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I feel bad for Dee Barnes, Michel'le, Tarrie B and whoever else had the misfortune of being abused by Dre. 


As much as I respect Dre and Cube for their artistic talents and impact on a music genre I love, I must say, both of them are shitty human beings. 

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Originally Posted by Freeman View Post

As a dumbass white boy who's about as hard as a cooked noodle, who has a passing appreciation for NWA...  Will I get anything out of this?

Should the fact that I'm of Indian descent and grew up in suburbs prevent me from enjoying Ozzy Osbourne, Guns N' Roses and Pantera? 


But anyway, do you listen to hip-hop at all? Are you largely familiar with Ice Cube from his film career and Dre from his Beats headphones? Then check out this film to see the story of an important group in music. N.W.A were influential in the way the wielded their freedom of speech and the numerous artists whose careers they launched. Also, given the recent incidents of police abusing minorities, what better time than to explore the group that wrote "Fuck tha Police"? The lyrics of that song still resonate today.


The film also features good performances by the whole cast. 

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I knew Arabian Prince was likely going to get skimmed over, but I was hopeful that the film would elaborate on his brief tenure in the group, as he is one of the founding members and did end up on the cover of "Straight Outta Compton" along with the other famous five, despite only appearing in one song.
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Yeah, I wondered that too about Arabian Prince. Did they even mention his name? I guess I missed it. 


They showed Lonzo Williams. He was Dre and Yella's boss in the World Class Wreckin' Cru. I wonder if Lonzo was the inspiration for Pinky from the Friday sequels? Funny random thought. 


I can understand Ren's frustration though. While he never garnered the solo success of Cube, Dre and Eazy (I believe he never cared to be a big superstar like them), he was still one of the group's main lyricists and he even performed solo on a few of their tracks. In the film they don't even cut to him rapping during the concert performances nor even mention his signature moniker of "Ruthless Villain". 

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Went to see this today. I liked it but almost wish it ended right after Detroit or at the very least when Cube leaves. The whole thing starts to unravel after that,

Dude that played Suge Knight was no joke....those crazy eyes are still freakin me out.
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This article is ENFURIATING.


The Eazy was murdered theory I kind of believe.


And the slander of Dre has totally been to hurt his rep on the street and in Hip-Hop circles (sadly, still 'faggot' = opposite of gangster). I'm mad because people belive what this psychopath is spitting.


Suge Knight’s Crazy Confessional and the Eazy-E Conspiracy That Won’t Die


Before—and after—his prison stint, Suge Knight gave a pair of insane interviews filled with innuendo and wild allegations about Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg.

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Some people seem fascinated by/ grab onto the idea of Dre being gay. I think that's wrong because, if he is, he's reluctant to be identified as such, and again it's all based on rumors started by a spurned friend (Eazy) who had become a (dissed himself) rival and the psychopathic, obsessed enemy Knight.


Knight is known to just completely BS. I have trouble believing that whole exchange between Pac and Dre ever happened.

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Originally Posted by Ska Oreo View Post

Agreed. Would really love like a Netflix produced doc on oldschool hip-hop


How about this?:


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Finally caught this.  I'd have to echo that the first half (up through the Detroit riot) is fucking great - it's tightly focused even with a ton of moving parts, incredibly energetic, great balance of music and humor and character.  The second half just tries to cram too much in and while it's never not interesting, it just feels slight compared to what hit before.  Jason Mitchell's a star, though.

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Former Ruthless/Death Row singer, Michel'le is coming out with a new Lifetime biopic this fall. It's going to show her troubled relationships with both Dr. Dre and Suge Knight. R. Marcos Taylor, who played Knight in the Straight Outta Compton film, will be reprising his role for this upcoming biopic.



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They really need to do a Suge Knight movie which I heard they were considering after how well Compton did.

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They should do one on Knight, but maybe wait 1-2 years after the upcoming 2Pac biopic and Knight's current situation comes to a final verdict.

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Trailer for Surviving Compton (Michel'le biopic) -



Even if it's a Lifetime movie, I'm intrigued because it'll show Michel'le's undervalued contributions to both Ruthless and Death Row and show the darker sides of Dr. Dre that SoC wouldn't show.

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