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Maybe this is already well-known and I missed the announcement but I was reading this interview with Charlie Brooker and they casually mentioned that Jodie Foster is directing one of the episodes for season four. 

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Yeah it was announced a while back. Both Foster and John Hillcoat are directing episodes.

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John Hillcoat? Oh wow. 


Somehow I missed all this. Must have been trying too hard to improve my star rating! 

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Foster's one is the one starring Rosemarie DeWitt, I believe. Missed Hillcoat was directing one, though. 


I do like this interview from Brooker saying that Season 4 won't be "quite as dark."

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Surprising no one, but still very cool:


San Junipero got nominated for a Hugo.

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So apparently David Slade is directing one of next season's episodes. Much excite!
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Have they started shooting yet? 

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There's a picture of a slate on his Twitter so I'm assuming so.
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Spoilers for season 4, the whole article, basically: 


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

"...the story now has a part in the season finale that we'll get a chance to clap our eyes on later this year, and that the episode will be in the 'White Christmas' format. Called 'Black Museum', it'll have three stories interwoven around a remote Las Vegas museum, where a carny will present objects from a collection."
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OMG. Did I just see Black Mirror doing Star Trek?! 


Excitement +1

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Super excited about these. Surprised they went with fewer episodes, but not that surprised, given that, apparently: 


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
"Black Museum" is apparently a "White Christmas" style anthology movie/extended episode
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Also, here's the list of directors: 


"Arkangel" - Jodie Foster

"USS Callister" - Toby Haynes

"Crocodile" - John Hillcoat

"Hang The DJ" - Tim Van Patten

"Metalhead" - David Slade

"Black Museum" - Colm McCarthy 


All episodes were written by Brooker alone, with the exception of USS Callister, which was co-written by Will Bridges...who also wrote Shut Up And Dance. 

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Originally Posted by MrSaxon View Post

OMG. Did I just see Black Mirror doing Star Trek?! 

Excitement +1

Lol at Jesse Plemmons as Kirk!
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Potential theory for "USS Callister:" 


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
The characters are all a simulation in some kind of MMORPG.
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As one of the few apologists for this show, I couldn't be happier. I haven't disliked a single episode yet. So jazzed.

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USS Callister screened at the Paleyfest and it's 74 minutes. 

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Black Mirror becoming a series of feature films this season! 

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And I couldn't be happier.

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Originally Posted by Carnotaur3 View Post

Black Mirror becoming a series of feature films this season! 



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Per a Jodie Foster interview about Silence of the Lambs at BFI, the new season is scheduled to drop in December, which I guess had been known for a while, but was news to me? 

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Oh my. It's so near!

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Series Four - Friday December 29th !

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I'm even more convinced that "USS CALLISTER" is some MMORPG thing.

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Oh FUCK yeah. Christmas is gonna be good. 

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I missed that Netflix has slowly rolled out a series of teasers for each of the episodes: 

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Some of the best television, ever, has come from this show.  It will be amazing if they can sustain that kind of quality. 

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I appreciate the fact that one of the episodes is named after one of my favorite Smiths songs.

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I am not watching those teasers. I probably shouldn’t have any watched the trailer either considering I went into all seasons of Black Mirror cold. I want to replicate being surprised again.
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I too am avoiding any info on the new series.

I'm finding great self-restraint in my old age.

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Trying not to read too much about this before it comes out (staying as unspoiled as possible seems like a good idea with Black Mirror), but as I understand it there is going to be some kind of Star Trek homage thingy? As someone who was never too interested in those shows & movies, I'm wondering if I'm going to "get" that episode.
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I doubt its references will go much beyond the surface. You'll be fine.

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Yeah, I'm avoiding all spoilers, but I highly doubt that episode is all it seems on the surface.

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Beware of the Vulture review that's out. It spoils a lot. Like I now know more about CALLISTER than I wanted to. 

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I'm not reading any reviews before watching this. It's pretty much earned my faith over the last few series / seasons. 

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My wife and I started it this week and watched the first two episodes...and I don't know if I like it. Am I a bad person? Lol.

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It's not for everyone but I'd still recommend giving the next two a chance (as I assume you're watching them in order). "The Entire History Of You" and, especially, "Be Right Back" are some of the best in the series and might be more your style as (aside from the technology involved) they're probably a bit more relatable than the first two.

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I dunno..I haven't seen these since the original airing. My memory is selectively failing as I get older, but I seem to remember that the first season was very strong with real dynamic and lingering stories, and less so for further series.





After the success of the 1st season, Brooker got super busy with other stuff like the Yearly Wipe, The Weekly Wipe, and being a producer for other programs, so maybe that effected his focus. Dunno if he wrote/very closely supervised the first series, or indeed any of the follow up shows--that might account in the sporadic impact of the episodes. I just remember not being impressed with anything past the first few episodes, and really not liking a couple of acclaimed-by-others shows (the soldier with video implant and the love story with the 2 girls that actually won awards).


Maybe that'll be my project today to re-watch me some Black Mirror. I've got till,what  midnight  before NetfliX posts the new season?

I really hate Brooker for not giving us a 2017 Wipe program. This series of Mirror better be killer.

We got a Cunk On Christmas tho, and she's always wonderful.

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Charlie wrote eleven out of the thirteen existing episodes, Steve, and he's writing all six of the upcoming episodes. 


The only episode I've disliked is "The Waldo Moment", but think the quality of the show has remained quite high throughout. It's probably one of the reasons that the show remains popular. You know what you're getting with Black Mirror and it's usually pretty great. 

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Originally Posted by stevehauk View Post

and the love story with the 2 girls that actually won awards).


I've always wondered if that episode would be nearly as popular had it been two men in love.

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I mean, I'm 64, and I've been a TV viewer since literally the beginning.

My tastes early on veered toward the fantastique, and I watched all of the Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, and Star Trek when they first aired.

Similar books & comics consumed in mass quantities.

At this stage it's very hard to surprise me or give me something fresh. 

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I'll submit that, for the most part, Black Mirror has been incredibly surprising and fresh.

San Junipero: "They say you go crazy if you have too much."

Potential tie-in to USS Callister?

Also . . . San Junipero is so beautiful it hurts. I mean, the love story and the scifi story blend so seamlessly together that it does the hour a complete disservice calling it simply 'science fiction'.
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Originally Posted by Martianman View Post

My wife and I started it this week and watched the first two episodes...and I don't know if I like it. Am I a bad person? Lol.

Incidentally, the third episode, "Entire History of You" is the one that really sold me on the show. I'd say if you're not sold by then, then you probably won't be sold later on.

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Originally Posted by Jacob Singer View Post


I've always wondered if that episode would be nearly as popular had it been two men in love.


I don't know if it would have won the awards that it did, but based on the fact that the same audience (chiefly, young millennials) that loved San Junipero went bananas for CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, I think it would be just as well regarded. 


The thing about San Junipero isn't just that it's two women in love. The fact that Kelly is a bisexual woman of color (and the fact that the episode makes it clear she's bisexual) and Yorkie is a lesbian, and that the episode came at the end of a year where "kill your gays," particularly with regards to women and women of color in same-sex relationships...all of that context led to it getting the acclaim and reception that it did, first from audiences and critics, then from the awards circuit. 


This has been Boone Daniels explains the Internet. 

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Huh, USS Callister is the first episode.

. . . aaaand it's a tad more fucked up out the gate than I had anticipated.
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Reminder: this thread is titled 'spoilers!'

you may want to wait till you've watched all of the new stories before re-visiting here.

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So far Arkangel is the one that's the most like Black Mirror in feel.

Black Museum kind of confirms the shared-universe that the show has hinted at over the last few seasons.
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Steve . . . are we the only two here to have caught any of this yet?

"Our balls are building up a blow-load as we speak!"
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Just finished the first episode (U.S.S Callister) and, admittedly, it took me some way into the episode to warm to the premise, but I think I liked it overall. I guess it's because I was expecting more of a Star Trek parody (which is certainly what it begins as) but it, of course, quickly morphs into a satire on bullying and misogynistic abuse in the workplace. Which is somewhat timely now that I think about it. 


Interesting start. Not sure how quickly I'm going to work through these but I definitely want to get through at least one more today. 

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