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Royal Blood - Self Titled

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Damn, folks.


This just dropped today, and it's fantastic. They're a two piece from London (bass/drum combo), and the first new band I've been excited about in a long time. Straight up rock and roll: loud, smartly-written, and loads of attitude. Solid vocals, lots of fun stuff done with bass guitar sounds, and very tight drums.


It's killer. It's going to be huge. Listen to it on Spotify, then go out and get it.

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They're basically Kyuss/early QOTSA crossed with some White Stripes, but I'll allow it. I'll take no nonsense swaggery riff rock over the smirking skinny jeans twattery that dominated the last UK rock scene.

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Basically, Arctic Monkeys can go fuck themselves.

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Have to admit, I quite enjoy their last couple of records!

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Their sophomore album is out.


It's... probably what you'd expect from a band that had a meteoric rise with a stellar first album, and had to write a follow-up while touring non-stop for four years.


It has no teeth like the first album did. Feels under-developed, and the singles that have been out for a few weeks now are the best on the track. I hope they slow down and take some time on the third effort.

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Yeah I've heard iffy things about it as well, even from fans... disappointing to hear, but I'll still give it a shot.

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