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Did Jack ever show up?

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Couple rounds last Friday, I think. The timing was weird.
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Everytime I get on it seems like nobody else is or you're playing other games.  We are all in different time zones, so that plays a part in it.  Most of my gametime has been dedicated to old call of duty, in anticipation of the new one being released next week.  I still would love to try ARK but I'm not opposed to playing OW if others are playing.

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We'll be playing pretty heavily this week, Ms. Daggers flew out to Atlanta so its go time. I finally crawled back into Gold Rank, after much wandering the wilderness.

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Whats been your guys' event haul so far?

My first two boxes of the event gave me Cthulu Zen and Witch Mercy. My final box yesterday gave me 80's Zarya. I think if I get nothing else before its done, I'll be satisfied with those 3. I wouldn't mind having Junkenstein and Hogmonster, but I really just wanted Witch Mercy since I didn't start playing until last December.

All the other event stuff I've gotten is the usual sprays/icons/voice lines/win poses/highlight animation junk. I do like emotes though. Skins and emotes > all the other unlockable crap.
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Of the 10-15 boxes I’ve opened, the only thing of note was Soldiers Thriller skin from last year.

That Torb Viking skin will be mine one way or the other.
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The only one I cared about was Pumpkinhead Reaper and I've already bought him.  I've only done a couple Junkenstein runs with Amos, I haven't even done placement matches for this season.

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Comp is a shit show these days.

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It's always been a shit show, especially solo.  With a team it's less so.

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"We need more DPS!"


*someone picks Sombra*


Oh great!

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I skipped out of Comp pretty quickly after the placement matches.  FFA Deathmatch is my garbage jam now.


Loot boxes have been bad to me, but I had enough gold for last years Junkenstein skin, and 80's Zarya.

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If you have one good tank, one good healer, and one good DPS, you can make it work, but you need at least one of each.


Last season I barely played but I was up to around 2700.  I always tried to have a each component in place before committing to play, which can be tough, and the main reason for me playing so infrequently. 


Good tanks are always tough to find, which is why I will always try to latch onto one if I can find one.  I think I'm a pretty good Rein, but every time I go Rein I end up gold or silver in damage, which means the DPS isn't very good.   

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The deathmatch stuff doesn't do it for me. The thing I like best about Overwatch is the team-based problem solving! In deathmatch mode, even in a team I kind of glaze over and feel much less of a need to communicate.


All the nuance with how the characters interact is what makes the game special, and that interplay is sidelined in deathmatch mode. Might as well just have everyone be Reaper, Soldier, or Junkrat.

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Originally Posted by Amos Orange View Post

 The thing I like best about Overwatch is the team-based problem solving!




You must be referring to the part of the game where everybody yells at the offensive Torbjorn to stop playing Torbjorn while on offense.  

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The trick is maintaining a pool of amiable folks who are always online and respond well to suggestions.

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Yeah good luck with that. I have a ton of Overwatch friends, but never in all my time of playing have I managed to wrangle a full team to tackle any 6 player mode. The most I ever managed was a 5 stack. 3 player elimination or 4 player co-op or TDM is far easier to achieve.
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We usually have enough decent people to run with, but they always want to bring their idiot friends.


Sometimes I am the idiot friend.

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Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post



Sometimes I am the idiot friend.



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I am getting real sick of Junkrats shit

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Zhukov, are you doing Call of Duty this year?

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Unlikely, my dance card is pretty full up. I talked to a friend (we hang out and everything!) about it. I might cop if I come across one of those Buy 2 Get 1 free deals.

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Tonight might be my last opportunity to play the Halloween promo.


Family emergency is summoning me back to the Missouri homestead for a week or two.

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Awwwwww :(  Get yer skins!

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Got a couple cuts for you guys.


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I’ll be back in the habit after this weekend.
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All the cool kids are playing Fortnite Battle Royale. It's free.
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Originally Posted by TzuDohNihm View Post

All the cool kids are playing Fortnite Battle Royale. It's free.

Are they though?  

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New healer/support character soon?


Projectile ults are interruptable now?


one-tricking a character is now a bannable offense?


What has happened to this game in two weeks?

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Originally Posted by Amos Orange View Post

New healer/support character soon?


Projectile ults are interruptable now?


one-tricking a character is now a bannable offense?


What has happened to this game in two weeks?


Yeah I'm honestly not gonna fuck with it until they roll back the projectile ult garbage and do something about Junkrats obnoxious ass. Good lord.



Fortnite is pretty goddamn fun. Tzu you should stop avoiding me, we can squad up!

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Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post


Fortnite is pretty goddamn fun.


Fortnite is fine, I just wish it wasn't so cartoonish.  Plus the shotguns are so insanely powerful, they dwarf every other type of gun in the game. 


Player Unknown's Battlegrounds is the battle royale game I'm waiting for.  Same concept with a Call of Duty look and feel.  I plan on dominating in that game if/when it comes out for the PS4. 

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My roommate is always hassling me to play PUBG. The gameplay is crazy choppy tho, no matter the system. Something to do with the underlying game engine.

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Cued up OW, had an 18GB update to download. On my ragged ass Playstation banished to the furthest corner of the house, that shit is slow-going. Its probably still updating.

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18 gigs? When was the last time you played?
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I usually play on the mighty PS4 Pro. 


I got an old Destiny-launch console in the back that I managed to bring back to life, but it struggle with the WiFi connection.

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Winter Wonderland event goes live tomorrow.


I'm gonna buy Torb Santa day 1 so get ready for the Merry Molten Cores.

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I have been conserving my powers, like a Dragon Ball Z character.

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Tzu also put me on to that Fortnite game, so I'll be keen to play that when we're having an off-night in Overwatch.

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Ah yeah we play Fortnite, for sure.

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Is that Fortnite PvE worth buying yet?  It's only 20 bucks right?

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I would be curious as well. 


Looking at the 2018 lineup, looks like there will be tons of quality co-op games coming out. Which is highly appealing to me. Teamwork, guys!

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My friends group has largely moved almost entirely into co op experiences.  Warframe, Rainbow Six Siege co op, Destiny 2...  They prefer the fun of laughing over our failures together than the aggression that extremely invested PvP people can inspire.

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non-cooperative PVP turns my brain off. Calladooty just ain't my thing. Even deathmatch on Overwatch leaves me cold.


videogames is best with friends on a headset.

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Overwatch is such a weird fucking game. Because I find that we almost always have our most success when we're all making it a point to be positive, inspiring heroic leaders, etc.


Which is fucking exhausting.


But rewarding.


But also infuriating when you get stuck with a bunch of inanimate vegetable DPS deafmutes.

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I've been a little too salty on the mic lately. I apologize for that.


When your game time is limited it sucks that an integral part of the Overwatch experience is suffering the fools. 30 million people play the game. That a lot of children, dummies, and assholes.


Maintaining a bench of folks you can slot in to a six-stack is the way to go, but holy cow what a time commitment that is. The only person I've seen pull it off is playing the game for a much larger amount of time than you'd think a mother of two young kids would have available.

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I led a classroom full of pre-pubescent kids to victory over a much more stacked team the other day.


By the narrowest margin, on Route 66.


One of the greater accomplishments in my life.

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Winter patch is live.


The think Ana has the best (weirdest) new skin:



honorable mention to Hanzo, dressed like a college student at UO



Roadhog is not the Eggman, but the Walrus. CooCooCaChoo.



All of the new skins are decidedly secular this year. None of them elude to Christmas, like Elf Tracer and Santa Torb last year.

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Yeti Winston 4lyfe.
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Yeah those skins just seem wintery, or arctic, not festive. I think they maxxed out with the Blizzard World skins, and passed of the winter skins this year to B teamers. The newer Halloween skins weren't all that great either. I was more excited to get Year One's skins that I missed out on, since I didn't stat playing 'til the first Winter Wonderland.

I really like 80's Zarya though. Давайте сделаем физические
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No festivity this year, chumps. Life is pain.

80s Zarya with the Golden Boombox Grav Gun is the truest path.
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So my final lootbox for the day gave me the new Rime Sombra skin. Um, yay? Her Peppermint is just a default reskin, but at least it's festive. What I don't like about this new set is that its uniform blue and white for the most part. Year One's set was nice and colorful.

I don't think I'll be grinding this event like the other ones. Not enough motivation. The new Yeti game isn't all that great either, but I guess it's slightly better than Mei's snowfight, which is easily the worst event mode. I'll probably just do the weekly arcades for the boxes. I also might go ahead and soft retire from the game, at least until the Blizzard World stage comes out. Personally the game feels like its on its last legs.
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