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don't concern yourself with la la land


all that matters is that you're going to see elle elle land

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Pretty good. I'm of two minds about the film: One, it was delightful to see that Verhoeven still has it in him to fuck with people, including a guy like me, but two, the film feels like it's a fucking hour longer than it is with very little in the way of perceptible momentum.

It was beginning to test my patience as much as intrigue me with the feeling that I had no earthly idea where it was going. If I'm going to compare it to anything, it's definitely Eyes Wide Shut. Probably not an original observation, but there it is.
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"No" what?
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If you think I disliked the movie, I said just the opposite, but it does drag a bit. Luckily that's not a killing stroke because everything else about it is great.
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that's just what I jokingly SCREAM when someone brings up something that doesn't sound like COMPLETE LOVE

but in reality I have no actual objection to what you said

It's completely reasonable!

I think I didn't feel that drag because I was always engrossed in every one of her relationships and I also didn't know where it was going (though I felt I was still in good hands).
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What I found remarkable about the film is how I feel it actually has a more evolved understanding of rape and "rape culture" than most movies (or shitty, condescending thinkpieces) I've seen where the subject is front and center. We've gone over the subject in various different threads that are tailored for it, but how many times has a rape story come up that just sounds bizarre in terms of the victim's reaction? Some of those stories sound bizarre because we maybe fail to acknowledge that the rape is a separate thing from the person it happened to. Michele is under no real obligation to deal with it in a certain way even if we'd like her to and that's the crowning achievement of the film. Even at the end, when she decides to confront what happened to her with a slightly more conventional perspective, she does it in a way that no one but her would. I've never seen a character like this before and it was really refreshing. 


I have no idea what the reviews or discussion is like around the film and I don't care. Verhoeven did a wonderful job and Huppert is a fearless champion as always.

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I'm finally gonna check out The Piano Teacher. The only other film I think I've seen Huppert in is Fuckabees
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Oh, you're gonna love it.

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I've seen her in things like La séparation, School of Flesh, the infamous Heaven's Gate and of course, Fuckabees. She doesn't mess around, man. She has that genuine, no-holds-barred European sensibility only matched in America by an actress like Jennifer Jason Leigh. 


On a different subject, I don't think I've seen Charles Berling (Richard, the ex) in anything since L'ennui. I certainly don't shy away from French films, but I tend to watch much older ones and the most current ones I've seen were largely part of the New French Extremism movement. I need to fix that. 

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By the by, since it's not like Verhoeven and the DP don't know this, every time I see Isabelle Huppert, her beauty floors me. A total traffic stopper.
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For sure.
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I think I'd actually faint from fear and anxiety if I ever was face to face with her. And her beauty would be merely one of reasons I'd do so.

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That was great. This year belongs to Huppert, and it's nice to see Verhoeven not lose his touch. Just as thrilling and wacky as I want out of his movies. My audience fell more on the geriatric side, and they rolled with this, if their laughter and shock is an indication.
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Just read that this got snubbed by the Academy. Huh.
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I'm not totally sure how it works, but ELLE wasn't submitted for Oscar consideration by France.

So I guess it wasn't eligible to be snubbed?
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Is that the case? I'm mostly seeing U.K. articles that say it failed to make the shortlist. I'm curious about the process.
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From Wikipedia:

"""Every country is invited to submit what it considers its best film to the Academy. Only one film is accepted from each country. The designation of each country's official submission has to be done by an organization, jury or committee composed of people from the film industry. For example, the British entry is submitted by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, while the Brazilian entry is submitted by a committee under its Ministry of Culture. Names of the members of the selecting group must be sent to the Academy."""

Now I'm not sure if France did or didn't submit ELLE or what it actually submitted.
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Well, here's this:
Academy members are said to have problems getting past the film’s first scene where Huppert’s character is raped (a horrible sign for Huppert’s nomination chances) and thereby check out of the rest of the film.

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Oh wait, according to the Wikipedia entry on films submitted for Oscars by France, ELLE is its submission for 2016.

My mistake! I was operating on faulty info!

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What a shame. I hope Huppert isn't snubbed. I find it weird that the Academy members couldn't get past the first scene. I could imagine so for later moments that come, but still...
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That's a load of fucking bullshit. 

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Just realized that I'd mixed up what I'd heard about The Handmaiden with this.

It's The Handmaiden that wasn't eligible for Oscar consideration because it wasn't submitted by Korea for it.
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I'm still mad at Sweden for not submitting Let the Right One In.

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Well, at least Huppert got an Oscar nomination out of this. That's all everyone could ask for at this point. I don't think Verhoeven nor the picture would have been nominated to be honest.
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Snooty Oscars!
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Very good movie, quite engrossing. I was a touch perplexed at the end, but in a good way.

I've seen a decent amount of movies in French, but not enough to know what rules of French drama this may or may not have subverted.(referring to comment earlier in the thread)

The looks of shock on the neighbor guy's face every time something unexpected happened to him were wild. And that last conversation with the wife as she packed up the nativity scene...ouch.

Now to figure out which Huppert film to watch next.
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This is a fantastic film. One of Paul Verhoeven's best. Isabelle Huppert is sensational.

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