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Bummed about KJ.

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My most stunning disillusionment and disgust with a former favorite player was Fast Eddie Johnson.

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Tristan Thompson agree to 5-year, $82 million deal.


Tristan Thompson deal makes him 6th highest paid PF behind Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge, Blake Griffin, Paul Millsap, David Lee.

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Twitter Truth: "I  really might try to watch every OKC game of the season. I'm never taking Russ and KD playing together for granted ever again."

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Glory days.

Edited by Fat Elvis - 10/22/15 at 11:38pm
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Professor Chris Webber does not want to talk about Jalen Rose:


"I don't want to answer the question," Webber reiterated. "So what would you ask me after that? Because I'm going to put this in for my class as far as how did you handle the media. I'm going to show them right now: I do not want to answer that question. I respectfully ask you not to ask me that again so you can blow your numbers up for your show. I don't want to talk about that, Doug."


Sounded like Chris just needed to take a time out and compose himself.

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SLAM Top 50: LeBron James, no. 1
The definitive ranking of the NBA's best players for 2015-16
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Originally Posted by Fat Elvis View Post
SLAM Top 50: LeBron James, no. 1
The definitive ranking of the NBA's best players for 2015-16


"#28: Kobe Bryant"


Go home, SLAM, you're drunk.


This is actually the first year since probably 07-08 that I'm not 100% sure LeBron is the best player on the planet. He's still absolutely incredible, but he's slowed down just a step from his prime, and the rise of Anthony Davis has been terrifying. There's no ceiling on his potential, and it's amazing how quickly he has been able to realize that potential. I'd still rank LeBron #1, but it's closer than it's been in a long time.

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Why is Kobe even sniffing the top 50?
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R.I.P. Flip Saunders

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"Flip Saunders always struck me as one of the good guys. Inherited a disaster in Minneapolis, and immediately changed the culture. RIP." - Mr. Beaks

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"A lot of folks have said a lot of bad things about Marbury over the years, but this is a beautiful tribute to Flip"


"My heart and all of my love goes out to Flip Saunders Family as your leader leaves this earth in the flesh. His spirit lives in the present as we speak. In 1996 Flip became a father figure and my first #NBA coach. Wow how fast time blows by. Our conversations were so meaningful in ways that helped me understand the game of life by explaining the game of basketball. Your kind soul and loving ways helped me understand how to play the most important position in the sport of basketball. You gave me not only the chance to perform at a high level but a chance to communicate my thoughts on the game. You taught me how to play the pick and roll but you also taught me how to pick up and roll with the good and bad in the life. As a rookie we had so many conversations in such a short time period. You said "The point guard has to be the extension to the coach" These words lived inside of me as I've had my share of ups and downs with coaches. I guess when I left you I went on a journey to end up with a similar coach 7,000 miles away. I thank you for giving me my foundation in how to play the professional way. I thank you for giving me unconditional love as if I was your son when I was so young. It was so needed as KG and I needed all of it to get where we are now. What an impact you've had on so many humans on earth. What a father you've been to your children as I can remember Ryan aka RyeKnow when he was a little boy. We will miss you as a piece of your children's hearts have been taken but we will celebrate you forever. Thank God that love is the most powerful thing to give and receive. The love from all will be shared to help the healing process from the pain of your flesh not being present. I know you will RIP because you did all of what you did on earth in your lifeline. I say #FlipForever as we all grow from your teachings and messages. I LOVE YOU and I'll miss you until we meet again. #LoveisLove
P.S As for your amazing Wife Debbie and girls Mindy, Rachel, and Kimberly thank you for sharing your dad with all the people who's lives your dad touched. I can feel your pain because I know your love for your dad. I pray for peace in your heart." - Stephon Marbury

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Obama will be at the Bulls home opener. 

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Some thoughts as we open the season tonight:


  • I'm not a believer in the supposed new found depth of the Clippers. Sure, the bench was a wasteland last year, and this year it's...a little less of a wasteland? They swapped Barnes for Pierce, which is a pretty lateral move. They added Josh Smith, who is undeniably talented, but also isn't particularly good. They also added Lance Stephenson, who is even more erratic than Smith, but was also one of the 10 worst rotation players in the league last year. The bench is better, but it's only better in that it is "bad" instead of "catastrophic". The team is going to be good again, but all the same weaknesses remain.
  • I'm interested to see how many minutes Enes Kanter gets in OKC this year. Unless his defense imrpoves by leaps and bounds, I'd rather play Steven Adams or Mitch McGary with the rest of their starters. 
  • I feel like we all got super excited about the Spurs when they landed Aldridge, then after a couple of months people have started to cool on them. We've seen a bunch of articles like "how will Aldridge fit in their offense?" and "Tony Parker isn't looking great", and I think people are overreacting. Parker is getting old, and he's probably not going to regain his All-Star form. That's fine, I don't think they need him to be the star of their offense anymore. That's what Aldridge is here for, and Kahwi's offensive game continues to grow. Also, Patty Mills is really good. I'm not worried about the Spurs at all. They're neck and neck with the Warriors for my favorite in the West.
  • I'm a little worried about the Heat. They should make the playoffs, because it's the East, but for all the flash of that starting 5, they seem really fragile to me. If anything happens to one of those starters, there's not much behind them. We know Wade is going to miss 20 games or so, even if he doesn't get injured. There's a whole lot riding on Hassan Whiteside's shoulders, and though he was spectacular last year, we've only got 48 games of evidence. The ceiling is really high for this team, but I also feel like it could spin off into disaster pretty quickly if anything goes wrong.
  • The Kings and the Lakers will continue to be the most entertaining disasters in the league. 
  • Player prediction: I think Ricky Rubio breaks out and finally fulfills his potential this season. He's struggled with health issues throughout his career, but I'm still a believer. He's got rare basketball sense and vision, and he's still young enough to be a special player. He'll be surrounded by high flying athletes, and things are looking up in Minnesota for the first time in a long time.


Playoff Predictions (* indicates teams I think are potential title contenders):



Cavs *









It's a super close call with the Bucks and Pacers here. I originally went with Pacers, because Paul George is just that good. Then I took a second look at their roster, and the guys with "C" and "PF" by their names. That frontcourt is a complete wasteland. Unless Myles Turner grows up really fast, they're relying a whole lot on Jordan Hill and Ian Mahinmi. That just seems like a recipe for disaster. I know they're going to play George at PF, but there are going to be teams that you just can't do that for long stretches against, and it's going to wear him down over the course of a whole season. The Bucks have a definite lack of shooting, but they've also got solid players up and down the roster.




Warriors *

Spurs *

Rockets *

Thunder *






I don't see anyone else really making a run for that 8th spot. The Suns are a possibility, but I don't really see that happening. 

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I'm probably Matt Barnes's biggest fan, but swapping him for the Truth isn't a lateral move. Pierce is one of the great clutch scorers ever.

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Originally Posted by Fat Elvis View Post

I'm probably Matt Barnes's biggest fan, but swapping him for the Truth isn't a lateral move. Pierce is one of the great clutch scorers ever.


He's also 3 years older with 5 more NBA seasons of wear and tear on his body. Pierce is a better shooter, but he's a worse defender than Barnes. It's an upgrade, but it's a minor one.

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Look at that Thibs-You can use the bench and win

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Nice win for the Bulls last night. They are deep and versatile. The development of Snell and McDermot make that team a definite contender.


I won't get into too much predicting for the end of the season because there are too many teams I have not watched yet. 


In regards to the Clippers bench, I think they are loaded with talent, it will just be up to Doc to get the most out of them. Prigioni gives them stability at the backup point, Crawford the scoring punch, Smith the physical presence, Pierce the shot maker and then you have 3 versatile athletes in Stevensen, Mbah a Moute and Rivers. That is a quality bench, sure chemistry and execution are going to be the determining factor in that group. But that is what Doc is there for. 


I know doubting the Spurs is really, really stupid. But sometimes I can't help myself. I think the Spurs may struggle in the playoffs due to a lack of perimeter defense and team speed. Leonard and Green are excellent defenders, but if one gets into foul trouble or hurt, the Spurs would be hard pressed to come up with another stopper. I suppose Anderson would be the next man up, but he has always had issues with footspeed and intensity. 


I can't wait to watch some OKC basketball, I hope they are healthy this year and can finally make a run before that team starts coming apart. 


The Lakers have two good young pieces in Randle and Clarkson, the jury is still way out on Russell but I like the development Brown has shown to this point. The veteran additions of Hibbert, Williams and Bass give them a much better team than last year. I would be happy to see 35 wins and the kids develop, but I know that 27 is a more realistic number. I would not be surprised to see Julius Randle be the ROY, he has insane talent and a great motor to go with it. 

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Spotted at Oracle! Pretty funny.



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Twitter Truth: "steph is what really white people dreamt poor jimmer would grow up to be"

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Man, OKC and the Spurs looking like they're in postseason form these last few minutes. I'm so happy to have the NBA back.

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Flipping back and forth between that game, Beardforce, and Celtics.


Counting down the minute til Clips. Super hyped.


Btw, I think the Nuggets will be a scrappy bunch this year a la Doc's early 00's Magic.

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Kawhi's perimeter D is amazing. Best at his position since Scottie, for sure.

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Q: In honor of first week free League Pass, who in y'all's opinion are the former players best at calling the game, the regional guys you love getting a chance to hear? Tommy Heinsohn is the gold standard, but I also have come to dig Clyde the Glide's call.

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Leonard is the best player on the floor tonight, by far. He's just bullying Durant.
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Not 100 percent sure, but I think Josh Smith has a the Crow tattoo, which is kind of cool.

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Wow Kobe doesn't get the last shot. Happy the Wolves got the win for Flip.
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Thoughts from Wolves-Lakers:

  • Man, that Ricky Rubio fellow looked pretty good, huh? He looked so much more confident and assured driving to the rim and pulling up in midrange. Time will tell about his jumpshot, but he just looked so confident. He should've had at least 2 more assists too on gorgeous outlet passes, but Tayshaun Prince can't elevate anymore, so he blew the finishes.
  • On the other side, I'm impressed by Jordan Clarkson. He's not flashy, but he's the kind of solid player who can be the 4th or 5th guy on a contender.
  • It doesn't show in the box score, but Zach LaVine is a disaster at point guard. I have no idea why that's something they're experimenting with. He just looks completely uncomfortable every time he's initiating the offense, and his passes aren't crisp even on simple passes. He does two things well: shoot spot ups and dunk the ball. Why are you trying to make him a point guard?
  • Guys, Karl-Anthony Towns might be really, really good. His team defense still needs a lot of work, but I love how he held his ground against shot fakes when defending the post, and you could see how great his touch around the rim is.
  • I really don't know what to make of DeAngelo Russell. He looked so passive in this game, and it does him no favors that the Lakers are so isolation oriented. Frankly, it's going to be hard to judge the Lakers' young players, since Kobe takes so many dumb shots and Byron Scott is probably the worst coach in the league. 
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I'm not worried about DeAngelo Russell. Gary Payton comes to mind. Number 2 pick. Natural cockiness, but he seemed over his head at first. His teammates thought he was a bust. However, when he found his groove he became amazing.

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Watching rebroadcast of Lakers/ Wolves. God, I'm gonna miss KG when he's gone.

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I waited all last season for the 'Felton Breakout Game!'

Got in on the first go this time. It was too easy to dismiss this squad given all the drama; things will be set straight.


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So Clippers fans, are you excited to watch 82 games of Lance Stephenson this season? He just brought the ball down the court in semi-transition, threw a totally unnecessary behind the back pass to Blake which bounced way too high, then flailed his arms and threw a mini tantrum in the corner because Blake didn't take the 21 foot jumper which Lance had (poorly) set him up for. It was a beautiful little moment of Lance being Lance. This Clippers team is so talented, and they're also so surly and unlikable. 

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Kenny always says every championship team needs the one crazy guy.


I think Doc will use the whole regular season to teach Lance to learn control of his emotions and develop a defined role utilizing his strengths.


Already he's a needed perimeter defensive presence.

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I'm not feeling Chuck's prediction that the Knicks will make the playoffs, but despite getting blown out tonite, I think they'll be fun to watch. I root for Melo.


"I  can't believe I still have a chance to win my "Derrick Williams will be better than Kyrie Irving" argument from 2011. Let's do this DW!" - Bill Simmons

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KD and Russ combine for 91 in double OT!

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Slow go for BEARDFORCE and posse out the gate.

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RIP Dwight Howard


"Dwight Howard, wandering the Houston backstreets in a tattered Superman tee, wondering where it all went wrong as a city prays for his soul"

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"Killing Grantland right at the start of NBA season is like banning swimming pools at the start of summer. Cruel."

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"Steph Curry went as God for Halloween" - Beaks

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Twitter Truth: "Stephen Curry is 1984 Michael Jackson right now."

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Originally Posted by Fat Elvis View Post

Twitter Truth: "Stephen Curry is 1984 Michael Jackson right now."

He also burned his hair that year.  All good things come to an end.

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Nate Jones Twitter Truth (s): "Curry can hit a shot from anywhere with a sec of space, and his handle and footwork allow him to create space better than any PG on the NBA"  "If you're a defender that tries to play up on Curry and prevent the jumper and space for the jumper at all costs, he will blow by you... He's so quick and his handles are the best in the NBA now. Any seam and he's going to the cup. And if you help, he's a CP3 level passer now." "And he plays on the Warriors. A well spaced team with guys that can finish and hit 3s all over the floor and will swing the ball like crazy."


"And I haven't even talked about Curry in pick and roll yet. Guarding a guy that can shoot that well with a sec of space in P&R is deflating." "Maybe we are to the point that you have to aggressively double SC as soon as he crosses half court and pick your poison? Still problematic." "Steph is going to swing the ball if he's pressured w/ doubles and traps like that, and the Warriors are so disciplined + shooters all over" "And once you're scrambling, there are very few teams that can rotate well enough with the Warriors ball movement"


"If Steph was on another team, he wouldn't present as much of a problem. But Steph with his current supporting cast is TOUGH."

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The second half of that is the big difference between Mark Jackson Warriors and the Steve Kerr (with a hat tip to Alvin Gentry) Warriors. Teams used to double Curry really aggressively, and the Warriors just never rotated properly to provide outlets if he was trapped on the P&R. So Curry would make really risky passes to try and get out of it. The team's personnel is better now, but their positioning and spacing is much better. 


And when Anthony Davis plays perfect defense and you can still do this, you're just a special player.

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After 3 games, which is obviously enough time to fully analyze every single team, here are my predictions:


1. Golden State (Steph is too good with shooters around)

2. Thunder (If healthy)

3. Rockets (Lawson will be coming off the bench soon)

4. Spurs (Will rest too many starters to get a higher seed)

5. Clippers (I think this team with implode)

6. Grizzlies (Jeff Green will play much better)

7. Pelicans (Sheer force of Davis' will) 

8. Suns/Jazz (Depends on how much Chandler has in the tank)


1. Cavs (Obviously)

2. Bulls (Hoiberg's trade of defense for offense was a smart move for his personnel)

3. Wizards (Porter looks great)

4. Raptors (Joseph and Caroll were smart pickups)

5. Heat (If healthy)

6. Bucks (That defense is going to cause problems the further we get into the season)

7. Celtics (Too much talent to not make the playoffs, too like elite talent to get a higher ranking)

8. Pistons (Reggie looks good)


The Kings will implode. Pacers will look good but will just lose out. 76ers will still be trash.

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What about the Mavericks tho? 

Do I gotta hit you with the highlights?


Don't you think these guys are gonna low-key fuck up someone's day by the end of it? Don't they still got Rick Carlisle and shooters all over the floor? 

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Nate Jones Twitter Truth: "Kobe's in Raptors Hakeem and Orlando/Seattle Ewing phase."


"He can't create space, quickness gone, lateral movement gone. No one going for his pump fakes."



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Twitter Truth: "Regardless of his popularity etc, LeBron, as a 6'9" 250 human being, is a pussy in the painted area. Treats contact like a disease." "Only time LeBron ok with contact is when he dribbling full speed at an unsuspecting defender lol"

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Taking a break from my double feature to watch the Rockets breakout of their funk.


Tonite BEARDFORCE strikes back!

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I'm not Team LBJ, but mad props for representing as Prince!



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