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You can target subsystems easily. I have it set up to the brackets keys, and almost always go for the drive first to keep them from jumping when I knock out their shields, which many seem to do (as would I). But if they have better weapons than me, I'll target those first, especially if they are Expert or above. It's a menu you can access in the left-hand UI, but I just set it to my brackets keys to cycle through. You can target a specific subsystem before you even deploy weapons.

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Holy shit! It's like I learn something new about this game every day!

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Oh, and I've sent you a friend invite, Jacob.  Not that it would probably matter, seeing as how huge the galaxy is and the likelyhood I would ever run into you.

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Originally Posted by Dalyn View Post

Not that it would probably matter, seeing as how huge the galaxy is and the likelyhood I would ever run into you.


My roommate and I started a private group for ourselves, and still have yet to meet in the game.


Made it to Sol yesterday, and took a mission from the Galileo station to go to a nearby star. Jumped there, and the station I needed to land at was 22 light years away! It literally took almost an hour of real-time flight to get there. I was just gonna abandon the mission, as it wasn't worth squat, but some stupid, stubborn part of me said "No, dammit, I'm going to do this!". If I remember correctly, it was to Dana Port, so be wary of missions to there, fellow Commanders.


EDIT: It was Hutton Orbital, in Alpha Centauri.

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I avoid binary systems like the plague!  Well, unless I find out where I need to go is close by the star I drop in on.

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I keep spotting random objects in space, I can't recall what the are called, but are usually some rings or a spiral, and are represented on the scanner by a gray box.


Those if it's what i think you are talking about, they are Frameshift Drive Wake's basically it 's where another shipped enter supercruise mode, you can enter supercruise there also and be hot on their tail, you will also see it appear where a ship exits supercruise.

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oh and currently Star Citizen takes up 25.4gb and Elite takes up 5.2gb.

can't really compare the 2 games but if i have to i must say that i love Elite's flight physics compared to SC, i dunno if it's cause my Mustang in SC is just super super agile ship or if the Elite ships are just over heavy... anyway i been wanting to back Elite for a long time but already invested alot into SC, however my amazing Girlfriend got me Elite for Christmas and wow i am blown away by the game, i've tried my hand at trading which i only ever made a profit 2 out 4 times, total loss of 300cr luckily the other 2 i made some cash. mining is a tedious and requires alot of work, i think mining is best for when you are a group of friends at least yourself with 2-3 other friend, you just zap away whilst they collect. i haven't been a pirate, done enough of that on tpb...LOL...So that leaves me to bounty hunting which to my surprise is what i excel at, i mean i made 400k in 4hours including my travel time back and forth to claim my bounty pay. btw, i once kill 2 Anaconda's and made 120k a pop. done a clear save last night, manged to get myself a viper again, i'm around the Kremainn / LHS 3447 / LP 751-1 ares lemme know if you guys are close by.


add me CMDR Lester 'Wolf' Allan

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Originally Posted by SinthetykWolf View Post


Those if it's what i think you are talking about, they are Frameshift Drive Wake's basically it 's where another shipped enter supercruise mode, you can enter supercruise there also and be hot on their tail, you will also see it appear where a ship exits supercruise.

It is the Frameshift Drive Wake.  I've since figured out what they are and how with the proper equipment you can follow someone using those.  Luckily there have been some guides released since I had first seen them.  Like I said earlier, I'm always learning bits and pieces of this game.  I love that!  


Another thing I learned last night (which I wish I had known earlier), is that since I bought the game in Beta, I have access to not only SOL (already knew that), but also Founder's World, which I guess will sell me ships at a discount. I haven't been yet, as I'm not looking to buy a ship at the moment, but I certainly wish I had known when I got my Cobra.  As for now I'm just mostly trading.  Found a few good routes.  Using my money to upgrade the Cobra instead of saving for another ship.  


Occasionally I'll hit a resource extraction site and hunt for a wanted around my level.  It usually takes a bit to find one, but once I start in on one several more wind up popping in.  I'll shoot around for a bit until it gets too crazy, then just head out.  Also done enough trading that I am getting friendly with some factions.  It was weird the first time I saw green squares on my radar instead of orange.  Even weirder when heading to George Lucas station last night, when I targeted the station the holo image on the left was in green instead of orange. Also they are giving me some more rewarding trade missions now that I am friendly with them.

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My Cobra is bristling with multi-cannons and beam weapons, and many A-class internals. I'm mostly smuggling, as I've found a great police-free system that drops canister-retrieving missions and lets me kill wanted pilots at will and collect bounty. I farking love this game.


Meanwhile, Star Citizen has two single-player maps of repeating waves and takes up almost 30 gigs on my hard drive.

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Ugh, a BIG part of me so wants play this, but my laptop is far from up to the task and I don't want to mod my DVR server to run it.


Is there a cheapish solution, and with sendinig HDMI out to my receiver and TV?  I'm fine with 1080p and 60fps, with a 4k in 1-5 years.



Could I build off something like this?


I know that couldn't do the job, but I would love if I could keep it smallish and put it in my AV stand.



This is why I gave up PC gaming over 15 years ago, didn't want to ever look at building these things out again.  Gonna give myself a headache even considering it.

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Actually, this game is pretty easy on the requirements. And can be stunningly beautiful when it wants to.

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Yeah, but I'd be starting from scratch, so I'm looking at an easy $600+ regardless.  Not really worth it for one game and minimal future use.


There's always Twitch, I guess.

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This actually looks like an okay starting point - am I right in that I'd just need to get a decent video card and then I'm good to go?  Good deal here?


It's woot, so I'd have to decide today, so quick feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Couldn't tell you about the deal (not familiar with US prices). Depending on the R7 model they actually have in there (they're being cagey) you could be at minimum specs for Elite. Given they are not saying, I assume an R7 240 so you'll need to upgrade as you say. I've found a few articles reviewing games on a similar specced machine and they're fine at 720p. However, the A8-7600 is going to bottleneck you hard once you go above Elite and it sounds like you're going to need to spend another $120+ on a graphics card anyway. This machine is not future proof. You'll be playing stuff like Battlefield 4 at 720p I would assume. Anything newer will probably just wave a white flag and surrender.


My instinct has always been, never buy cheap on a gaming PC. Cost to Performance tends to be a bell curve and I would think you could find something for twice the price (say $800) that gives you much better than twice the performance. If it means saving up a bit more, it'll be worth it. Elite ain't going anywhere.

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What Flint said.


Been having a good run in my current system (Nuetens), and cracked my first million tonight, (after already spending buttloads on A- and B- class components, naturally). I'm liking my small undercarriage gimballed beam weapons more than I thought I would. I can knock the shields off any medium-class ship in under three seconds, and don't even ask about poor Sideys and Eagles. Gonna farm here for a while until the rest of our group catches up to our location.












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Just made about 85,000 CR in a Resource Extraction Site in roughly a half an hour. I know Traders would pshaw at that, but I love just hanging out with the Feds, blowing away pirates trying to interfere with the miners.


Got interdicted by a Master in an Imperial Clipper, and just couldn't draw a steady bead on him, so I hightailed it out of there. Fookin' bastard. I hope I run across him again...

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I'm currently bimbling around Prua Dryoae, about 1500ly from Sol. Got my full explorer kit in my Cobra and just checking out anything interesting.


Exploration is kind of cool, but I really wish there was a bit more incentive to it. Either financial or procedural (random events spicing it up).


Slowly making my way Galactic South scanning as I go as I don't want to head out too far at the moment. Hopefully I'll have earned enough to upgrade my Cobra to an Asp and that should be in time for the Feb patch, which will let you calculate 1000ly jumps (finally!)

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Originally Posted by flint View Post

Exploration is kind of cool, but I really wish there was a bit more incentive to it. Either financial or procedural (random events spicing it up).


Wait 'til you get to those outer (inner?) systems where you hit your discovery scanner and, like, 67 or more unexplored things pop. I've read on the forums that some explorers have made a million credits on one system alone (I assume they had the detailed surface scanner, etc.) But yeah, it could use some juice, like most other aspects of the game. I've had so much fun with it already that all the stuff coming down the pike will be like icing on the cake to me.


We'll have to start posting more of our exploits in here. No offense to those guys, and more power to 'em, but I'm tired of seeing the Destiny thread at the top of the list.

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I popped 84 objects on this current run (Advanced Scanner is awesome). It's kinda cool, but Frame Shift times are ridiculous so it can take two hours to scan a complete multi-star system.


Ice Planets (80% of your system) are near worthless. Moons are even worse. Asteroids ARE worthless. You're basically scrabbling for terraformable planets (70k max), gas giants with life and black holes. I'd be surprised if you could get a million from any one system. Best I've done is 150K though I've yet to cash in this run.

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I have to keep posting in here, even though I've not bought the game, because I'm oddly fascinated by it.


What do you guys do as you're flying to your destinations? It's a space simulator, right? So I imagine you spend hours just flying through star systems to get to places. Am I right? 

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If I'm not doing short hauls (bounties or trading), generally I'm gibbering on here or somewhere or checking something out on the internet. Game is in windowed mode right now for example.

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Ah, okay. Thanks for the explanation! 

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There are some long distances between 'things' but often it's not like that. The way the frame shift device works, you generally need to be keeping an eye on thing as you approach the system (you need to slow down to safely jump out of 'warp'). You generally don't want to pick a station that is too far way if you can help it so you trade in inner planet ones (there is no benefit in outer planet stations, which is counter productive). Bounty hunting is basically trying to warp near random Unidentified Signal places, so again, you're needing to pay a little bit of attention.

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Found a short round-trip trade route that can net you 180,000 credits every ten minutes (in a Lakon-6). Asp, here I come! 

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So the big 1.1 update drops this week for Beta testing. Community Goals, new "Discovered By" statuses for the first players to explore a system, and other new stuff on the way. Should be cool.

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Oooh, Discovered By. I haven't played in about a week and a half (been binge reading lately), and when I play, I usually trade and bounty hunt. This is making me contemplate getting a fuel scoop and just heading out into the unknown.
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The Discovered By is also supposed to be retroactive starting from Gamma. So we may have our names attached to some systems already.

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So the 1.1 update dropped for everyone today, and there's all the usual complaints in the forums about "nerfing". I honestly didn't test the 1.1 beta much because you weren't using your regular game commander and ship in it, and I've beta'd this game enough already. So at least now I can check it out in my souped-up Cobra.

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So I made Master Chief Petty Officer in the game last night (these Navy rankings are hilariously convoluted), but didn't notice any unusual changes in the game post 1.1. Some people on the forums (GAH, I hate that phrase!) said collision damage was borked, so I tested it myself, and found ZERO problems with it. No insta-death, no insta-loss-of-shields, nothing. Fucking forum rats.


I have to admit, it still feels like an incomplete game sometimes, but I farking love it.

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I still need to get back in it.  My main issue right now is it seems that every time there's an update it screws up my controls.  After an update about a month ago two of my buttons on my HOTAS I used regularly weren't even recognized anymore.  Just the thought of having to go through, try to find a fix, re-map all of my settings makes me wind up playing Saints Row instead.

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Last night I got two Navy Progression missions that required personal/non-lethal weapons, and there was a supplier literally one jump away. So I made it to Warrant Officer in two jumps. Freakin' A.

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I tried 1.1 last night. The jump system is SOOOO much better. I checked out one of my screenshots from my last 1000ly exploration mission and sure enough, there was my username on the discovered by section. Nice.


I've given up trying to grind up for an Asp and I'm just going to make a run for the underside edge of the galaxy. I've kitted out my Cobra to be an explorer once more and I'm on my way! It's so much less annoying now I can plot out long jump routes.

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Well, the Wings update 1.2 is pretty freakin' awesome. USSs now come in three flavors (Weak, Strong, and of course Unidentified), and God help you if you dive into a Strong Signal by yourself. You'll also find unified wings in RESs. Haven't hit any Conflict Zones since the update, but I imagine they're there too. Forming up with a wingman and slaving your jump drives together is a fairly easy task, and the roomie and I had a blast just testing out the new system, sharing bounties and kills AND system exploration. The patch log is longer than your leg, with a ton of other fixes, tweaks, sounds, and visuals. Looking forward to learning more.


The two new ships are still waaayyyy too pricey, though. Seems like they're building this game around grinders, which I think is a huge mistake. But I had fun trying them out in the 1.2 Beta. Hope to shoot a couple down in the regular game now.

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Oh, I need to get back on this game. Usually I only play it on the weekends, and lately my weekends have been all about either watching Spartacus, playing guitar, and drinking.  Last I played I made it to that Space Station that the old bartender bought and travels around in.  So I have no idea where the Hell I am at this point.

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Originally Posted by Jacob Singer View Post


The two new ships are still waaayyyy too pricey, though. Seems like they're building this game around grinders, which I think is a huge mistake. But I had fun trying them out in the 1.2 Beta. Hope to shoot a couple down in the regular game now.


Apologies for quoting myself, but this needs amending. There was a surprise patch Thursday that adjusted the prices of the new ships. The Vulture is now cheaper than an Asp (my current ship), and the Fer de Lance was reduced by half also. These guys listen to user feedback.


It's funny, I have well over a hundred hours in this game, and it's not story or mission based in the least. I think that says something, but it's probably more me than the game.

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Oh wow.  I wish I wasn't at work or going out of town for the weekend.  This looks like fun.


Win An Nvidia Titan Black

When we visit an event like EGX or PAX we get thousands of visitors playing Elite: Dangerous and we want the game to be running at its best. 

We've always insisted on demoing with Nvidia GTX Titan Black graphics cards because they'll happily run Elite: Dangerous maxed out at 4K all day long, so it made sense to work with Nvidia to offer you the chance to build a Titan rig of your own.
So starting at 5PM GMT today, you'll find Nvidia GeForce Titan Black Prototypes in stock at one mystery starport in Elite: Dangerous' galaxy.

The Titan Blacks are a rare good available in unlimited supply, and the first five players to retrieve and sell a canister of the Titan Black prototypes at Godel Ring in the Ededleen system will be rewarded with a real Titan Black, with an RRP of £899.

Crucially, the entire objective, from collection to sale of the canisters MUST happen in Open Play. That means the collection must be made in Open Play, the journey to Godel Ring must be made in Open Play, and the sale must be made in Open Play.

Remember: you don't have to BUY the canister, only retrieve and SELL the canister. And so the question is: will you go hunting across the galaxy for the one starport selling Titan Blacks? Or will you blockade Godel Ring and lie in wait?

If you make a successful delivery, email with your Commander name in the subject line along with the words 'I sold an Nvidia Titan Black'. The winners will be judged based on the order when the Titan Black Prototypes were sold at Godel Ring, not when the emails were received.

For full details and to discuss the event, visit our forums.

And if you're making the run, why not capture the entire thing? We'd love to see videos. We expect the competition will move fast. Happy hunting, Commanders.


I don't know what I would do.  Go hunting for the card or just hanging around the starport to watch the fireworks.

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I'm in Abnet Station, trying to earn coin to outfit my Asp (Bertha. She's a beaut. Don't judge me). There's a Resource Extraction Site nearby, and I've had pretty good luck there recently, so I head on over, with my 4 small gimbaled pulse lasers and two medium gimbaled multi-cannons. As I dive in to the meteor field, an Imperial Clipper with two wingmen pop up as Wanted. I salivate, and go in for the fight.


I'm making short work of the Clipper, even as its escorts start doing a number on my shields. There are cops around, but we haven't attracted much attention yet. It's me vs. the gang. I've got the Clipper down to 42% hull and zero shields, when some absolute douchebag NPC in an Eagle flies right in front of me when I'm full bore on the Clipper. I accidentally wipe his shields out and damn near one-shot him. Now, I'm always conscious of trigger-discipline, so this hardly ever occurs. I don't spray-n-pray. I curse this idiot out loud. So BAM, instant WANTED status on me, all the local cops turn on me, and I have not only the wounded Clipper and his wingmates, but the Eagle and all the Feds in the area open fire on me. All hell breaks loose.


I put four pips into Engines and dodge and dink for all my might. I keep seeing the 'MISSILE LAUNCHED' tag in my HUD, while I'm ducking and weaving left and right. My shields just... disappear. Hull is down to 13%. I boost whenever the engine will take it, trying to get out of the mass lock of the ringed planet. I get some distance on the fray, and with one cop still on my tail, I finally manage to get free, boost one last time, and hit the Frame Shift Drive to get the fuck out of dodge.


I limp back to Abnet, grateful that no Feds guard it. My fine for hitting the stupid frakking Eagle? $200.


I love this game.

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Does paying the fine remove your WANTED status?

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Yep. I was lucky I didn't kill him, or the bounty would have been higher. Even so, some bounty hunter tried to interdict me on my way back to the station, but I managed to escape.

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What the hell was the bounty hunter thinking?


"Yeah! Beer money!" :)

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Seriously. "Hey, I think I'll attack a wounded but fully armed Asp for a reward that's less than the ammo I'll have to use!"

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Elite Dangerous Twitter reply to questions about folk wanting steam keys:
we won't be providing current players with a Steam Key. We'll be assessing player feedback.

Disappointing but not a problem for me. I already have the thing installed and a nice easy shortcut on my desktop when I play it.
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So after hanging about the edge of occupied space, I finally started my voyage out into the unknown.  My current goal is to hit the Cat's Paw Nebula, then go from there.  Considering I only play for a few hours a week this will be a long journey.  But I upgraded my scanner and fuel scoop and set off.  I just plan to do a lot of scanning and coming back and selling the data for a good chunk of change.  Also I just really want to explore.  But it's already weird hitting all these systems and not seeing a single soul.  I'm just hoping I'll soon hit systems that haven't been discovered by anyone else yet. 

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I spent an afternoon just heading out into the unknown, scanning as many systems as I could.  I finally hit that point where I was going through undiscovered systems, so that was exciting.  But the further out I went the more nervous I was getting.  I'm out there all alone.  I have lots of money in data on my ship.  I've gone out pretty damn far.  Certainly the Cat's Paw Nebula should be coming up soon.  I pull up the Galaxy Map and see where I am compared to the nebula.  That's when the scale of this game really hit me.  Holy cow, I was hardly out of occupied space.  At the rate I was going it would have taken me months of playing (at my pace, mind you) to get to the Nebula.  So I plotted a course back to the nearest station to sell my data.  Didn't take me near as long to get back as I stopped doing detailed scans of everything unless it showed up the color blue on my system map. Made it back and sold my data for a few hundred thousand bucks.  I figured before I go out again I'll try to get a Detailed Discovery Scanner and a top of the line Frame Shift Drive.  


On Reddit I saw a post about a trade route that they named the Silk Road and figured I would give it a shot.  By the time I got to it most of the stops were already buying for way less than what was listed on the Reddit site.  I guess a lot of people already hit it hard and screwed up the economy.  Only a couple of the stops netted me much of anything.  So I gave up on the route and am now trying to find a good trade area to work in a bit.  If I get frustrated with that I may just go back to another area of unexplored space for a bit until I can fully outfit my Cobra.  After that I'll probably work on getting an Asp and kitting that out for exploring.  Once I do that I'll probably try again to do some deep deep space exploration.

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I'm currently cleaning up to the tune of 500K an hour minimum in my Vulture at various Resource Extraction Sites. That's one sweet ship. Doing wonders for my faction ranks and reputation too.


Still don't have enough to fully kit out an ASP for exploring, but I've done a few jaunts into the void in a Cobra and whilst it was pretty, the whole setup is a bit samey at times. Really hoping a future patch will make it more interesting, though I can't imagine what they'd do. Some scanning based reason to get close to the planets/moons would be nice as if you're being efficient about it, you really only have to scan them when they are tiny dots on the screen before jumping to the next system.

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If you log into the Elite Dangerous site, go to the keys section of the page, you can log into Steam, which then gives the option to request a Steam key for your purchase of this game. Pretty quick in and out process. Now, actually getting around to buying a good Hotas controller which I've still been putting off.
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Gonna try to get some Powerplay beta testing in this weekend, assuming I don't devote all my time to W3.

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Watched some youtubes and found a brief settings tutorial to actually have the 360 controller be viable for my space trekking. Man, mouse and keyboard sucks so hard. The steam release has given me cause to dive into this (I don't know why the fuck that is), but I'm mostly sticking it out with Witcher and will wait for the next major Elite update to drop naturally.
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I've been rocking the 360 controller since launch. It's literally one button short for day to day flying, exploring, trading and combat. I can handle leaning forward once every ten minutes or so to press the landing gear button.

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