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BRAINDEAD a new sci fi comedy/drama series on CBS~


Meteor enters orbit suddenly and crashes into lake. Dredged out and taken to a warehouse/government complex,box has roundish cracked open meteor

that has 'thousands of little pods, I wonder what those are for?' some scientist-type says.  it's left open and the room is locked up.

Main character is lady who is working with her brother on Capital Hill. The warehouse/government complex folks are starting to act different and it's being chatted around by the significant others and friends. A la "Invasion of the Body Snatchers', but these invaders are small swarms of alien ants that crawl into  you and take you over. darkly humorous with some gooey mild gore. Dunno where it's going but i'll give it a chance, there's too few genre shows, gotta support the ones that are good.

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It's from the creators of The Good Wife and stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, so I'll give it a watch for sure.

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First episode was intriguing. Was watching for Winstead and political comedy, was not expecting invasion of the body snatchers.
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Hardly anyone watching this then? For UK viewers it's available on Amazon Prime, comes out every Tuesday, three episodes in.


I'm enjoying it a lot so far. Nicely paced, good build up of paranoia, suspenseful but funny, and has the absolute best "previously on..." segment at the start of each episode.


Tonally it takes a while to get into, as the two genres that it's smashing together aren't particularly compatible. It seems to work though.

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I agree. As everyone involved gets more comfortable with it, it improves, and is very enjoyable.

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I wanted to watch this, but I don't watch real time, so I use the websites to watch stuff, and I absolutely hate CBS's website. However, when you said it was on Prime, I checked, and yes! I can watch it there.


Anyways, I really only wanted to watch it for Mary Elizabeth Winstead , and while she is great, the show is quirky enough for me to keep watching. I only watched the first episode so far.


I like the whole cast actually, and I am really happy to have Tony Shaloub on my screne too.


ETA: Oh my goodness, you were so right about the "previous on..."! They are great!

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Giving episode 1 a shot right . . . about . . . now.
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Okay, they only had episode 2 on Prime, but I am really enjoying this, which is a little weird, as I really do not like politics. I guess is helps that there is an alien invasion going on. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is just so charming. I want to shorten her name, but MEW looks weird, and makes me giggle.


Still getting a kick out of this quirky little alien invasion. Oh, I liked the chess player that reads a lot too. His little "uh oh" gave me a laugh.

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 I've seen the first three episodes and I enjoy it. My favorite part of the show is that you know someone has been infected by the bugs if they start listening to The Cars You Might Think.

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I love how they're using the Cars! What's amazing is that it's not getting annoying, they keep teasing with going full montage and then cutting to credits at the last second.

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Tony Shaloub really has a juicy acting job here. First he gets to play a tongue-in-cheek southern lush. then gets to play that part as an alien-controlled lush (I think the ants kinda enjoy the effects of alcohol)

and what was that mess that came out of his ear in the first episode?

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His brain

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yucky. Tho, surely we need more scientific background information  before, ya know.. oh, hell with it---everybody for themselves!!!..

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What a great year for Mary Elizabeth Winstead in projects that require her to use her "WHAT THE FUCK...?" face so prominently!


Fun show.

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 I thought the latest episode was the best so far because it was the weirdest. My favorite part was Red and Wheatus uncoordinated running.

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I loved the NPR nut!



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Which day of the week does the next episode drop on Amazon?
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Originally Posted by mcnooj82 View Post

I loved the NPR nut!




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Originally Posted by Turingmachine75 View Post

Which day of the week does the next episode drop on Amazon?

I thought it was Fridays, but it never showed up, so I just watched it on CBS's stupid website.


The plot, it thickens!  This was a good one. I can't believe that girl did that. I guess to protect the hive.


Also, I guess Mr FBI got got, right? I was wondering how they would work out either Garrret or Anthony for Laurel.


Red scared me when he told uh, whathisname "you are dead. No, really. Dead."

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Tonight on Braindead: The Americans
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Thank you for the brass knuckles.
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Haha, yeah that was good. Also, oh noes!

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I got a bit annoyed with the way this show takes quirky new characters and quickly turns them into robots. We didn't see enough of character actress Margo Martindale pre-Body Snatchery.I felt the same about Tony Shalhoub in the first episode, although he's so shit-hot he's still tons of fun regardless.

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I agree, the show got her bugged really fast.  And she had enough character that I would've liked to see more of her helping with the investigation.


But in general, this show feels like it's moving fairly quickly in terms of burning through plot elements.

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Just catching up on the new episode. Laurel's exorcism was fucking amazing.
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This show is unexpectedly nice. 

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I agree! Got to love a show that portrays drinking and fucking and dancing and singing as being human and healthy.
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All at the same time even!

So, did we learn that this extreme bipartisanship is all an act? "We know what you're doing." Not sure how I feel about that . . . the idea that there's this Body Snachers scenario playing out without the whole 'hivemind' thing was interesting.

I was thinking that You Might Think was the first instance of 'art' that the bugs experienced, maybe from the guys on the boat, and it just became, like, their favorite thing ever.
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The show keeps getting better. While Red is a villain, I can't help but admire his cleverness.


A War on Death did crack me up.

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Yeah, that first scene was amazing. Her friend was quite scary.


I think the infected folks, Red and the lady (forgot her name) are working together, but are sneaky about it, can't look like they are I guess.


Gustav is so good.

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I was a bit leery of the way the last episode before the recent one had Winstead not doing exactly what Gustav told her to do, considering the fact that she's supposed to be taking this stuff fairly seriously and be anxious about her safety.  Especially after having to BRASS KNUCKLE a guy!


BUT... it did lead to the wonderful opening of this episode.


I'm really enjoying how this show isn't playing around with the way the plot is developing.  It doesn't feel like it's stretching things out. 

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Originally Posted by Glisten View Post

Just catching up on the new episode. Laurel's exorcism was fucking amazing.


So to speak.

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I'm really enjoying this show. I hope enough people are watching.


Anyone go back through the first episodes to see if the symptoms have been consistent? I didn't initially recall the Bugged having balance problems or favoring one ear.


Re: Red and Ella: They're definitely working together, but I think the show is establishing that folks who get bugged through the left ear turn right-wing, and the ones who get it in the right swerve left.

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I've rewatched the first few and didn't see it.
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That was a surprisingly tense and creepy episode that ended with a lot of laughs when it got REAL Strangelovey!

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This keeps getting better. I love it.

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Kurt Fuller should be in everything.

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Oh man, that was kinda tense.


I just love Gustav and dammit, I can't remember the female doctor's name, but I love her too!


I wonder if they are starting to show the bugs having misgivings if they are in someone like your father, who would definitely use the emotional side of the brain for their kid. I love this show.

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I love how they brought the A and B plots together. And yes, Tony Shalhoub going full Strangelove was a treat.
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That whole thing with Shalhoub's intern was so creepy.

The bug coming out to lay some more eggs.... SHUDDER!

Yeah Kurt Fuller was great in this. I wonder if they'll bring his character back?
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Creepiest moment:


"How many of you are infected?"


"Just me. That's the beauty of it."

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Yeah, that was really the crux of the creepiness.  THE MACHINE!

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I laughed my head off when they where making the senators raise their hands and walk into walls, but I was also scared for Laurel. Another great episode.

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It took me far longer than necessary to recognize Crazy Ex's Santino Fontana as Kevin the prisoner.


Really interested to see where the story goes with Lauren's dad. He's playing a much subtler game than the other bugs.

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Zach Grenier was so good in this.

The stuff with Kevin was an odd distraction that didn't really go anywhere (for now) and kinda distracted from the good Grenier stuff.
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"This is what a baby Harp seal looks like before its head explodes."

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Man, I am loving this show. Kevin is on My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  That my only contribution to this one. No wait, something I learned from another site was that Tony Shaloub's wife was on this one, Brooke Adams, Senator in charge of that committee they were running tonight. Also of note: she was in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Heh.

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 While showing clips of a war torn Syria and saying the CIA told us shocking things is a vile thing to do, I do have to give the bugs credit for being clever. I can't hate Wheatus because he is having so much fun.

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Wheatus' fun level reaches new and disturbing heights this week.


Also, good job celebrity cameo!

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That whole joke killed.


And where his fantasies somewhat modeled after Tom Cruise's in Eyes Wide Shut, especially the first one, or am I mistaken? 

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