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I'm not going to say it all works, but enough of it's working that I'm happy to be along for the ride. The grenade scene was perfect. Amos and Holden exchanging looks while listening to the protomolecule soldier going ham was priceless.

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"Going ham"?

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Do kids today still say that?


EDIT: God bless reddit. Asked for a reaction gif of Amos and Holden, and reddit doesn't disappoint.


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Normally, the wonderful way they tricked the audience into thinking that Errinwright was going to kill himself only to reveal it was part of a plan of revenge would have been my favorite part of the episode. But, no. That goes to the way I went from thinking "Fuck you, Naomi" when she took down Amos, to being amazed that she was actually pulling it off, to being hit in the feelz when she's pushed back onto the ship and told that she's not finished yet. 


Great episode. 

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Yeah, the stuff on the Somnambulist worked better than I thought it would. But damn if I didn't want Draper to go apeshit on Mao's ship. We still haven't seen book Bobbie yet at all, 11 episodes into the season, and time's running out.

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This is why reading the books afterward is a win for me. I really like TV Bobbie; even more so now she's paired with Cotyar and Chrisjen, and giggling at their bickering. Talking of which, I adored Chrisjen telling Mao to just get to the fucking point. Girl don't give a fuck.

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If you like TV Chrisjen, book Chrisjen is that ramped up until 11. Again, just WAITING on the day Amos and Chrissie get together on screen.

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Originally Posted by tcjsavannah View Post

Yeah, the stuff on the Somnambulist worked better than I thought it would. But damn if I didn't want Draper to go apeshit on Mao's ship. We still haven't seen book Bobbie yet at all,

We did see her go to town on those cucumber sandwiches, though. Which was adorable.


She'll have her moment in the finale, I'm sure.


I do wonder if they'll get to a point where each season isn't straddling two books. I genuinely thought that they'd be finishing Caliban's War this season, but there's a ways to go yet.

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Oh man, what a good episode. Holden's Ahab routine seems just a little out of left field. Naomi's story with the big fella hit me right in the feels. Bobbie was all kinds of cute smiling and giggling at those two on the ride, and getting her cucumber on. And, my speculation is that Errinwright​ was bluffing about being that mad at Chrisjen, so Mao believed he would shoot them out of the sky, er space, whatevs. I think he's gonna hand Mao right over to Chrisjen. I'm probably wrong about that.

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That was damn good TV.


A question though. Did half the warships in the system back down from a single gunship? Did I miss something about the Roci being some super-powerful death machine?  

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Roci still has a shitload of torpedoes I believe. And the fleets didn't want to risk the damage his suicide run would do. He was pretty much doing the space version of threatening to pull the grenade pin.  Also, I doubt anyone really wanted to be blamed for wiping out a ship full of refugees. Not worth the trouble. He was also doing the same thing he did after the Cant blew up and broadcasting everywhere so people would KNOW the fleets wiped out innocent people. 


GREAT fucking episode this. That was a great speech by Holden. Naomi's Sophie Choice moment was played incredibly well (and FUCK that big dude was a bro of bros) and oh god, Bobbie with the cucumber sandwiches was just the best. I have a maaaaaaasive crush on Frankie Adams...


I don't want this season to be over :'(. 


Although I guess that would give me time to catch up on the books...


Cool fact I found out today: Apparently the authors hung out with Andy Weir at a convention once and they all decided that The Martian takes place in The Expanse's universe. Apparently one of the later books has a ship named the Mark Whatney. :D 

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Yeah, it was essentially a 'Don't be first' play. The Roci is a top of the range Corvette from the Martian Flagship, so she's going to be good. Not enough to take everyone down, but enough to take out a ship or two and do some major damage to a few more. With things as finely balanced as they were between Earth and Mars around the planet, who wants to risk that kind of loss?


Earth would be hoping Mars would take a shot and lose a few ships, Mars would be hoping Earth would do the same. Neither would want to shoot at a ship of refugees without orders and the instructions would probably take 15 minutes or so to get back to them from the inner planets. Net result, no-one does anything.

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Sometimes people can surprise us.


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Season finale tonight! Very curious where it will end.

And then binge the whole series again quickly. Many of these I've only seen once so I can rewatch it all as one piece. Easily my favorite show this season.
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Solid Season Finale.  I really hope more people discover this in the next year when both seasons hit streaming.

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This was pretty awesome and was definitely a good place to end the season on. This show is amazing and it deserves more exposure!


Also I'm crushing on Bobbie Draper so hard.

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Didn't end with the final line I expected it to end with, but it still works. The tinkering with the books vs. series seems to be working well, though I still wish we had gotten more badass Draper this season. Looking forward to seeing Bobbie & Chrisjen's adventures to open S3, and the eventual meetup with the Roci.

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One of the few shows I watch which hasn't, in my eyes, had a bad episode yet. In fact, this second season has been even stronger than the first and it's always a good sign when I reach the end of a finale and instantly want more. I really enjoy these characters and this universe. 

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Did Chrisjen and Bobbie's story line end with a rescue, or do I need to rewatch?

Even as someone who hasnt read the books, its pretty clear that they've split these seasons up a little awkwardly.
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Originally Posted by Turingmachine75 View Post

Did Chrisjen and Bobbie's story line end with a rescue, or do I need to rewatch?

Even as someone who hasnt read the books, its pretty clear that they've split these seasons up a little awkwardly.
Bobbie WAS the rescue. I guess it could have been stated a little clearer, but no one on that ship can fuck with her at all when she has that armor on. And there was a line thrown out when the guard was trying to get Cotyar to surrender that there is a smaller ship on board that would allow him to leave with Bobbie.

There will be a reveal when we get back to them next season, but they are relatively safe on the ship as long as Bobbie is around.
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The adaptation aspect of this is still fascinating. They hit all of the big moments from the books, but sometimes with different characters, and sometimes taking completely divergent paths to get there.

What happened to the Arborghast is exactly what happened in the book, but it was just a report that Avasarala received as a video feed showing the ship taken apart. Having the experience build up and be with the crew through each step (Hello Adam Savage sans glasses!) made the final effect all the more awe inspiring. LOVED the look on the scientists face, even as he was about to die he still had a small smile of wonder.

And I didn't put it together on the live watch, but the Arborghast was only taken apart immediately AFTER the hybrid was blasted by the Roci's engine plume. There was communication between the hybrid and Venus. Another aspect that was clear in the books but not overly stated on the show. But it is clear once it was pointed out.

Next year can't come fast enough. Hope we all survive until then.
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I'm late to the party, but this was a great show.


And I will echo that Chrisjen didn't give two craps about anyone and was hardcore with everyone.


I am surprised at the amount of "fucks" that were thrown around on a network show. Even an "m'fer" was through out there.


Good  show all around, a lot of action and espionage going on.


Hopefully the show stays on long enough to finish the story they are telling here.

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Watched the pilot yesterday. I was very impressed!

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You know what's great, Boone?
It gets better.
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Look, I am all about cool uniforms. 


You know what this has?


Cool uniforms. 

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Damn skippy it does!

MCRN uniforms are tiiiight.

I'm not sure I commented on the finale but that was one hell of an Alien montage. Prax is a fantastic addition to the crew and Bobbie is bae.

Gonna use this wait for the next season to read the books.
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