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Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post

Well. I've certainly been trying to narrow my focus to the viable tanks, with the occasional Zeny/Lucio for measure. Which seemed to be working out well but the last few go-arounds I've just been getting absolutely shredded by fucking Reapers. Goddammit.


It's always been my biggest criticism of you.  It's not how you play, its constantly changing who you're playing.


Believe it or not, I actually watched that last video you posted of the Orissa gameplay.  You did some things in the video, instinctually, that I wouldn't have thought of.  One play in particular when you used the gravity well skill to knock a couple guys off a ledge.  That was a legit great play!  And one that you could have only come up with in the heat of that particular moment. 


I've told you in the past I've been impressed with how you play Orissa.  What pisses me off is that you cycle through every other gawddamn character at least once before you play her again.  Just pick two or 3 that you jive well with and you'll climb out of the dumpster ranks. 

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My thought process is usually, "Orisa is great on this Nepal Temple map, but has less angles to work in this clusterfuck Nepalese Pagoda bullshit, I better switch."


Usually its just overthinking it. 

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Orissa's not right for every situation, but certainly for point defenses she's good.  Orissa is like a tick, she burrows herself into a spot and can be hard to remove.  If a team is smart they would revolve their defenses around Orissa. 

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Sombra eats Orisa for breakfast
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Sombra sucks.

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Sombra hacks Orissa.  Orissa turns and shreds Sombra's 200hps with her machine gun.  Sombra dies.  Orissa eats a sandwich.

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Sombra is bae.


Orisa can still shred Sombra tho, even without her kit. Its Reaper, who can just walk up and ping your ass to death and even a full treatment of headshots isnt enough to outlast his health-eating now. Man they really did buff that dude in a very low-key fashion.

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Sombra hacks Orisa (who has her flank) and Orisa gets melted by Sombras teammates she was already engaged with.

Better get used to these strats because I'm a Sombra main now.
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Well sure. That works when you got poor Orisa stranded out all by her lonesome because all her dickhead teammates ran off on vainglorious solo missions.

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If Orissa is surrounded by anybody, as she should be, its not a problem. 


Sombra should be hacking supports on the periphery of the battle, like a Mercy.

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No. She should be killing supports.
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summer games arrived, soldier BBQ skin doing the white guy shuffle wins the waiting room every time. 

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Got the Reaper skin like two seconds in!  Made many a comp person jelly. 

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Oh, and the Soldier gun has the grenade launcher replaced by a salt shaker that says "A salt rifle" on it.  Amazing.


Also, I'm Diamond LucioBall :)

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The Reaper skin has a palindrome "tattoo" design of the word EDGE on the thigh.
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Meet me in the DEATHMATCH.

We'll get this thing sorted out.

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How 2 Zarya

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Sombra For Fun

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Glass_Daggers is a role model for disadvantaged youth

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Amos has a Golden Nailgun


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Deaf Mutes and Robot Gandhi

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Stare in to the Abyss. 

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Flex on em

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Hack the Planet

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I did it.  Lucioball Grand Master.

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Originally Posted by Freeman View Post

I did it.  Lucioball Grand Master.


Congratulations. I got a ridiculously high SR in Copa Lucio after my placement matches. It feels nice.

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i hate lucio ball so much. just waiting for junkenstein's revenge to return.
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The yin and yang of Overwatch: can there be someone who is good at both Competitive and Lucioball?

Perhaps not.

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Summer crap boxes brought me crawling back.  Just playing Mayhem, and it's wonderful.

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Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post

The yin and yang of Overwatch: can there be someone who is good at both Competitive and Lucioball?

Perhaps not.

Grand Master Lucio Ball, and I've fallen from Gold to Silver in regular comp.  So no.  

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Did my Lucio Ball placements and had a miserable experience but managed to place 2516. All I care about is the CPs

Holy shit you gain so much SR per win. In two matches I gained nearly 200 SR.
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Generally you should only gain about 25 or 30 SR.
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Perlman is a beast tho.

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Sure.  The SR system can be a smidge wonky. 

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I gained 85 SR my first win after my placements.
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I Had to try it, placed just under 3k, won my first and now am in diamond.....wish getting there in comp was that ez. 

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Talk to me when you're in top 500.
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Originally Posted by Freeman View Post

Talk to me when you're in top 500.

diamond in comp is higher than #1 on console. 

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Console? Barf
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I'll be on tonight. 


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Enjoy your auto aim!!!
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I turn it off, k thx

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Even WORSE!  People running around with terrible aim!

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Is there auto-aim? I thought it was just aim-assist. You mean all my Sharpshooter highlights and PotGs are a sham? Say it ain't so!

Console scrub 4 4 4 4 lyfe!
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Mei short released. All the feels and a The Thing reference.


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I like big butts, and I cannot lie.

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I'd never noticed how *ahem* chesty she is as well.

I feel gross now having typed that.

Anyway, good short. Makes me wish the lore of the game will start pushing forward more.
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That was pretty cool.

Sorry sorry, I'm sorry, sorry...
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All I want to know now is when and where can I buy a coffee mug with that squid art?

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