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The South Park table is great. Now give me a fucking Simpsons table.

They used real sound clips from the show. Not any of the lame fucking impersonator shit they've been doing here and there. Hell, they even have Chef soundclips. Pretty decent action and so far no cheap deaths from odd bounces coming off the ramps.
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Gonna get it right now. I hope the lanes aren't as cheap as the ones in Walking Dead.

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So, I just bought the table as well. I am hitting 6mil by ball 2. Not bad for my first try, I think. Then the message pops up. Beat Xenist's score, only FORTY FIVE MILLION MORE!

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Damn, I completely missed that a South Park table is out. Gonna have to nab that.

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It's actually 2 tables, the South Park table and a Butters-themed table, for $4.99. My stupid kid neighbor broke my controller over the weekend, and I'm stuck playing with keyboard for now, so don't look for any decent scores from me.

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I am not a fan of the Butters table. I don't like having 10 seconds to get it in that damn wheel. Its the same problem I often have on the Wolverine Board. The Butters board looks like it needs a left flip to the hole, then an upper right flipper to get it in the wheelhouse. I much prefer tables, like Iron Man, where I can pace out the missions myself.

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Is anyone else seeing their friends scores on the new table? I get updates on Xenist's, but he doesn't appear on my leaderboard. I don't see anyone on my friend's leaderboard but me.

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The BRAM STOKER's DRACULA table has dropped on The Pinball Arcade and it's pretty damned great!


Beat my high score of 234, 812,850 if you dare!

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Ok, dormant thread. Needs life.


I will buy ten pinball tables in Pinball FX for the next ten people that want to claim one (in other words, one per customer). If no one bites, I'll buy one season of Pinball Arcade for two lucky fuckers.


Starting now:

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I'm totally in for this.  Just started playing the SW Pinball again.

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Alright!  Just took third on the Starfighter Assaut table.  Still only got half of MartianMan's #1 score.  Goddamn it.  Now not only am I furiously competing with that dude in FitBit steps, now in pinball as well.


Edited to correct table

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Originally Posted by Dalyn View Post

I'm totally in for this.  Just started playing the SW Pinball again.

So which table do you want?

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OK, Dalyn got a multiple Marvel set. Who's next? Nine to go...

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FREE PINBALL, people. Pony up. Nine tables (or sets) to go. FX Pinball 2 or Pinball Arcade, either one.

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Aww yeah.  Took first in Sorcerer's Lair. 

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I think Zombie won't let that stand for long.


At any rate, STILL FREE PINBALL here folks. Any takers?

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Visiting a friend for a bbq this afternoon, may not be back 'til tomorrow. Offer still stands. Knuckleheads.

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Dude, everyone knows I'm not above receiving free shit but my graphics card is fried and there's no replacement on the horizon for a while. Otherwise I'd take you up on it.

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Portal table for is live on PS4, about to give it a shot, pc users will get it tomorrow.
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Either the table is really easy or maybe (I honestly believe) my gsync monitor is giving me an unfair advantage. I broke crazy records in south park several weeks back, and on my second try on the portal table racked up over 100 million. I am not good at pinball so getting these scores is just weird.

The portal table is nice and cheap if you owned any portal games, ended up gifting a bunch out to friends and coworkers yesterday when it went live.
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Just a heads up, while you guys are fiddling with your Witchers and Batmans, I'm over here trying to take as many Star Wars high scores as I can.  Took one or two Marvels and the Portal as well, Jacob.

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Oh snap!  Just took out Zombie Fever's crazy high score on Spider-Man!

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*shakes fist at the heavens

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Just took first on the Return of the Jedi table.  Next up...Darth Vader.

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OK, back in business on Pinball, mofos.


What's the latest table, Jacob?

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Ant-Man, and it's a pretty good table to boot. I wish I was better on the Portal table too.

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Okay, so I tried to take Vader tonight.  I currently have #2 on that one.  Not even sure how I got to that point.  It's damn hard to get anywhere near #1 spot on there.  Oh, but I will.  In the meantime, I just went to the Droids table and took #1 on that table.  I'm telling you, I'm going to keep taking #1 spots, and keep resurrecting this thread!

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Another night, another top score taken.  Got tired of chipping away at the tables I have, so I splurged (yeah, 10 bucks is a huge splurge for me with a baby on the way, and I already feel guilty) and bought another Star Wars pack.  This one had Empire, Clone Wars, and Boba Fett.  Took top score in Empire.  I'll have to work a bit more on the other two, as the gutters were just killing me on both tables.  Hell, on the Boba Fett one, there is a little side flipper on the left of the table, and it seemed almost every time I used it it shot the ball straight into the right side gutter.  Fucking annoying. I just stopped using that flipper altogether.

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Okay, so I just went and took 1st on Clone wars and 2nd on Boba Fett.


Also I know that on some or many of your games I won't show up as 1st, but that's probably just because you have more friends than I do.  I pretty much just have fellow Chewers on my friends list.  If any Chewer is playing and not on my list, hit me up.

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And there's first place on Boba Fett.  I'm done for the night.

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Table resurrection!  I finally got some time to play over the weekend and I catapulted into 2nd on my list for the Thor table. I may not have Dayln on my Steam, but I am awfully close to beating Zombie there. I need more pinball time in my life.



Psst. Dayln. I am MrTyres on Steam.

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Originally Posted by MrTyres View Post

Table resurrection!  I finally got some time to play over the weekend and I catapulted into 2nd on my list for the Thor table. I may not have Dayln on my Steam, but I am awfully close to beating Zombie there. I need more pinball time in my life.



Psst. Dayln. I am MrTyres on Steam.

Weird.  I have you on my friends list already.  You have the top score on South Park that I can't quite seem to beat.  But yeah, you're already showing up on all my scoreboards.

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Every time I see this thread revived, I reinstall to try and cement my high scores. Every time, I fail horribly and wonder how the hell I accomplished what I did. 


Most of the scores I set came post breakup of a lengthy relationship, nine in the morning, in bed, on my laptop and fueled by Entenmenn's donuts and coffee. 


I need to get a girlfriend and split with her just so I can knock some of you guys off the leader board. 

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Dammit, I don't know what happened.  Got on last night to try to get some more high scores, and all my Chewer friends scores are gone.  It only lists the all time high scores.  And when I click each individual table to see friends scores, it says my friends haven't played that table.  The only person it is showing is Zombie Fever, and it is showing his Pinball Wizard or Master or whatever score is only 7.  Anybody else have this issue all of a sudden?

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they reset all scores due to a bug in the game.

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I could have sworn that they said they would still be keeping them under a "Legacy" leader board or something. 

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Yeah, they kept a secondary leader board of some sort.


Any of you guys playing Pinball Arcade? Some amazing pinball in that series. Not sure if they have a comprehensive friend-scoring setup, though.

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Haven't played that one yet. May give it a shot now that Pinball FX erased everything.
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Oh shit, the new Force Awakens dlc dropped today? Just saw my man Singer bought it. Yeah, I'm in too.
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I'm not a big fan of fake 'holidays', but there appears to be one good thing to come out of it...


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Yeah, it's gonna be a long work day today until I can get home and play these tables. Original Aliens audio? FUCKING A!



EDIT: I would've paid ten bucks for the Aliens table alone. To get a three-pack is just icing on the cake.

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I'm absolutely obsessed with the Avengers Fear Itself table on PS4 right now. If anyone wants to play with me/compare scores, my PSN username is Loki-Goat.

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Aliens pinball?!

Man, I've been sleeping. I will have you all know, that I am the best at Pinball. What frustrates me is that Zen doesn't track your high scores across platforms. So what I will do is record my high scores from the ol' PS3 (where I did most of my flippin), post them here, and if any of you bastards have a higher score on a particular table, let me know so I can swing back through and demolish whatever it is you got. 


Singer: Pinball Arcade is solid! I love the TNG table on there. That's more of an authentic experience, but I haven't spent too much time in that one cause I have it on Android, and no one to really go against. You PC on that one? Does it track scores across tables? Maybe we can do a TABLE OF THE WEEK contest. 

Damn I had forgotten how much I enjoy beating the shit out of people's pinball scores. Game on!

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Yeah, I'm on board from some ALIEN/ALIENS pinball.

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Add me on PSN if your on Zen there, ID is glass_daggers.

I know I saw Loki_Goat playing Fear Itself the other day. Let me take a look at where I'm at on that table when I get home, I know I managed to clear about half of the objectives in that one before I gave up.

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Just a reminder, Pinball FX3 drops next week, and is backwards-compatible with all your PBFX2 tables.


Really looking forward to the JAWS table myself.

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Yeeeeahhh boi you still gonna be playin on PC? OR PS4?!

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I have ALL the pc tables, so probably that, but I might go PS4 too. Especially if they bring in VR tables.

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I just find it easier to play games on the ol playstation. When I sit down at a computer I am compelled to just dick around endlessly on the internet.

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Released today (it's free, by the way), and my old tables migrated instantly. I picked up the new Universal tables (Jaws, Back to the Future, E.T.) and tried my hand at them. Jaws is kind of old-school; lower-scoring, not too flashy, looks like it will require finesse. Back to the Future is zany and over-the-top (I got two different multi-balls on my first playthrough). Haven't hit up E.T. yet.


I also like the addition of earning experience points you can spend to unlock specials on each table. All in all, this is great step forward for the FX (or ZEN) series.

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