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It's happened again:



An Ohio lawmaker who routinely touted his Christian faith and anti-LGBT views has resigned after being caught having sex with a man in his office.


Wes Goodman, who is the Republican state legislator for Ohio, is married to a woman who is assistant director of an annual anti-abortion rally known as March for Life.


The right-wing legislator, who pushed “family values”, was reportedly witnessed having sex with a man inside his office who was not employed by the legislator.


According to the Columbus Dispatch, the observer told Ohio House Chief of Staff Mike Dittoe what had happened on Tuesday afternoon. Mr Dittoe responded by telling House Speaker Republican Cliff Rosenberger who in turn met with Mr Goodman.


The 33-year-old, who has been branded the “conscience of the conservative movement”, resigned for “inappropriate conduct” shortly after the meeting took place.


Mr Goodman, whose Twitter biography describes him as “Christian. American. Conservative. Republican. Husband to @Beth1027”, has regularly claimed "natural marriage" occurs between a man and a woman.


"Healthy, vibrant, thriving, values-driven families are the source of Ohio's proud history and the key to Ohio's future greatness,” reads his campaign website which has now been taken offline.


“The ideals of a loving father and mother, a committed natural marriage, and a caring community are well worth pursuing and protecting."

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That's hilarious.  Nothing sweeter than forbidden fruit Wes?

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Bob Marshall, the anti-gay legislator who lost to Danica Roem in Virginia, wrote this in The Washington Post about Roem forcing insurance companies to pay for sex change operations and what not:


I think he's taking his loss well.  Or maybe not.

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Originally Posted by Iron Maiden View Post

It's happened again:

I swear that a lot of conservative right wing Christians have more gay sex than I do. I bet he couldn’t even be bothered to get a hotel room or at least say ‘can’t host’ on his secret phone’s Grindr profile.
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The first same-sex marriages in Australia are expected in February:


Good on you, Australia!

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Remember the huge outcry a year or so ago when county clerk Kim Davis denied a gay couple a marriage license, causing Huckabee to head down to Kentucky for a pandering photo op to support her beliefs? One of the men denied is now running against her. Here he is, filling out the needed forms as Davis watches: 

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 While I hope she losses, she will probably get a job at Fox if the happens. My logic is often guided by the belief that good things happen to bad people.

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I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Fox News would never hire a woman who looks like Kim Davis.
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 Book deal perhaps? I'm sure she will find some way to make a buck if she losses the election.

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For the first time in four years, Americans are less accepting of LGBTQ people in a dangerous yet not wholly unexpected reversal of progress.

GLAAD released the findings from its fourth annual Accelerating Acceptance report today and they show that the attacks on the community by the Trump administration are having a real effect.


Sad to read.

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Originally Posted by MrSaxon View Post


Sad to read.


While it's just my off the cuff opinion generated from surfing the web, I think it's the "T" in the LGTBQ that's currently engendering the vast percentage of the non-acceptance.

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Seems likely.  A couple of months back Australian law changed slightly in the rules for how permission for treatment is assessed and granted.  The thread that ensued was one of the largest on Australian reddit in a year.  It was chock full of "reasoning" rote learned from the whole right wing youtube circlejerk scene.

A couple of years ago I suspect no one would have batted and eye at the health concerns of some 0.1% of people.  Now they're some political rallying point because Anita Saarkeesian got stale or something.

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