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He got fat, messed up his ankles, and was cursed by a terrible Panther tattoo.

Not mysterious at all!

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Game 1 Thursday, June 2
Game 2 Sunday, June 5
Game 3 Wednesday, June 8
Game 4 Friday,‎ June 10
Game 5 Monday, June 13
Game 6 Thursday, June 16
Game 7 Sunday,‎ June 19


The new NBA Finals schedule.  What pussies. 3 days between games is a joke esp when they are in the same friggin city.  These guys travel in their own plane, all in first class.  How hard is that?

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A discussion about the best post-1980 wings.


"MJ, LeBron, Bird, Kobe, KD, Wade only wings since 1980 I have ahead of Scottie. Others like Penny, G Hill were great, but didn't sustain it." 


My Top 10:


1. MJ

2. Bird

3. LeBron

4. KD

5. Scottie

6.  Dr. J

7. 'Nique

8. Kobe

9. Wade

10. Drexler


Runners up: B. King, T-Mac, Reggie, Richmond, Gervin, Worthy, Marques Johnson, World B. Free, Paul Pierce, English

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Most of you will think I'm insane for giving "Nique the nod over Kobe, but "Nique's game was one of the most exciting blends of grace and power I've ever seen. Nobody got fly in throwback dunks like my man in his prime.


I've never really enjoyed watching Kobe play (once he had his own team).

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Clippers looked fierce in their first preseason game. DeAndre is a force and Wesley Johnson fills out a huge and athletic front line. Getting to the rim againt that team is next to impossible. Only thing that brings them down is the chemistry on the second unit, but the addition of Prigioni takes care of their other weakness, back up point.  
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I hate the Clippers.

For various reasons.

One reason gaining steam: with the NFL on-field product disintegrating before our very eyes, the NBA will be in fantastic position to make gains in popularity and appeal.


But that won't happen if Chris Paul drives the league over a cliff (Cliff .... get it?) because he has an axe to grind over the Lakers trade. That whole profile was frustrating. Everyone is making so much goddamned money right now, from the owners to the scrubs, it would be absolute insanity to blow it up out of a misguided sense of revenge. Yeah, the players got screwed last CBA. Fight for the best deal possible next, don't make a deal impossible because you're still mad about it. 

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Utah centers just waiting to become a meme. Withey Pleise.

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Lamar Odom was 6MOY four years ago. Hard to believe.

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Some rumors going around that he is brain dead.
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So, he was partying for days in a Nevada brothel. Likely an overdose of some kind.


That's really sad...

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Herbal viagra. Wasn't even aware there was an herbal version of that.
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Yeeeah no way herbal viagra put dude into a coma. Seems like the brothel owner is really pushing that angle, but nobody is buying it.

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