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He has played a gun toting dreadlocked alien before.

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I hope Dutch hooked up with the the chick from the first film and he's now living in isolation with her somewhere in the Jungle of South America raising a family of like 9 kids who he's training to be battle hardened bad-asses, then the Predators show up. So it's just Dutch and his kids versus Predators. Also it's Christmas time.

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His kids would all be in their 20's though...

And PLEASE no Franco. I can't take that guy seriously anymore.

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Yeah, I know Raimi's OZ was CGI fest, but it really did have the necessary spirit and invention. Franco was so garishly out of place that it was all ruined for me. That's what I think of with him being linked to THE PREDATOR.

But you know what, Brody was one of the graces for me in PREDATORS. Noticed I omitted "saving".
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I keep having to remind myself that Sam Raimi directed a Wizard of Oz movie. It seems like something I shouldn't easily forget.
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I've heard Raimi speak very candidly about that film and he's disappointed with it, and himself, in numerous ways. But he did what he was allowed.

He's now going back to his A SIMPLE PLAN branch, he's about to get serious.
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Between "Spider-Man 3" and "Oz," Raimi's just filled with regret. Poor guy.
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Drag Me To Hell and the Ash vs. Evil Dead pilot were fucking legit though. Maybe he should really stick to horror. It's where his heart is.


I've never even seen his Oz movie. Cause Franco.


Originally Posted by Raynis View Post
But you know what, Brody was one of the graces for me in PREDATORS. Noticed I omitted "saving".


He was probably my biggest problem with the movie. Now, I think Brody is an amazing actor and he's great in almost everything I've seen him in. But try as I might...I can't buy him as a hard bitten mercenary. Just can't.


They should have given his screentime to Goggins and Fishburne. 

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I honestly thought the "Ash vs. Evil Dead" pilot was weaksauce. It broke my heart. I never even bothered watching the rest of the season.
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Brody was trying too hard to be hard. And it showed. Goggins was the highlight and they fucking wasted him.

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Brad, just watch the last three episodes of ASH. It opens with Ash, alone in hero-mode, walking up to the cabin to finish it all. The final three episodes all take place there, are breakneck-paced, and a real treat for the fans. It adds up to about a 90-minute feature, and the violence is so mean-spirited. They put em' through the ringer in true EVIL DEAD fashion. The cabin is perfectly recreated, right down to Freddy's glove in the basement.

I might go ahead and watch the episode KILLER OF KILLERS, too. Because that episode erupts into some truly great nastiness.
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Maybe I will. I'm just so busy right now with my project.
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Your pinecone birdhouse can wait.
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But where will the pinecone birds sleep?!
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I hang my thongs outside for hammocks.

In completely unrelated news: A startling increase in AVIAN CRABS.
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SO, IMHO: The new KONG trailer is absolutely gorgeous and underneath it all is a very dangerous world.  When I saw it over the weekend, I'm thinking HOLY SHIT!  If Shane Black and Fox are smart?  They will hire Larry Fong ASAP!  The *men on a mission* w/ Sam Jackson and John Goodman character's.  WOW!  The similarities are there.  The weapons don't really matter much as in KONG's world show but I do hope they get modern cool looking weapons for the humans in PREDATOR but DAMN, in KONG's world, the humans are about to get their shit pushed in.  I really hope Shane Black/Fox is taking notice.  Because Black keeps saying *event-sized* - well, KONG just laid the blueprint because this looks EPIC for a March 2017 release date.

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Black has said this will not be the same concept as PREDATOR. It won't be people on a mission with a monster hunting them. He's said that he's thought of a great, new, "epic" concept with the PREDATOR. Apparently it's expensive.

And if it was the same as KONG, why would they want it to look the same, too?
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Originally Posted by Raynis View Post

And if it was the same as KONG, why would they want it to look the same, too?


Not the same as KONG per se but IMHO: Larry Fong is a gifted talent as I was surprised that he was DP for KONG.  His previous work looked somewhat the same w/ 300, WATCHMEN, SUCKER PUNCH, BVS but I was really surprised that he was able to help create a beautiful yet dangerous feel to KONG w/o seeing similarities to his previous work.


I just think if Shane Black/Fox were to hire his services, he can help create a unique look to the new PREDATOR world.

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KONG does look so, so beautiful.
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This has probably been said a dozen times, but how cool would it be if the Predator was, by default, an anti-hero protagonist going after a Boko Haram type African warlord or something, not only because he makes for great quarry, but also because the Predator sees the brutal and wasteful slayings of unarmed women and children and is offended by the warlord's lack of honor and "hunting etiquette"? I'd watch that movie.
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I like it.
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Haha, that gives me the giggles.
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Just to be specific about this fanwank, I'm talking about the complete inverse of the first film. No human co-lead or companion like I think they did in AvP (never saw it). Humans would be in three categories: Antagonists, victims of the antagonists, and expository characters who would lightly fill in the Predator's modus operandi. If an "innocent" points a gun at the Predator, they'd only not be killed if someone else quickly told them to drop it.

It's so stupidly simple I have no idea why this has never been seriously considered to anyone's knowledge.
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That's actually a cool idea. Very "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" - like.

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It's a fucking brilliant idea for a Be The Predator video game. Fuck up all the bad guys in inventive ways; bonus points for not plugging any bystanders. You'd have some kind of Threat Meter you could upgrade as you progressed to help you make faster decisions about who's a non-combatant.
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I'm not a video game guy, but yeah, in a narrative it would be interesting to see the Predator make decisions like what he made with the pregnant cop (who was armed) and the kid with the toy gun in Predator 2. I guess in a game you'd lose points or something if you acted too quickly and killed a non-threat.

If I felt I had the option and it didn't feel like fanwank, I'd probably write up a treatment, but the reality isn't there at all.
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Originally Posted by JacknifeJohnny View Post

It's so stupidly simple I have no idea why this has never been seriously considered to anyone's knowledge.


Not enough room for white folk in the movie. Unless you have Matt Damon playing the Predator! 

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I guess Hollywood would argue that you need an "audience surrogate" character -- or a "Matt Damon" character -- to give viewers an "in."

I mean, I'd like a dialogue-free movie about a Predator hunt from the Pred's POV, but I'm weird.
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Damon can play the Predator's HUD. He can be the twist antagonist in the third act.
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Originally Posted by Bradito View Post

I guess Hollywood would argue that you need an "audience surrogate" character -- or a "Matt Damon" character -- to give viewers an "in."

I mean, I'd like a dialogue-free movie about a Predator hunt from the Pred's POV, but I'm weird.


I'm not thinking of my fanwank as "dialogue free". I think you could solve the "Matt Damon" issue w/ one or two consequential expository characters and by spicing up the antagonists, make them watchable and clever in an especially evil "Die Hard" villain way, dealing with their goals being interrupted by this "mysterious" third party. In really simple terms, "Predator McClane", except Predator McClane never intentionally helps anyone and comes close to killing a sympathetic character more than once because they don't know "the rules".


Sorry to keep going on about this, I just seem to be publicly working this out as an exercise, maybe for something else.

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I think that it's silly whenever the Predator in the comics or the movies is teamed up with a human character. It diminishes the Predator's alien-ness and monstrousness. We can only sort of guess at what their "code" is, but even when the Predator is defeated in single combat against his quarry in the first movie, he tries to nuke them both. It just doesn't suggest they have a sportsman-like attitude when it comes to defeat. So why would they debase themselves by partnering up with a human?
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Exactly. The Predator ignores you if you aren't armed (or something else mitigates you as a worthy target), or outright kills you if you are, irrespective of whether or not you're an immediate threat. Having him pal around with people for any reason kind of fucks up the mystique.

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Jesus Christ would fucking beat the Predator. Those mandible got shit compared to the cross!

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Thinking Carno couldn't get weirder is a mug's game.
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You could stand to let your weird fly too. 

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Originally Posted by Carnotaur3 View Post

Jesus Christ would fucking beat the Predator. Those mandible got shit compared to the cross!

It has been established in the mythology that Predators have been hunting on Earth for centuries. I'd love to see more stories set in different eras. Probably better left for the comics though.
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I remember having some PREDATOR comics as a kid that explored that idea. But I don't think they went that far back. It would be great to see a filmmaker like Joe Wright do a lovely, textural period piece with some sci-fi/horror/action like Pred-man.
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The way Terminators keep getting fired around the time stream all willy-nilly, you could toss in a T-1000 for a camouflaged dance-off too.
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I saw the original "Predator" on the big screen for the first time last night. It was a digital print, so the opening scene in the hut still has too much DNR in a couple close-ups. Everyone looks like Human Photoshop.

But, for the most part, the flick looked great. McTiernan's shot compositions in the famously uneven terrain are fantastic. It's not just a closeup-palooza like most movies now.
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That's cool, I got to see it at a nearby multiplex.a few years ago in a special screening   It was such a great experience that so far I haven't gone back to the DVD as I want to preserve the memory.

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It's a movie I never get tired of watching.

People were cheering for all the meme-worthy moments. The atomic handshake is magic on a big screen.
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Predator is on constant rotation on TV over here.

I love reintroducing people to it - "wtf are you watching this for?", dismissing it outright as lesser and typical cheesy Ahnuld fodder. Openly guffawing at the OTT arm wrestle handshake, laughing and nodding at the Goddamned Sexual Tyrannosaurus and eventually getting drawn into it and shutting the fuck up for the next hour and a half. People forget just how good Predator is.
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I still have no idea what was going on at the guerilla compound, but I know it involves the following:

A) Guerillas
B) Hostages
C) Russians
D) A pickup truck that works a conveyor belt
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Yeah it's all a bit muddy, but it's the 80s so they just vaguely mention Russians and you think, "yeah ok, Russians, some shit was going down."

Blaine's "what the fuck?" reaction to the generator truck stunt is great. As is Mac's goodbye to Blaine with that sad military theme - it's little human moments like this that make good action movies into great action movies.
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I love how excited Dillion is about all the intelligence documents he finds, boxes and boxes of information, which he has no means of getting out of the compound.

I did notice that he had a couple sheets of paper tucked I his shirt, probably the most important intel.
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And that little moment where Dutch shows a peice of paper to Dillon and is like "Oh I think this is interesting" and Dillon looks at it like it's the secret plans he's been searching for and wham, Dutch shoves him up against the wall and yells at him.  Such a great moment.  The best part is being in an audience that is totally 100% enjoying it, the atmosphere is amazing.

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"So you cooked up a story and dropped the six of us in a meat grinder. What happened to you?"

"I woke up. You should too."

I like Dillion. Yes, he's a Company man, but he sees the light and cowboys up to help Mac take down the Predator. He goes down fighting.

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They cut out a large part of Dillion's death scene when they aired it on TV here in Singapore. He's just shown being shot by the Pred. The next cut is his death cry heard by Dutch.


The entire part of him trying to aim against the Pred with his arm blown off? Gone.

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Yeah, it's pretty gruesome.
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