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Originally Posted by MrSaxon View Post



I don't see why not.




Here's a few samples;



This last one uses the same music from the first vid, but I thought it appropriate;




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I have no idea why that post is so spaced out in tabs.  When I try to edit it its nothing but a jumbled mess of HTML gibberish, so I don't want to make it worse.  Oh well, whatever.

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Anita Sarkeesian (yes that Anita Sarkeesian) reviews Assassin's Creeed Syndicate!


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Here I am on my pal Kevin's podcast.  I'm "Karate Dog".  I used to do the show a lot (it's been on for 12 years or so), but I mostly showed up to plug my own channel


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I hate how Batman casually takes out Slade once he's out of the tank.  Slade Wilson is a big deal.  Slade Wilson should beat Batman in 9/10 encounters.  He's stronger faster and better than the average human.  He's Captain America to Batman's exceptional but totally natural human being.  

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I recommend George "Super Bunnyop" Weedman. One of the best video game journalists on the web. Everything from reviews to thoughts on the industry.

Some samples:


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Originally Posted by Freeman View Post

I hate how Batman casually takes out Slade once he's out of the tank.  Slade Wilson is a big deal.  Slade Wilson should beat Batman in 9/10 encounters.  He's stronger faster and better than the average human.  He's Captain America to Batman's exceptional but totally natural human being.  


Did that catch you off guard?

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Decent hour and a half of gameplaying at Giant Bomb featuring Dan Ryckert and his dad Paul.
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I've really gotten into Harshly Critical's no-nonsense Youtube Let's Plays recently. This video, in particular, is hilarious because of how fucking bad the game is:


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Jim Sterling's method of stopping a company from throwing a false copyright strike at him and claiming ad revenue from his work is kind of awesome.


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Behold! A game so hilariously bad and inept that John creates a dis track for it at the end of the video.


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Although I've waned on him over the years, I think Total Biscuit's video on the No Man's Sky phenomena is a really worthwhile listen.


In the video he discusses the genesis of the game, how it began building a fanbase from its initial announcement, why it captured the zeitgeist and why it would never be able to live up to the expectations imposed upon it, the survival genre in general, and his hopes for the future now that the game is officially out there.


I listened to it on my train journey home and found myself nodding my head at random commuters on several occasions.



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The predictable cycle of overblown hype and build up, followed by disappointment is one of the reasons I'm content to be 5+ years behind the times with the gaming world. By the time I catch up I can cherry pick the stuff that actually delivered!


Is there any word on how TotalBiscuit is doing, health wise?

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I don't think so. He doesn't seem to want to talk about it (understandably, I guess).

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That's fair enough I suppose.

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The Hive Leader should be much more popular than he is. 


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Originally Posted by MrSaxon View Post

The Hive Leader should be much more popular than he is. 


I'll second that. Since seeing your post, I've been binge-ing on his videos.

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Really enjoyed this one, simply because John (the Let's Player) knows it's going to be a bad game.... and then it somehow manages to be worse than he was already expecting it to be! The broken Google Translate text in the game is quite amazing.



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Just because some positive cancer news might be nice today, apparently Totalbiscuit's treatment is going better than anticipated:

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That's awesome. I downloaded and listened to the entirety of his 3+ hour Arbitrary Awards show for 2016 on my commute to and from work this week and, by the end of it, I found myself thinking how much would be lost by his passing. I can't think of anyone else on Youtube who can calmly break down why hype culture is dangerous for the games industry and its fans, or outline exactly why a game doesn't work in technical terms whilst still being entertaining to listen to. Sure, there are others who could pick up the mantle but, whether you like his style or not, none can do it in quite the same way TB can.

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Anybody been keeping up with that Pewdypie/Nazi video thing? I refuse to actually watch any of the videos in question, or his non-apology video that got posted today, but reading people's opinions on it has been very amusing. Paraphrasing:


"You don't understand the context! He only paid those starving children 5$ to hold up a sign saying "Kill All Jews" because he was trying to parody ScRotum69's Youtube videos! He's operating on a deep level of irony you can't even conceive! And Pewdiepie is a good sincere dude, you're just jealous because he makes more money than you. I'd like to see you losers make a better Youtube channel!"

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He's never made a dime off of me, and he can die in a fire as far as I'm concerned.

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He can pewDIEpie in a fire, you mean.
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Whilst I don't necessary agree with everything this video says (and there's a definite "Man shouts at cloud" aspect to it), I also can't help but think some of the statements are valid - especially as I've just finished watching a video in which Sniper Elite enemies are dispatched one-by-one as they climb up a ladder to confront the player character. 



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Watched the whole thing.  Got a little ranty near the end.  Especially once he started going on about Greenlight.  Finish your first rant before jumping to the next one.  I think you hit the nail on the head with the "enemies are dispatched one-by-one as they climb up a ladder" bit.  That's literally all the video needed to be.


He makes some valid points, but felt more like he was cherry-picking things to complain about.  Aside from MGSV and Tomb Raider, the modern games didn't exactly seem to be the cream of the crop so I feel he was playing fast and loose in his comparisons.  Needed a more one-to-one comparison.  The one he compared to JKII, I'd never heard of. Why not compared it to Shadow or Mordor or The Witcher III?  Because they have really fun combat and would've made JKII look like a Star Wars themed Benny Hill video.


The only point he made that I agree with, without reservation: I hated that the enemies in MGSV had the vision of the T-Rex in Jurassic Park.


As far as x-ray vision, outside of something like Splinter Cell or Batman, I'm not a fan of it.  But in that case, I just don't use it.  But he's also ignoring that in some games, its there to function as your hearing.  To recreate the feeling of hearing someone walk up to a door.

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Yeah, that's very true. He does cherry pick a lot in order to support a lot of what he says. Incidentally (seeing as you bring it up and I've watched a lot of his videos recently) he's not a fan of the combat in Witcher 3 (for reasons I won't bother going into here but they largely involve, what he believes to be, the dumbing down of melee combat due to consoles and gamepads). I find him oddly fascinating in a "Your grandfather is playing on your console and complaining that Pacman was better" kind of way.

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Hello, friends. Do you have a moment to talk about Videogamedunkey?




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His Ultimate Skyrim video is solid gold.


His best of the year videos are hilarious as well.

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Well between the JonTron and Colin Moriarty controversies, it's been a rather interesting week or two on the gaming youtubes. I knew gamergate was the beginning of something rather nasty that we'd be dealing with for years.

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My favorite failed stand-up comedian / Youtube guy, The Hive Leader, reviews the new Mass Effect despite never having played any of the other games, and not knowing which of his crew to sleep with.


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Discovered a new guy recently thanks to his appearance on The Co-Optionial Podcast, Canadian fella by the name of Tarmack. He's a little bit closer to my age and has a level of perspective that comes along with that, which I find really refreshing. He editorializes, covers weekly gaming news and does reviews. Smart, incisive and thought-provoking, I can't recommend him highly enough...


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Ended up watching all of that video and then subscribing to him. Thanks for that recommendation, RD.  Looks like a channel whose content I'll enjoy.

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Cool. Thought you'd like him Sax.

This is another good channel in the "under 50,000 subscriber" camp; Downward Thrust...

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Actually, I've been getting into a few new smaller channels lately, there's some great stuff in there if you search patiently.

Here's a few more recommendations:



This guy does a pretty great series called "Death Of A Game" where he looks at the history and death of some of the more infamous dead online games of the past...



This gentlemans channels pretty great, he does reviews and editorials and is an obviously smart and eloquent guy. He's also got one of those killer voices. He's also been getting into Jim Stirling-esque DMCA kerfuffles with dodgy developers of late...




Many A True Nerd


A bigger channel recommendation. This guys a mate of my favorite nerd Dan Hardcastle and his channels growing quite quickly right now (he's just broken 250,000 subs if Im not mistaken). He's a more straight-forward Lets Player, but he's a good one...



I'll go through my watch history and see and come up with a few more but for now, they should keep those interested busy.

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I'm familiar with the first two but not the third. I really enjoy Nerdslayer's "Death Of A Game" series.


I've recently become a big fan of Larry Bundy Jnr. He doesn't release that many videos but that's probably because of the amount of research that goes into them.


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"Hello you". I frikkin love Guru Larry, he was going to be my very next recommendation in fact.
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John Bain and Jim Stirling went for meetings with Valve last week and TB just released his open report of what they learned. Finally, we get a small peek behind the Steam curtain. Fascinating stuff. I'm interested in this possible Explorer program...


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Gonna listen to that whilst I'm working at my desk this afternoon.

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I'm somewhat ashamed to say that I used G2A once as I didn't realize what kind of company they were/are.


You've got to admire TB continuing to use his power to try and improve the gaming industry.


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Edit: wrong thread

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Have gotten into the game reviews of ACG recently. He has a style I like and tends to keep his reviews within the ten to fifteen minute bracket, whilst giving enough information about the game to let you know whether it's worth your time. I also appreciate his scoring system which doesn't use numbers but, instead, let's you know whether it's good enough to pick up full price, in a sale, or just as a rental.


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Cinemassacre seems to have taken a dive in recent months. Not that I'd want James Rolfe to be pigeonholed as the Angry Video Game Nerd, and I know he's busy with film projects, but yeah. I'm not really interested in short videos where he demonstrates his knowledge of Metallica songs. I think he's bored of the whole thing, whereas his friends Mike and James are still all about it.


I recently started watching RGT 85 and ReviewTechUSA. Two fairly affable guys enjoying going off about games and with some pretty valid opinions. The latter definitely has a voice for this sort of thing, and his videos are great background noise while at the office.

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I used to be frquently watch ReviewTechUSA (you're right that he has a great voice) but learned some things about him (like the whole Big Cheese thing back in 2014) which made me lose some respect for him, so I unsubbed. 

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Do tell! I'm still pretty new to the YouTube scene. Got into subscribing and following channels after being alone in the office for almost five months.

Did he go off on a racist tirade like JonTron? I imagine that guy is done for good.
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Ha. No, nothing quite as bad as that. There just seems to have been a lot of cases where he was an asshole to people and tried to get away with it. The one I mentioned above involved another Youtuber called Big Cheese giving ReviewtechUSA a free laptop in return for several months of publicity and $200. Rich (ReviewtechUSA) gave him two or three shout-outs at the end of videos and then refused to pay the money, as he claimed there was an issue with the laptop. It was only after a LOT of criticism from other Youtubers that he eventually said sorry and paid the money he owed. 

Stuff like that, really. 
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I mostly watch Lets Play/Achivement Hunter, Jelly and Markiplier.

I like Markiplier's fun, comedic looks at games, and I enjoy AH/LP and Jelly's GTA online videos (more than I would enjoy playing the game myself).

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Originally Posted by D.T. View Post

Do tell! I'm still pretty new to the YouTube scene. Got into subscribing and following channels after being alone in the office for almost five months.

Did he go off on a racist tirade like JonTron? I imagine that guy is done for good.



whaaaa..?  Actually I heard a bit about this.


Just a friendly reminder that youtube personalities are shitty human beings--JUST LIKE ME

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Yeah, he said something a bit incensing on his channel, then went on that Destiny debate channel and made an ass of himself. To be honest though, that guy who runs the debate channel seems like he doesn't know what he's talking about most of the time, either.


Anyway, JonTron, being the child if immigrants, went off about how he's not happy with the idea of Whites (including him) being the minority and would not be happy being the minority "in his own country". It didn't get better from there. I think I remember something about more rich black people committing more crimes than poor white people. Really stupid shit like that.

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Watch two guys who play videogames for a living be utterly dominated and destroyed by the year's hardest game. From laughter to frustration to anger to silence and then back to anger again. Welcome to Cuphead hell.


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