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Definitely the end of an era this week, so thought it might be a good time to celebrate the greatest hard rock band that ever existed. When I was little, my taste in music was heavily shaped by my misfit metalhead older brother who had an extensive tape collection that included AC/DC, Motorhead, Maiden, Priest etc (plus other crap like Saxon). There was something about this band, though. They were just cooler than the rest. They had a sense of humour and lacked the more retarded self-serious baggage of their metal peers. Plus they didn't care about making a political statement like the punk bands either. Their priorities were drinking, fighting, fucking, and rocking REALLY hard. And like fellow unmitigated badass Bruce Lee, Bon Scott was dead in the ground by the time I started to hero worship him so he already had that mythical status thing going on. Top 5? Mine:























Bonus: they did a fantastic version of "Baby, Please Don't Go" (Bon with a mischievous grin and a mad gleam in his eye, wearing a special school uniform to complement Angus)



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Originally Posted by Disciple_72 View Post







One of my favorite guitar solos ever.

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Freddie Mercury may arguably have been an even more badass frontman than Scott, but as far as songs in praise of larger ladies go, Fat Bottomed Girls will always be a distant second to Rosie.


Never had a woman, never had a woman like you

Doing all the things, doing all the things you do

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My top 5?


1.  Gone Shootin'



2. Bad Boy Boogie



3.  Squealer




4.  Thunderstruck






5. Shoot to Thrill



Just pure no bullshit rock and roll and one of the best live bands that will ever exist.

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Nice. Gone Shootin is such a cool song.

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NO BULLSHIT ROCK 'N ROLL would definitely be their epitaph. 



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1. Let There Be Rock

2. The Jack

3. Whole Lotta Rosie

4. If You Blood

5. Let Me Put My Love Into You

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It's official. Malcolm Young has dementia, this is really sad news.


I think Powerage is their best album overall. It rocks so hard.

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Oh fuck. Dammit.

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That is fucking horrible news.  Thoughts go out to Angus and Malcolm's family.  Watching someone you love fall prey to dementia is something I hope to hell I never have to experience.

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Horrible news. Hope he gets the care he needs.
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Originally Posted by NathanW View Post


I think Powerage is their best album overall. It rocks so hard.


Agreed, pretty much every track is a winner. Kicked in the Teeth might be the band at its most raw/vicious but never compromises those blues roots.

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I think the new album will be the last and from what snippets I've heard it's going to be a good one to go out on.

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I'm a life-long AC/DC fan. I have a "For Those About to Rock" plaque from my parents' second date, over 30 years ago. Both times they've played Phoenix in the last 20 years, I've been there. Whole Lotta Rosie gives me goosebumps every time I hear it (and I've heard it probably 150,000 times in my life).


The news about Malcolm leaves me gutted, and my heart goes out to the Young family, and the other members of the band. AC/DC, perhaps beyond any other band, has shaped my taste in music since day one and I wouldn't have it any other way. I've met a lot of famous people, but if I were to meet Angus, Malcolm, Brian, Cliff or Phil I would honestly be star struck for the first time in my life, and have nothing coherent to say.


I hope Malcolm finds comfort and the treatment he needs.

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Rock'n'Roll Singer is one of AC/DC's best songs, that rhythm section is just so fucking tight.




I really think Bon Scott tends to get overlooked as a lyricist, I'm not saying he's in Bob Dylan's league or anything but his lyrics have a rough sense of humor and occasionally do have a little depth.

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Originally Posted by NathanW View Post

Rock'n'Roll Singer is one of AC/DC's best songs, that rhythm section is just so fucking tight.







The Cult could be so shameless.



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That really sucks about Malcolm. 


I was lucky to see AC/DC one time in 2008 for the Black Ice tour.  Initially, I was complaining about every ticket being the same price, but, when I failed to retrieve two seats, I opted for one and shockingly nabbed a spot on the floor (14th row).  I was even close to the second stage where Angus did all his crazy antics.  I was slightly amazed that I spent the same amount of money as some poor dude in the last row.


The Bon Scott era clearly wins out on quality, but I think the boys were a bit underrated during Brian Johnson's reign.  Sure, everyone loves Back in Black and most people like The Razors Edge, but there are plenty of good/great tracks elsewhere too.  For Those About to Rock We Salute You might not reach the high marks of its predecessor, but "Put the Finger on You," "Night of the Long Knives," "Evil Walks" and "C.O.D." are all unsung winners (the title track goes without saying).  Flick of the Switch and Fly on the Wall aren't very good, but "Rising Power," Nervous Shakedown," "Landslide," "Sink the Pink" and "Shake Your Foundations" are keepers.  Ballbreaker has a few rockers.  I think Stiff Upper Lip might be the band's most underrated album, even if Johnson's performance isn't topnotch (I really like "Hold Me Back," "Satellite Blues," "Meltdown" and the title track from that one).  Black Ice was a bit bloated, but not without its highlights; the title track, in particular, is badass. 


I'm hoping the new album is good.  I know I'll be a first-day buyer.

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Johnson is ok, but I wish I could unhear his various covers of Scott era songs.

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I've always liked Ballbreaker.  It's the last AC/DC album I truly enjoyed as a whole. Hail Caesar was AC/DC at their most fun.



Caught with your pants down is my favorite track from that album.

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Here's a new song off the new album ROCK OR BUST coming our way on December 2nd!





Can't wait to get the whole album!

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Dirty Deeds, indeed:


So, who replaces Phil for the tour next year?

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Did he learn nothing from the folly of Tim Lambesis?


Honestly, I think it's time for the guys to pack it in after the new album.  They've had an absolutely stellar career that's cemented them in the annals of Rock 'n Roll history.  I'd hate for tragedy and controversy to sour that in their twilight years.  Going out on a high note would be the best.

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I haven't bought a new AC/DC album since Stiff Upper Lip. Even after their inexplicable spike in popularity in the '00s, I still didn't check out the new albums but they're a band I enjoy immensely. Go 4/4 hard rock songs!

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They still bring the rock!

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RIP Malcolm. I know what band I'll be listening to on the road later today. Hope I don't get a speeding ticket.

Cooler than a body on ice
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Now that Malcom's passed and Brian Johnson's unable to tour, I wonder if Angus will still continue AC/DC?

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 I hope Angus ends the band. AC/DC had a great run; its time to end the band respectfully.

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