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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) Discussion

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A series of slick commercials and travelogues with some scenes of low-key drama and sentiment in between... all resulting in a pleasant (under) 2 hours. 


I can see this playing well for adult audiences during the holidays.  It has that slick arty/faux-indie sensibility with its compositions, transitions, music selection and editing that work perfectly to draw the eye during commercials in a way that can strike some into thinking there is something more meaningful within than there actually is.  


The trailers keep selling Walter's daydream flights of fancy, but those generally go away once the movie's story actually gets going.  They were actually the more tiresome aspects of the movie (despite being handsomely produced) because they are clearly so outrageous that you aren't expected to take them as anything more than fantasies.  


It's when the story actually gets going in terms of Walter getting on a flight to Greenland to find a photographer that the movie becomes more engaging, mostly due to Stiller finally becoming active and the movie becoming a lovely ad for Greenland's Tourism Board (should such a thing exist).

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I guess this thing isn't coming out for a month.

Nobody interested in the movie?
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More like The Secret Life of Walter Shitty ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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I'm interested in this.  For whatever reason, the trailers and such have sold the wife and I on it.  Marketing Goal = ACHIEVED.


As long as the word is at least 'good' on it, we'll be seeing it.

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Originally Posted by agracru View Post

More like The Secret Life of Walter Shittyooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Did you see it already?
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I'm interested in seeing this for a couple of reasons.

It looks wonderfully shot, if a bit sterile.

Plus the character seems to mirror my own to a fucking tee. I won't go heavily into that, but the whole zero daydreamer in the office, pining after the unobtainable girl, approaching midlife etc is me down to a tee. To the point where several friends have turned to me, while watching the trailer in the theatre and laughed saying That's you!.

I'm well aware that this movie is being marketed towards me and people my age and as much as it pisses me off that my insecurities and lifestyle are being so shamelessly pandered and marketed to, but fuck it, the trailers do speak to me and I'm half expecting that the movie will deliver some saccharine sweet message about how to live a life rather than dreaming for one. This will be completely lost on me as I'll go from wishing I was some sort of hero to get the girl to wishing I was Walter, who will undoubtably come out of the other side of the movie either getting the girl or learning an important lesson in life.

Plus I've downloaded the Jose Gonzales track from the trailer and have had it on repeat for the past 48 hours. It's now gone from being an initially uplifting track to sounding like some dirge they use in adverts for Nikon cameras.
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It hasn't screened in Boston yet, but even when it does I probably won't see it unless I get a screener for it. (Which I won't because I'm not that important.)


I've just heard not-great things about it, and besides, the title opens itself up for mockery just by giving Walter a horrible last name.


Basically, your reaction is the prevailing reaction I keep running into. So I'm not all that enthused.

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I can see this movie really CLICKing for some people.

The simplicity/triteness of the thing won't matter.
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I'm barely interested in this myself, but I can see this being the quintessential "Take Your Parents to the Movies on Christmas Day" choice, and for that, I'll probably ending up seeing this.  

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The trailer sold me on it.  Kind of looked Michel GondrySpike Jones-ian to me.


Thing is, I haven't even experienced ambivalent reception like some here have.  Everything I have read has been extremely negative.  "Worst of the year" kind of thing.


I'll remain cautious, but I think it's inevitable I see this - even if rented.

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Saw a screening last night and thought it was alright. I really dug Stiller's Zemeckis-lite filmmaking and both he and Wiig were solid but Adam Scott's villainous character felt a bit out of place in a thing like this and there were some contrived elements near the end that took me out of the movie a bit. I think if I see it again when it comes out I'll probably like it a bit more than I did. I agree with McNooj that the film really comes alive once he hits Greenland. There are shots in the middle of the film that took my breath away.

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