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I still can't believe that show introduced Dean Cain as her dad and then introduced Teri Hatcher as Mon-El's mother but never had the two in the same episode. Disgraceful.


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Only complaint I had about this episode is that I really wish they'd recorded the singing live. The overdubbing with studio vocals was frequently distracting, especially in 'Running Home to You.'

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You know what would have been great when Iris called off the engagement? Her getting up out of a wheel chair and leaving Barry wounded in the hospital bed....fucking MEGATON.

This was a great episode because Fuck Wally. Boom, he's gone now. Can we have the same happen to Felicity and Steel?

Netflix added these, and the streaming quality is miles better than the shitty CW app, so I'm watching this again.

- Weird how Cisco just flip flops between being mad and bro with Barry. Wait, did I miss an episode or two of character development?
- Why does Caitlyn have to be evil when her powers manifest. Is it biological in nature. Nobody else has gone evil because of their powers but they keep fucking this chicken to fill time.
- Oh hey, another fucking evil speedster villain. Yawn.
- I like how the bad guys just stop fighting when Amaya activates her animal spirit power.
- Palmer and Steel in the same scenes is too much, keep them separated. I can only handle so much bro.
- Evil Rip is awesome, why'd you have to fix him?
- WTF is up with the Gideon/Rip shipping.
- All mentions of Arrow have been scrubbed from this post on purpose. Fuck Felicity, fuck the stupid ragman guy, and Curtis would be one of the pretenders Joker would kill in Dark Knight. And what the hell, Argus has no pull over the military to properly bail out John for Treason - they fucking fought off aliens and shit.
- New Canary is bland. Fuck it, make Felicity the new Canary. Make Curtis the new Canary. Or Mad dog.
- New Arrow isn't so terrible. Watchable is a start. Fighting is better than Iron Fist. Fucking Iron Fist makes anything else look good in comparison. BRB, watching Halle's Catwoman now.
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I stopped watching after the episode where Barry gave Zoom his powers, but at any point in the seasons to follow did anyone call him out on that idiotic decision?  

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Originally Posted by mongycore View Post

- Evil Rip is awesome, why'd you have to fix him?


Absolutely. Arthur Darvill needs to play a villain in something else now because his performance as Evil Rip was Alan Rickman levels of perfection.

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Just got to the fucking musical episode. Should have quit while they were ahead with Kara's Moon River. I can't. At this point I'm hoping Savitar just kills them all. Might just mute it and/or skip to the next ep.

Arrow still remains mediocre. It's in the middle part of my scheduled viewings and the music they gave Prometheus is the dumbest shit evar. It's like a fiverr created homage to gremlins some guy made with a Kids Superstar Electric Midi keyboard he found outside Toys R Us.

Legends remains amusing. Cool to have Snart back. So what holy grail of nerd-dom will they visit next after hitting up Lucas and Tolkien. I am grieving with Rip....yeah, I used to be a cool and interesting character, now I'm back to being incompetent and useless, like Palmer.
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The Arrow guy just gave up on being the Arrow. He must have sat through the musical episode too.

Team Flash are just dumb with their meta lock up sphere. How many times has it been since some random asshole just casually comes along and opens it up letting the bad guy out now? If you're going to imprison someone in that system, maybe have a warden overseeing things. Maybe 2 factor authentication, if only they had some kind of gifted engineer type around to create an app for that. Oh, an alert's going off. Joe is trying to let this magic teleporting dude from the future loose, lol gtfo with that shit.

Obligatory Frost has been unleashed and....zzzzzzzzzz don't fucking care.

Right now I'm liking Legends the most after Supergirl. Snapping Felicity's neck is the right way to start a show. Fucking boom best timeline evar. Stop being dicks to Rory. Yet, they continue being dick's to Rory. Burn them all, they deserve it.
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Wait, that's it? No more Legends of Tomorrow? Season is short vs the other two.

For twenty episodes they beat into the audience that Oliver's actions had consequences. That he made the mess he finds himself in and that he has to live with choices of being the Hood from the 1st season. Then for some fucking baffling reason, in this same very season in the same goram show, Felicity goes off the reservation, aligns herself with terrorists, commits treason, betrays the gang...and everything is good. She doesn't have to face any consequences of her shitty decisions nor face jailtime or be locked up in an Argus blacksite. This is the dumb Arrow I remember. Thanks for reminding me how shitty the writers are.

Long hair flash looks stupid. He's a musical number away from joining Spiderman 3 in, stop, don't give them ideas. Killer Frost being evil by default is still fucking dumb. Story kind of blew its load with the future sidetrip...oh, hey you wouldn't mention Time Remnants for any reason. Savitar is Barry. mnightwhatatwist.gif

Maybe I can just stop watching these now. Got a nice backlog of Rick and Morty to catch up on and there's a season 2 of Expanse waiting to be uncorked.
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Chase Clown Music guy would be the worst DM to play with. Oh hey, look at me I'm like fucking 109 steps ahead of you Oliver. Yawn. Oh, Slade Wilson is back? I'm still going back to sleep. Fuck this show.

Meanwhile in Flash town I'm still scratching my head why it had to end on some grand sacrifice shit. You don't just name drop Defoe (I spelled his name wrong on purpose so fuck you if you try correct me) as an upcoming villain and expect me to take Barry going to Speedforce Jail seriously. Does this mean Draco is a regular now? I'm okay with that. That last Savitar chase was just a wet fart of a finale...oh, hey we just spent our fx budget on Savitar cutting down those two trees so we can crib the fuck out of that Avengers scene with Wally/Garrick/Barry. It took me forever to place Cutthroat Bitch was in this. HR dying also not impactful at all, nor was his whispered final words.

You know what, go give your powers to Zoom again Flash. Just let this shit die. CW - Focus all your energies on not making Supergirl as shit as Arrow/Flash. Save some love for The Legends too. Let the Legends recruit Joe, he deserves better.

I guess this could be filed under that Hatewatch thread, fuck it, I'll keep it here for continuities sake.
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I like Flash and Legends and Supergirl. Good shows. Don't care about Arrow though, which is funny since he started this "Arrowverse" (hate that name).
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Legends gets a big pass for some of its dumber moments because it is actually fun. And they are suppose to be an actual TEAM of superheroes, not just one main superhero and a bunch of groupies. Why the hell are there a million speedster heroes on Flash again? Supergirl  has this problem as well but at least it realizes superheroes are actually suppose to freaking inspire people. Arrow and Flash have become so mindnumbingly dour and stupid it's hard to keep going with them. I didn't even bother with the last season of Arrow and I plan on the same with the upcoming Flash season.     

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This house is bitchin'!
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Fucking hell. Iris for whatever dumb reason promotes herself to Overwatch in Barry's absence and insists on doing so when he returns. Don't you have a job at the paper? Go do that, just go away. I don't give a rats ass about couples therapy, the lame tropes, and feelings and shit.

Iris: Why did you abandon me?

Barry: Um, you were there - a fucking Speedforce Thunderstorm was tearing up the city.

Never go full Felicity. Just stop.

Turned the tv off and went to go play some hockey upstairs.
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Show became unwatchable at the end of season 2.  Much like The Arrow did in the middle of season 3. 


Dumb soap opera shit ruined the Flarrowverse.  

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I like to keep watching the Arrowverse (except for Arrow) because of the nifty superheroics and villainy. I usually just tune out the melodrama.
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Comic books are melodramatic as fuck though. It’s not like the soap opera elements come out of nowhere.
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I was never suuuuuper into comic books. I can can count on one hand the titles I've ever followed, and half them aren't Marvel or DC. The only Big 2 books that I ever get into are the crossover events, like Civil War or Secret Invasion, since they're easier to digest mini-series. But they started having publisher wide events like twice a year that I just, er, tuned out, and focused more on Image and other indies.
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The personal stuff is way in the background right now. Any anger at that as a non fan of it is going overboard because there is tons of other stuff going on and the relationship stuff is minimal.

Flash has been awesome since it's return. Great balance of humor and heroics.
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Holy crap. Relph Dibney is my new favorite character on the show and a great addition to Team Flash.


What a fun episode!

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Plastic Man? Yes please.
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Dibney's the best.
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Yeah, that was so great. Drunk Barry is just as big a dork as sober Barry. Continuity!

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Man that might of been the best episode of the season so far. This season is about couples!
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