thing every year for our Christmas cards. The first year it was a a fun Peanuts style thing I put together on a whim in just a few hours.  Since then its become this thing I worry over for a month.  A couple of times we hand wrote greetings and that was a pain.  Can't imagine trying to hand-draw and color each card.

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Originally Posted by catartik View Post

My wife and I have been in full Christmas mode for a few weeks. Thought I would share a picture of our living room.

We always do a new jigsaw puzzle every year on the coffee table.

Your home looks so warm and inviting. It disgusts me.
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