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Originally Posted by Andy Bain View Post

Well, it kind of is.  It's just that the locals insist on calling it "Australia" instead of its proper name, The West Island.

Much like Bucho, the NZ media is in a frenzy of doom and gloom over meeting the French, in the Quarters, in Cardiff.  All it needs now is Wayne Barnes to be the ref and the wailing and gnashing of teeth will be heard around the world.

When you were awarded Kiwi-ship they handed you your complimentary Wayne Barnes face dartboard, right Andy? Every New Zealand home has one in the garage or sports room.

Looks like the gods of the 2015 tournament have been kind on this occasion though, ol' Wazza B won't be in charge of this one.
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You might be wishing it was Barnes after the weekend. Instead you get Welshman Nigel Owens refereeing at the Millenium Stadium in Wales.


Who does the winner of Wales vs South Africa (decided before the New Zealand game) play in the semi-final?

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Hell of a match. Sorry Mike. I was rooting for Wales. Now, predictions Bucho? France are unpredictable and NZ haven't been amazing. But a repeat of '07 is unthinkable so...25-18 to NZ.
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Charge down Brody!
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But sloppy from the Blacks...
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Blatant, the difference between the North and the South. The Kiwis just don't want to let the ball rest on the ground, whereas the French are happy to let it sit there after the breakdown. Kiwis just looking too dominant. Think this will be a bit of a hammering actually (originally thought there might just be 10 points in it). Losing Michalak won't have helped.

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OK. 24-6. Unbelievably quick ball from NZ. Only Australia plays so well at this speed.
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Jesus Savea! The world is poorer for never seeing Savea vs Lomu in his prime.
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The All Blacks could still choke. No, really.
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I still think the Aussies will take 'em, but this is the NZ we want to see.

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If they play like this then they should comfortablly beat the Wallabies. Probably won't score NINE TRIES though.
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I don't think you can ever take too much out of a game against France really - win or lose - but the handling from the ABs was vastly superior to what they showed in the group stage. Steve Hansen was promising all week that they'd been holding back and today was evidence he was telling it like it was.

Sad day for Wales but when you've been so physically depleted by injuries you can only operate at so high a level no matter how mentally strong you are, and SA were able to use that head start and play to their considerable strengths. They've had ups and downs but they're big, powerful and streetwise and will give anyone trouble, especially at the breakdown, so the ref could well play a significant hand in the semi.
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Nine tries!! In a quarterfinal!
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There's something very satisfying about watching Frenchmen bounce of Julian Savea.
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I don't think there's a Welsh man alive who isn't incredibly proud of what Wales achieved. They never complained about injury after injury, they just plowed forward. Amazing.

That New Zealand performance is what you always imagine when you think of New Zealand. Just an absolute force of nature.

Up ridiculously early to venture into Cardiff for the Ireland game. I was reading an article about their dismal World Cup history. Not thrilled about losing O'Connell, O'Mahoney and O'Brien.
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That was a cracking match. Pumas deserved it, especially after that opening twelve minutes. However, that was absolutely a red card that should have been awarded there.


So, the reputation of the entire NORTHERN HEMISPHERE is resting on Scotland beating Australia. No pressure lads.

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Apparently my great, great grandfather was Scottish.

That was a red card, but it's hard to be too angry about it when Ireland were so ordinary. Apart from maybe the first ten minutes of the second half there was no spark, they looked slow. Just completely flat. Absolutely gutted but they never deserved to win.

The curse continues.
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Pissed I missed the Ireland game. I thought they would win comfortablly, even with injuries.
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Bloody hell! Scotland are up for this!

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I can't imagine them keeping it up but bloody hell indeed.
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Bookies have just put Scotland favorite to win this. Five minutes to go. What a match!
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Ah. Gutted. Feel for Scotland there.
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That was cruel
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Never fun to see a controversial call play into a close finish. Should've just used the TMO.
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Guess who just scored a free ticket to Auz vs Argentina....

Of course it should be Scotland vs Argies...
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So....predictions? NZ...just. If their forwards perform.
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Could depend on the weather I guess, if it keeps pissing down then it might play into Saffer hands. New Zealand dropped the ball a lot in the pool stages too. Maybe an upset on the cards?


New Zealand by 500+

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There are chinks in the All Black armour for sure. They can get tied up and frustrated if you play them right. SA were nothing too special in that game, but they kept forcing NZ to concede penalties. Should be an interesting final (presuming Australia get through tomorrow, of course. :) )

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SA vs ABs game are always tight, which is why they're our biggest rivals. It's definitely a far from perfect New Zealand side though. The Aussies should be back to full strength by the final and if anyone can punish the lack of precision in the ABs game so far at the tournament it's them.
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Damn. Squeaky bum time there for a while.

Dan the man though.
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At Twickenham.. Three pints down....Ausssoe Aussieee Ausiee!
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Originally Posted by Bluelouboyle View Post

At Twickenham.. Three pints down....Ausssoe Aussieee Ausiee!


Bloody hell, you did well to get a signal. I couldn't even tweet, yet alone get onto the internet for any period of time during my visits this tournament.


Good match you've got yourself watching there from the look of things.

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On form the Aussies should take it, but if the ABs can get back to the precision they managed for that one game in the QFs it should be a cracking battle.

One thing's for sure, the Argies showed the much-vaunted Aussie scrum is less than invincible. Just remains to be seen if the ABs can compete on the same level, especially with a third choice front-rower in Moody.
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Damn, NZ turning the screws. Very well-worked try. Come on Aussies, where's the turnover and quick ball??

Bucho, hope you're not too knackered. Did you stay up late or get up early?
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Half 6 in the morning. As the Strayans come back the first beer has been opened.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.
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I think i love Dan Carter.
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From edge of your seat to FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!
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Excellent final. Well done All Blacks.
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Fabulous. Great final. Aussie fully in it. Made it hide behind the sofa great.

Looks like I chose the right extra country to become a citizen of ;p
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Also, apparently the power of the ABs is greater than the will of Chuck Norris (who backed the Aussies).

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Awesome final to an awesome tournament.


(Only way it could've been 100% is if the Otahuhu Nugget had gotten over the line for one, but we really shouldn't be greedy should we.)
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Congratulations to the kiwi lads. From a neutral observer's perspective you were never going to lose that, but I bet you were shitting it when the Aussies refused to lay down!


Apparently a little kid ran onto the pitch at full time and was smashed by a jobsworth security guard. Sonny Bill WIlliams wasn't amused and gave the kid his victory medal to cheer him up. What a class act!

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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post

Awesome final to an awesome tournament.


(Only way it could've been 100% is if the Otahuhu Nugget had gotten over the line for one, but we really shouldn't be greedy should we.)

Nah bro. We'll just let the South of Taupo lads score the points for you Auckland fellas, eh?

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Quality. I'm not a big fan of SBW (pick a sport!!), but that's great.
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Here's an image to haunt your dreams:

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You absolute sod, I've never seen a thread so swiftly veer from good to evil...


Although it has given me an idea for a new TV show - "Sonny The Vampire Slayer". 

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Some England players have learnt not to mix money and friends. Doh!
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