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Mortal Kombat X

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Kinda surprised there's not a thread for this.


This fucker's finally here! After the fun little diversion that was Injustice: Gods Among Men, we're finally getting the (inevitable) follow-up to the amazing 2011 semi-reboot of Mortal Kombat. If you never played it, I highly recommend it, even if you were never much of a fan - and Steam just put it up the Komplete Edition (all DLC) for $5, which lasts until June 6 at 10am PDT.


Here's the first trailer, which is CG-heavy but has hints as to what gameplay elements are involved.



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Oh god yes.  I'm all over that.  

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Im kinda liking the more practical redesign of the characters in that trailer myself; anyone else?

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Most definitely! I think it's the best design for Scorpion I've seen since MKII.

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I can't wait to see the real gameplay footage, then I'll be excited. Looks like the game will have interactive environments, weapons, counter moves and the return of xrays.


I have to admit I've grown to hate scorpion and subzero though, show me anyone else!

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Yeah, they've grown quite stale to me. I've been asking since Deadly Alliance that they finally kill them off and take risks with making new characters, but they've become the poster children for Netherrealm.


We should be getting in-game footage next week at E3, along with peeks at 2 brand new characters.

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Who does Kiefer play?

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We don't know. Most people think he'll be Solid Snake as a guest character. I have a hard time thinking they'd pay him a hefty price for two lines of dialogue, so I'm wondering if maybe they'll have him voice someone else, as well (like Shinnok).

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It'd be a waste not to have him voice Raiden.
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Jack Bauer as a DLC exclusive character or bust.

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Originally Posted by Shaun H View Post

Yeah, they've grown quite stale to me. I've been asking since Deadly Alliance that they finally kill them off and take risks with making new characters, but they've become the poster children for Netherrealm.


We should be getting in-game footage next week at E3, along with peeks at 2 brand new characters.

I kind of wish that they'd revamp more characters from the past instead of making new ones. A lot of the characters from MK4 onwards were garbage but there were some that had potential. I'd like to see Havok in this game, after Quan Chi he seems to be the most popular addition from the 3D era.

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I'm sure we'll be getting some since this will cover the next couple of chapters of the story, like how the previous one covered 1-3. Only, with the drastic change in events, I expect it to open up a lot more new characters, which will help them replace some of the more stale ones that popped up later.
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Am I the only one who's a tad irked they went hiphop with this last trailer? I always kinda associated MK with metal personally - and I say that as a bigger hiphop fan than metal.

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Eh, it's just a song, and the metal they've used in the past has usually been kinda awful. I know they got him to write it specifically for it.

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Originally Posted by The Rain Dog View Post

Am I the only one who's a tad irked they went hiphop with this last trailer? I always kinda associated MK with metal personally - and I say that as a bigger hiphop fan than metal.

Ya I hated it but personally I would have found just about any song with vocals annoying. I think video game music is best left instrumental.

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I agree. The music by itself would have been fine but the cliche vocals make me roll my eyes. Then again, I'm not really a hiphop fan and so that probably doesn't help.

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There is only one acceptable Mortal Kombat song...

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Here's the E3 gameplay footage from Sony's conference, along with the reveal of 3 yet-to-be-named characters (the 3rd is briefly shown during the fatality sequence).


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I wanna play that. Im shit at fighters, always have been, but I wanna play that.

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Here's some more gameplay footage, new characters include a huge aztec guy named Kotal Khan and the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya (!). There's a new feature where each character has three variations with different special moves which sounds very interesting.

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I think that Master Blaster duo is going to be my main.  I mained Grundy in Injustice and Jax in MK9.


Imma grab you!

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Can't believe this still gets no attention here, ya old farts! It looks gorgeous. The (already great) fighting engine has been improved upon and the fatalities are mind-bogglingly twisted. I'm a pathetic mark when it comes to MK, but this shit's already become my GOTY and it's still 2 1/2 months away. If you haven't seen the other character announcement trailers, I suggest you seek them out. Kung Lao pulling out the Ip Man punch-beatdown is amazing.

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I have a bad feeling about this game, in every video I've seen there's just something off about the tone of it. Everything is brown and the design stinks of 'dark knight/gritty' syndrome.

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Me buying this is already a foregone conclusion.  Looks like a very worthy follow-up to 9 which, along with Injustice, are just my favourite fighting games around.

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They definitely went a grittier route visually, but the game doesn't look to have suffered for it. It's still way over the top and visually impressive.
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Looks like they aped Bungie a bit.



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They've released a story mode trailer


I think this has always been a big thing MK has had over pretty much every other fighting game series.

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DLC has been detailed!


The Ultimate Horror Pack:

  • Playable character Jason Voorhees
  • Horror skins Vampiress Mileena, Kraken Reptile and Pharaoh Ermac

The Klassic Pack #1:

  • Playable character Tanya
  • Klassic skins for Kano, Sonya and Liu Kang

The Predator / Prey Pack:

  • Playable character Predator
  • Predator-themed skins Commando Johnny, Infrared Scorpion and Carl Weathers as Jax

The Klassic Pack #2:

  • Playable character, Tremor
  • Klassic skins for Quan Chi, Jax and Kung Lao



HOLY SHIT! Please tell theres a "You son of a bitch!" or "Pushing pencils for the CIA" achievement/trophy involvedd

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The full roster has been released. ONE WEEK, BITCHES.



Kung Lao, Jax, Sonya, Kenshi, Kitana, Scorpion, Random, Sub-Zero, Mileena, Takashi Takeda*, Cassie Cage**, Jacqui Briggs***, Kung Jin****

Shinnok, Kano, Johnny Cage, Erron Black, Liu Kang, Ermac, Kotal Kahn, Reptile, Ferra & Torr, D'Vorah, Raiden, Quan Chi, Goro (DLC)


*Son of Kenshi, trained by Scorpion

**Daughter of Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage

***Daughter of Jax

****Descendent of Kung Lao

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I saw Takeda and immediately thought it was Solid Snake.
I am disappoint.
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Oh shit, Shinnok's back?  Niiiiiiiiiiiiice.


My default will always be Scorpion though.  Has been since MK1.


Wonder if he still has that total bullshit flame jet summon that destroys friendships.

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Where the first game covered the events of 1-3 again, this one seems to take a pretty big change in direction. The story spans 30 years (hence, kids), and apparently glosses over the events of MK4 when Shinnok started his war. He's still involved, though, so I'm curious to see what his angle is. I've been reading the comic, which leads up to the events of the game but not in a terribly spoiler-y way, and it's somewhat centered around the void left by Shao Kahn's demise, with a few different factions vying for the throne of Outworld. Outside of that, though, I've really made it a point to avoid details of the actual game.

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As usual PC Master Race Wins the multiplatform port wars. There is no competition this time around. Go from instant on to desktop in seconds with the exclusive Steam Stream while you play technology.

I noped the fuck out of there once I pieced together they were trying to do a 30 gig game install ps4/xbone style instead of a traditional full game download like other steam downloads and cancelled my preorder an hour before this went live. Fuck yeah I dodged a bullet.

Shit is hilariously busted on pc right now. This is the Citizen Kane of menu simulators.

When this sees a $20 price drop at Amazon (like yesterday's ffx type 0) I'll bite.
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Thanks for letting us know, Mongy.  Was thinking of buying this but now I think I might wait till it's got a cheap Komplete Edition with all bonus fighters like I did with number 9.

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Originally Posted by Shaun H View Post

Holy shit this is so good.

Man, I kinda hate you right now Shaun.

Dilemma: my 2010 computer is RIGHT smack on the borderline of the minimum requirements to run this game. Its a total 50/50 coin toss on whether or not it'll run should I pick it up on Steam.

I've been meaning to get a PS4 anyhow, and this might be the game that finally clinches that. Either way though, I won't be able to play this probably for some time yet, unless a friend picks it up. 

Fuck, this looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I've been playing the absolute hell out of the 2011 game like crazy in anticipation. I'm as seasoned an arcade MK vet as they come, and the 2011 game was easily the best the series has ever been without question. This looks like it could just as easily match it.

What's nuts to me is how one of the big new mechanics is a drastically different/re-thought approach to "alternating fighting styles" for the characters. Its ballsy as hell for Netherrealm to go there considering that switchable fighting styles was a key gimmick of the PS2-era games and is generally remembered as one of their biggest failings that sunk them (it made those games clunky as hell generally). This one seems INCREDIBLY more thought out than those however, with the focus of the fighting styles axed more on special moves, distance, and offensive/defensive capabilities rather than linking cumbersome combo strings. Just like the 2011 game, its far more axed on actual strategy rather than rote memorization, giving the player tons of room to improvise.

The strides taken with the fighting engine since the last game have been nothing short of outstanding. The last game wasn't just the best gameplay MK's enjoyed since II and 3, its easily even worlds better (and I've always and continue to love the fuck out of MKII and 3). I'm on pins and needles waiting for a shot at this one.

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I have to wait until June when this comes out on PS3, hope they don't mess it up. How's the gameplay speed compared to MKX?

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Guy was RAGING at me on the mic during the match.  "CHEAP! SPAMMER! FUCKING WHORE!".  I guess cuz he ate 3 consecutive superman pushes. 


Like, why bother clicking "rematch" if you're just gonna ragequit anyway?

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I found that the best types of Brutalities are the one's that you didn't intend to perform, but take you completely by surprise;



A friend later told me what the pre-requesits were to pull off this particular one.  Apparently I did that grab move at the end 3 times during the match, and won with over 50% health.  Alrighty then.

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I lucked into a good deal of a steam code for the game (including all currently available DLC) for more than half off, and took the plunge, despite my PC hardware falling into a very messy gray area of possibly running/not running this thing.

As I would only shortly after discover, apparently the PC port of this is of EXTREMELY poor quality, with ungodly terrible coding and CPU memory leak issues utterly breaking it to its core. I only then discovered that the folks behind this horrendous port are the same High Voltage Software from back in the mid 90s, the same guys responsible for some of the all time worst ever fighting games I've ever played in my life, largely on the Atari Jaguar of all things (one of them ironically enough being an early MK-knockoff). This shocked the hell out of me as I had not the faintest idea that these goons were not only still around 20 years later, but being given such high profile work. Un-freaking-believable. I can't help but be reminded about that Kevin Smith quote from his Jon Peters story about "failing upward".

That being said, in all fairness the game does just about BARELY run for me by the skin of its teeth: its just hard to say where difficulties with my stopgap-ish PC hardware ends and the shoddy porting begins.

Anyhow, even with the hatchet-job of a PC port... this game otherwise is absolutely fucking astounding. Boon and co. really, REALLY outdid themselves with this game. This may be the very first fighting game I've ever played in my life that still feels insanely smooth and intuitive even WITH substandard framerate issues bogging it down. I can't even imagine how well this will feel when I'm playing it on an actual PS4 (which I'm all the more so getting now after playing this). Even beyond the slick controls though, there's just so damned much MEAT to the characters. The multi-variations are excellently implemented and are such a far, distant cry from the cumbersome, clunky "style switching" of the PS2-era MK games. The amount of options and possible strategies available to you with each character is almost at times overwhelming, especially for MK, whose gameplay depth has always primarily lived and died on air juggling and aerial combat above all else. This feels, even moreso than MK9, like the very first MK to finally free itself of relying primarily on prolonged juggles as the best possible means of gaining an edge over your opposition. This is even more of a quantum leap for the series than MK9 was. 

Every single character is a joy to control and fiddle with. Even Goro, generally painfully slow and extremely limited in movesets the few other times he's been playable before, feels so damned vibrant and rich in playstyle here. And this is hands down the best crop of new characters to hit the series since its classic arcade installments. The PS2 MK games really only had a genuine hit in Kenshi (one of the hands down best "blind swordsman" characters in video games): otherwise those games were padded out with boring select screen filler with bland designs and even blander movesets (only Drahmin and Shujinko visually stuck out at all, the latter largely due to his design being shamefully cribbed from the Shaw Brothers oeuvre).

The new folks here are nothing if not instantly endearing. I was at first worried I'd be a bit iffy on how I'd take to the "new generation" of protagonists (made up largely of the children of long-established series mainstays like Jax, Kung Lao, Sonya, and Johnny Cage) but those worries were for nothing as they all work really damn well: Takeda and Kung Jin are my favorites from a gameplay standpoint (sporting weapons and playstyles unique to the MK games up to this point), but Cassie Cage is definitely the spotlight stealer from a sheer personality standpoint. Between her in-game animations, move variations, and her taunts and general attitude, she's easily the most "charismatic" character an MK game has seen in eternity.

The real winners for me though are the new Outworld baddies. D'vorah the insect lady is a fantastic visual and conceptual design with a great voice and a pair of awesome prehensile "stingers" protruding from her back that she makes fantastically creative use of in tons of her moves. Ferra/Torr I still need to play more with, but they're great fun even just to fight against, with a fantastic "tag team" dynamic to all their moves. Kotal Kahn is the only one who feels a tad dull to me in all honesty (despite the admirable attempt at an interesting Aztec-like motif), but the ratio of successes to relative failures here on the new character end of things is unarguably far better here than in any MK game since probably 3.

But my personal favorite of all the new faces is without a doubt Erron Black. Simply put, this guy's fucking perfect on just about all fronts. Sure you could bitch that the "nomadic gunslinger" archetype has been done to death, but I'm not at all the guy to level that complaint here. I love the shit out of Black and for me, this is the hands down most stone-cold badass this particular character-type has been done in a video game, any video game, outside the Red Dead games. From his excellent voice actor to his subtle visual flourishes (like how his sword is a broken-off Tarkatan blade with a grip strapped onto it, or how the bullet used in his X-Ray super has the name of his current opponent etched onto it: awesome) and his downright phenomenal movesets in all three variations... this is easily, and without a doubt my favorite new fighting game character of the last 15 years. Not MK character: fighting game character in general.

This is unquestionably the most vital the MK franchise has felt since it left arcades. MK9 re-invigorated it on a purely gameplay standpoint because the series DESPERATELY needed it, but in all other aspects it was a nostalgic redux/revisiting of the first 3 classic arcade titles (that everyone best knows and associates with this series). MKX not only further continues to evolve the gameplay even well beyond what MK9 did (while retaining everything that works best about MK and makes it unique within its genre), but it pushes its other creative aspects (visual, design, tone, etc.) into brand new territory that feels at once of a piece with the best of what came before, while at the same time not like such an unwelcome, misconceived, radical departure like most of the PS2 games (which when you get right down to the core of what's wrong with them, is basically MK trying its damnedest to be Soul Calibur and failing miserably at it). 

Obviously I'm a longstanding uber-fanboy of these games (been there since MK1 first hit arcades in '92) and an instant, easy mark for them, but this goes well beyond any fanboy apologism. This isn't good for an MK game, MKX is just a stone-cold great fighting game in itself, full stop.

Oh and being given a chance to play as 

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Scorpion as a living, human, non-undead Hanzo Hasashi?

Yeah, that just further sealed it for me. This game did what no game has done for me in over 15 years: it single handedly sold me a new console. This is practically all I'm gonna be playing for the immediately foreseeable future. 

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Originally Posted by Jaquio View Post

The real winners for me though are the new Outworld baddies. D'vorah the insect lady is a fantastic visual and conceptual design with a great voice and a pair of awesome prehensile "stingers" protruding from her back that she makes fantastically creative use of in tons of her moves.



She actually has 2 pairs of stingers, essentially making her a spider lady.



This one is from the official comic tie-in;


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Between the most recent patch and me working out a few kinks on my PC, I finally managed to get this thing running at more or less optimum performance (which for a 2010 machine, is pretty impressive considering this is a next gen quality game). Holy fucking shit this game.

True, its missing the incredibly awesome MvC style tag team mode from MK9, which is a shame, and its the very first game in the series since Deadly Alliance (my personal pick for the all time worst entry in the series by a country mile) to be without any stage Fatalities, which are generally a highlight for me personally... but in pretty much EVERY other respect, this is an incredible game, arguably in many ways superior to even MK9, which is no small feat. 

The fighting engine in this is just addictive as hell, and its so much damned fun just to mess with all the style variants for each character (making this pretty much the direct antithesis to all the PS2-era entries not named Shaolin Monks).

I still can't get over just how much fun and enticing they made Goro to actually play as in this. Goro's always been fantastic as an unplayable boss, with such an incredibly distinctive and instantly iconic character design that back in the old-old days it made the IDEA of playing as him on paper seem like the absolute most badass thing ever... but in actual practice, in the few instances that he's been made playable before, he's never quite worked out so well, generally being extremely slow, cumbersome to control, and stiflingly limited in actual moves. In MKX though, they FINALLY nailed down a playable Goro who feels balanced, varied, fun, and of a piece with the rest of the roster while still giving you the sense of raw power and ferocity that comes with playing as a hulking, four armed, half man half dragon. Its just a shame they made him DLC instead of a regular character, but he's definitely worth the couple extra bucks, particularly if you're an old school fan.

Goddamn, this game's gonna monopolize my gaming time for the rest of the year isn't it? And with Voorhees and a Predator coming down the pike soon? Yeah, its gonna be an MK year for me I think. Its like 1993/1994 all over again (which in video game terms, particularly arcadey terms, is fairly high praise).

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I don't understand this game's performance.  Most of the time I get a perfect 60fps, but there are times where the engine crashes into slow motion -- saying it looks like I'm fighting underwater doesn't do justice to just how slow the characters move.  Resolution doesn't matter; this happens to me at 4K, 1440p, and 1080p.

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Don't worry, it isn't you or your machine. To quote a friend of mine "This port was coded by aliens."

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Brutality = Combo ending with a quick Fatality. Quitality = their head pops when they quit. So... combo that leads smoothly into a Quitality = ...




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Originally Posted by CT Maddening View Post

Brutality = Combo ending with a quick Fatality. Quitality = their head pops when they quit. So... combo that leads smoothly into a Quitality = ...




haha. That's really cool.

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Saveality, flawless victory.

New 15 gig patch just destroyed pc players progress. They're now reverting the patch that was suppose to bring game performance on par with modern consoles. I never had problems with MK9 or Injustice, how'd they fuck up the new game so bad?
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Who the hell did they farm out to develop the PC port, North Korea?





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Originally Posted by CT Maddening View Post

Who the hell did they farm out to develop the PC port, North Korea?

Worse: the same brilliant minds who once upon a time long, long ago graced the gaming world with this fighting game classic.

Anyways, I finally got my PS4 along with this game for it a few days ago. Voorhees is a total blast to play, in all three variations. Not sure why his Relentless variation gives him a chrome hockey mask though, unless its some kind of weirdly oblique reference to the poster for Jason Goes to Hell. Its a bit disappointing that there's oddly no sleeping bag used in his sleeping bag Fatality, but when just about everything else on him is done this well its hard to get too hung up on that. The Harry Manfredini-esque musical stingers used at key gameplay moments (like his machete Fatality, or whenever he revives himself in his Unstoppable variation, complete with a Jason Lives lightning bolt) are a particularly lovely touch.

Cannot wait for the rest of the DLC characters.

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Originally Posted by Jaquio View Post

Worse: the same brilliant minds who once upon a time long, long ago graced the gaming world with this fighting game classic.








Jesus H. Christ, I've never not felt bad for never owning an Atari Jaguar.  So those fine fellows mad the PC port, eh?  Seems legit.

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