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Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post



Shoutout to Chris Bosh putting up bigtime numbers. I still got undying hate for the Heat, but from what I can gather he's not really friends with D.Wade and actively dislikes LeBron, so I can support him.


I'm gonna hate him all year for denying me a killer Rockets Big 3.

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Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post

Calderon didn't play. Who did they even rustle out there to run point? Gotta have a PG who can shoot to run the Triangle, and Calderon can definitely shoot. There will definitely be some struggle while NYK tries to pull that mess together, but I think they'll eventually be good.
Not this year. No defense. And then they have to count on free agents wanting to play with Carmelo.

Friday is gonna be great. Bulls/Cavs round 1.
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So are the Lakers going to win 25 games this year?  They won 27 without Kobe but that team is horrible.  I think an over under of 29.5 would be tough.


I wonder if Carmelo is wishing he chose differently.  Bulls will be 11 deep when Butler comes back.  that depth should get them the #1 seed.  They were saying the Bulls 2nd team beats the 1st team a lot in practice.  Crazy.


can't wait to see the cavs tonight even if it's against the Knicks.

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Eventually! The Triangle will be great for Melo if they can ever get it to work.

Kobe calling Dwight a 'soft ass mothafucka' plain as day is the highlight of the season so far for me. 

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They need an entirely new team around Melo.  by the time that may happen he'll be too old.


anyone watch the Bucks game?  How does Parker only take 9 shots?

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I think the Lakers flirt with the worst record all time this season.

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If Kobe keeps taking as many shots as they rest of the starters combined you may be right.

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No way, Kobe is good for 10 wins by himself. Final record 17-65, you can all buy me lunch after my powers of prediction are proven BEYOND DOUBT.

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Line of the Night: Steph 24 points, 9 boards, 4 assists, 6 steals

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Filthy. Just absolutely filthy.

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Cleveland you gotta act like you've been there. After Love scored on the first possession the PA system started playing a defense chant. That's just weak.

And only up by 2 over the Knicks? Gotta do better.

These lebron/Cleveland/Akron commercials are fucking annoying. He wasn't all in with Cleveland 4 years ago and the main reason he is now is because Miami sucked.
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6 points by the Cavs bench and they are really only using 8 guys.  Down by 5 with 4+ to go.  They aren't going to win shit that way.

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Lebron obviously will play much better than he did tonight, but one thing I noticed was that the new smaller LeBron could not just beast people the way he used to. Melo was pushing him around when Lebron tried to D him up and he was not the freight train he always has been going through the lane. On the upside, Love's game is a perfect complement to Lebron's, those two were meant to play together......too bad you cant say the same about the rest of the cavs team. Varejo ruined every offensive possession in which he touched the ball, waiters is way too tentative and Irving looked like he has no idea what his role is. Blatt is going to be under a lot of heat really fast if this continues.


I'm afraid the Laker Haters will have a field day this season, that injury to Randle takes away the one guy we hoped could develop into something special. When your hopes ride on  Wesley Johnson and Ed Davis....its going to be a long year.


I am really thrilled for Pau getting respect and a good run with Bulls, you guys are going to love him.

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Detroit was one of my sleeper teams. But so far they still suck. Lost to Minnesota tonite.

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My Better Late Than Never Playoff Predictions:




1. Chicago

2. Cleveland

3. Charlotte

4. Washington

5. Miami

6. Toronto

7. Detroit

8. Boston




1. L.A. (Clippers)

2. San Antonio

3. Golden State

4. Houston

5. OKC

6. Memphis

7. Portland

8. Dallas (folks are high on them, but I don't like their PG/ wing depth - they'll miss Vince)

* New Orleans



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A Bit of Random: tonite I noticed Chris Douglas-Roberts has a Faygo tattoo on his back. Can you win with a Juggalo on your team????

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Twitter Truth: "Heat worked cuz Wade & Bosh felt the legacy implications too. Not sure Love & Kyrie there yet."

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Shit. Sebastian Telfair having a "SLAM" hype flashback.

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Line of the Night: John Wall 30 pts 5 rbs 12 dimes 2 stls

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Things I like:

1. Mavs offense. Gonna be the best in the League on that end of the floor. Absolutely killer from all areas. Hugely entertaining win from those guys.


2. QUINSANITY! Remember how last year I was telling you guys the BK Nets were gonna be nice? (Elvis backed me up but you other guys DOUBTED). Same thing this year, except with the Knicks. They are gonna be ok.


3. LeBrons Alpha Douchebag Pregame Speech. Why would I like this? Because its gonna be hilarious when K.Love splits town. 

Things I really don't like:

BROOOODDIEEEE NOOOOOOO. This is what happens when you build a state on an Indian burial ground. Anthony Davis was right there on the board for me to draft. I thought about it all summer. And when the time came, I was suckered in by the glitzy prospect of 35 shots a night from a insane gremlin. Goddammit. Just give the Thunder back to Seattle already, they're never gonna win shit.

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D Rose playing fantastic.

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Needs more Pau

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Fucking rose again. Just an ankle but he came back in.
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Kirk Hinrich rules.

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Rose or no Rose up five with 47 seconds at home left you gotta be able to close these guys out.
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Originally Posted by Anyawatchin Angel View Post

And only up by 2 over the Knicks? Gotta do better.

I guess you were right.  They did, ha!

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Line of the Night: Rudy Gay 40 pts 13-19 fg 3-4 3pt 8 rbs 1 assist 1 st.

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You know what that line tells me?  God save the Kings.


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"Quentin Dailey got 30 points they said. The guy's unbelievable, man. Say all you want about Michael Jordan, he's a great fuckin' ball player. But Quentin Dailey's got a gun like a howitzer, man. Thirty feet. Boom, boom, boom. He gets hot, he's fabulous."

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Rajon Rondo Farewell Tour:  4 pts 10 rbs 8 dimes 3 stls

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GS-LAL game is crunk. Kobe damn near banked that in. GS has too many weapons tho, they're murderous on the break.

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Special Splash Brothers Double Line of the Night:


Steph 31 pts 10-19 fg 3-8 3pt 5 rb 10 dimes 3 stls

Klay  41 pts 14-18 fg 5-7 3pt  5 rb  2 assists

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Super Splash Bros Meleeeeeeeee

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I'm worried about my Clips. They've been up and down since pre-season, and already weak on the wings, suddenly Redick and Barnes can't hit anything. Yesterday they collapsed against the Kings at home.

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Line of the Night: Boogie 34 15-23 fg 17 rbs 5 assists 3 blks

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Whats up with DeAndre tho?

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He had an awesome block yesterday on Boogie. Stuffed it right back in his face.

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Hey Z: Celtics v Mavs tonite.  League Pass. I'll be watching.

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My boys are coming to town tonight Z.  Be wary of our hot 3-point shooting.  (1 for 25 against the Rockets Saturday night.  1 FOR 25!).  They only lost by 14, which was miraculous.  Should be a fun one.

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Excited to see my dude Rondo, hopefully he shows up and gives us the Primetime treatment.

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So do I.  Marcus Smart will also have tons of people in the stands.  Hopefully, it'll bring the best out of him.  Looking forward to seeing that high powered Mavs offense.

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Damn BOS, turned into a helluva game

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This is nuts!

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I missed most of the first half, but the second has been incredible. Jeff Green with one of his flashes of brilliance games. I love the scrappy nature of this Boston team.

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Glad nobody ended up injured. I'm all for letting them play but the game was getting away from the refs and they didn't seem to recognize that.

Hope Aminu is alright he was providing some much needed toughness on the glass first half. Went out with a knee injury. Monta damn near went down with another one at the end, not really a fan of the 'wrap a guy up from behind' move. But that's really on the refs, Rondo fouled Monta as soon as the ball was inbounded and he ended up having to horsecollar him to get a fucking whistle blown. Shit was stupid.

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Brooklyn kicked OKC's ass last night by 31! Nice debut by Lopez.

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Rajon Rondo Farewell Tour:  7 pts 3-11 fgs 0-1 3pt 9rbs. 15 dimes 2 stls

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I can't believe the Rockets are 4-0. Harden is only shooting 37 %. (at least he's a monster getting to the line -51 of 54 fts)

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