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Originally Posted by Headless Fett View Post

Don't call me a rally monkey ever again. Ever.

You kind of have a point there, Fett. When is the last time your favorite team won the Stanley Cup?
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Shouldn't those odds say "Team TBNL 200/1" ?

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Originally Posted by Headless Fett View Post

Don't call me a rally monkey ever again. Ever.

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Originally Posted by Anyawatchin Angel View Post



And that's you, touching tips with all your white douchebros.  You should change your name to "Ballwashing Buffy" at this point.

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Very weird to see a sea of RED at Soldier Field.

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So, which of you fucks is taking away my #3 pick and what are you giving me in return to make me hope our front office isn't making another horrible mistake?

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So, the Coyotes' draft party at our arena was a disaster. This organization can't manage to squeeze out some goodwill to save their lives. It was equal parts awkward and terrible new uniform reveal, pity party and desperate plea to fans for not bailing after tanking the season and losing the draft lottery, and NOT showing the goddamned draft.


Oh, and they let us sit anywhere we wanted, then ordered us all into seating on one half of the arena 10 minutes before the show began (wherein multiple sections were roped off) so they could take photos of everyone crammed in together and post them online claiming the arena was a full house.


What a fucking sham... this fanbase has been through enough without exploiting us for publicity.

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Yeah, but did y'all draft a Formula 1 driver?

Mikko Rantenen
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I don't get hockey trades.  Niemi gets traded but he's an UFA.  Has to be some exclusive signing period or something.


Bad time for a Boston fan.  They better hit big on those draft picks.

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I like some of the guys Colorado picked up but I don't like the prospect of waiting 3-5 years for the team to mature. Hopefully Joey Nutsak knows he's giving Roy a building project and they don't oust him two years in when they haven't done shit in the post by then.
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Sigh. It's going to be awhile before the Canucks make it to the Cup final again.

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Did you see the breaking news? Toronto just tweeted Linden a picture of a bag of Hawkins Cheezies and Linden game them both Sedins.
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They don't have enough money for a bag of Cheezies after dropping 50 million dollars for a guy who isn't even going to be on the ice!

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Damn losing Saad hurts.  But with the cap you can never keep everybody.  Bowman deserves the benefit of the doubt after 3 Cups.  Guess Sharp and Bickle couldn't be moved.


Eddie O said Anisimov could be a solid 2nd line Center and Dano can be really good.

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Dear Chicago,


Thank you for your first round pick, and for giving Vermette back in great condition. Any time you guys want to rent out our players, you're more than welcome.





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Dear Arizona,


Thanks for the rental player who scored 2 game winning goals in the Finals to help us win.  I think any team in the league would trade a first round pick for the Stanley Cup.



Vermette is above Hossa and to the left.  Enjoy seeing him with the Cup.  He'll never get it again.





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Dear Anya,


Thanks for your response, however heartbreaking and destructive to us it was, in this trying time. Why you gotta be like that. Still love you, but damn.


Uncomfortable handshakes,



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I didn't post that NY Post article saying the Coyotes were set to move to Vegas after this season.  The league denied it, a little too much, and that would have been mean.


I'm surprised Vermette got so little.

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The NHL wants to expand, and relocating Arizona creates complications for that. I think the team will stay, but they gotta get the fuck out of Glendale and go back to sharing an arena with the Suns. Less financial strain on both teams, and a much better location to draw in more fans.


As for Vermette, he never wanted to leave Arizona (for whatever reason). I think he's super fucking happy he got to hoist the Cup, but I think he always intended to come back here. He's a good dude.

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Originally Posted by D.T. View Post

The NHL wants to expand


Wait, wut?


Where the fuck are they going to expand to when southern based teams are hemorrhaging fans and some possibly looking to pull up stakes?


Looking at you Dallas and your empty stands on TV.  Looking at you Arizona with your last ditch effort to create more fans by not alienating 90% of the state with a name change.


Looking at Atlanta that could absolutely support a franchise if not for investor dickery.


And I don't have much news whispers or hard data but my gut tells me Nashville and Carolina aren't long for the new arena fights that often send teams away.

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Dude, if the Coyotes relocate, the league loses out on as much as hundreds of millions in expansion fees. It's way more profitable to try and expand into new markets like Seattle (who I wholeheartedly believe deserve and would love a hockey team) than to relocate a team to a massively transient city like Las Vegas.


Also, we consistently sold out games last season, until it was clear we were tanking for the lottery. We sell tickets; it's the arena's inability to draw in other attractions to make money that's the problem.

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I get that opening a new club in Seattle brings in fees but then you need another city to balance the equation.  Where else is clamoring for hockey right now?  Winnipeg has the Thrashers/Jets back and the NHL has said as much that Atlanta is not getting a club for any foreseeable future.  Canada ain't getting a new team as it is cheaper for the teams to operate payroll in the states and Ontario is closed off from what I hear.


Vegas as you say is too transient and I doubt the league wants another desert team in the mix.


Expansion ain't in the mix I would wager.

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The NHL has 30 teams.  NFL-32, NBA-30.  Both vastly more profitable than the NHL and they aren't expanding- yet.  Talk yes but any more and you are really talking about diluting the talent.  Just look at the free agent signings.  Saad at 6.5/5 year deal is HUGE.  That's the 12th man on an NBA team.


And other than Seattle/Vegas are there any cities clamoring for an NHL team?  If need be just move the Panthers and Hurricanes. 

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Looks like the Mob and the Quebecois want in on some of the action.


Sure you can generate fans the first year or two... but what is the long term payoff?  Also, Seattle has or should soon have an arena but missed the filing deadline.  Are they still looking to poach or do they think the NHL isn't expanding anytime soon either?

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Seattle forgot to secure support from their Oklahoma City backers in time.

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Or they were too stoned.  Goddamned hippies.

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The NHL in Quebec is a slam dunk. They'll sell out that arena for the first four years.

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This does not sound good for Patrick Kane. 



Sources with knowledge of the investigation said that the young woman who has accused the hockey superstar of rape had bite marks on her shoulders and a scratch on her leg after the alleged attack.

The woman alleges that Kane invited her and a female friend to his home for a private party after they met him last Saturday night at SkyBar, a popular nightclub on Franklin Street, the sources said.

Shortly after she and her friend arrived at Kane’s home on Old Lakeshore Road, the accuser alleges that she went by herself into another room, where Kane followed her, overpowered her and raped her, the sources said.

The woman left Kane’s home with her friend and used a cellphone to call a relative immediately after the alleged attack. She then went to a local hospital for examination, and police were called afterward, the sources said.

The alleged attack occurred about 4 a.m. last Sunday, about an hour after Kane was seen leaving SkyBar.

A person who knows the woman described her as frantic and traumatized when she called her relative to report what happened.
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Face of a Champion Cunt:


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 EA removes Patrick Kane from ‘NHL 16′ cover


This is the best Wednesday ever.

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