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My guess is Riley doesn't mind at all that he's gone.  A rebuild is underway in Miami.  It was going to be a messy break-up no matter when it occurred.  I'm sure Wade expects to be a max guy until he retires, and I'm guessing he's not retiring any time soon.  


According to an article I read (I think on the difference between Miami's offer and Chicago's offer was about 6 million total, which turns out to be about the same offer when you factor in no income tax in Florida, so this goes beyond money for Wade.  Chicago seems like a bad fit to me, you already have a  younger version of Wade in Butler and between Rondo, Butler & Wade you don't really have a decent 3 point shooter in the bunch.    

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I'm so excited. This Warriors team is either going to be basketball ballet or a plane crashing into a mountain already on fire and filled with snakes. Everyone is going to be going after them. I can't wait for Steven Adams to pummel their front line.


Probably the most interesting thing is according to Zach Lowe, everyone in the NBA took the Durant signing as inevitable but were fucking livid GSW got Zaza. That offense is going to be poetic.

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Looking forward to retrospectives on the Dirk-Duncan rivalry, ten years hence. The best b-ball of the 2000s was played up and down I-35. 


But right now, nah. Not ready for that.

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Tim Duncan has retired. As someone who was a Suns fan growing up... good.

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I'm glad to see him go out on his own terms, when he's still a productive player and not a shell of himself. Still, I was so hoping that this wouldn't come. There are few players in the league I enjoy watching more, and none that I respect more. It's the end of an era, and damn I'm gonna miss that guy.


It's fitting and ironic that the whole season featured that farce of a retirement tour for Kobe (one of the most unlikable superstars in a long time) while the actual greatest player of his generation retires quietly in the offseason. 

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Uh oh:


 According to, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green was arrested for assault yesterday.


Green, a Michigan native, was reportedly arrested in East Lansing, Michigan. MLive reports that police would not confirm any other details about the arrest.


I know OKC has it out for the Warriors but for Steven Adams to press charges at this stage is pretty weak in my book.

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 The victim is a male


What a relief.

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Originally Posted by Moltisanti View Post


 The victim is a male


What a relief.


I haven't read the story yet but I assume he assaulted his nutsack in some way.

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I was there it happened at my college. Someone got right up in his face at restaurant and started talking shit about the Finals so he clocked him right in the face. 

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Sick! Did he do the muscle pose afterward?

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No he kinda looked sheepishly around since there was literally two cops sitting inside the restaurant and they went right over. He was being a massive idiot.

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All in all I'd say Draymond had a better weekend than Lamar Odom:


Eyewitnesses told TMZ Odom was seen "pounding down beers and whiskey" in the Delta lounge at LAX before boarding the flight to New York. Upon taking his seat, Odom reportedly vomited in the galley and in one of the plane's restrooms.


He then emerged from the restroom with "vomit still on his sweatpants" and took his seat, only to get back up minutes later to once again use the restroom, according to TMZ.


Odom was then reportedly "gently" escorted off the plane by flight attendants.

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Damn, that's really sad. 

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Agreed. Thought he was looking well some of the other times I'd seen him of late. Hopefully he gets help soon.

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