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In the B-League I went from 0-4 to 7-6 and a spot in the playoffs. WAY TO GO, MEEEEEE!!!!

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Holy shit. I take that back. I ended up winning my B League game by 1 point. Or rather, 1.02 points. 1-3 this week. Whoopee!

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Cornhole Canyon will rise again!  Eat it 2 Gurleys!  I did make the playoffs in all of my money leagues and the A-league though.  All is not lost.

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2 Gurleys -- that's pretty great.


My current team name is "R. Kelly Will Piss On You", and this is my logo:


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2 Gurleys 1 Cup in fact.  

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Thanks a lot Roethlisberger, you useless piece of crap
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Carr and Crabtree pretty much killed my playoff hopes with that turd on Thurdsday night, so I'm done for the year.

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It fucking figures that I am completely kicking ass in the league where I'm 4-9. Awesome.

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Hey we are back!

I won my money league playoff game by .14 or 4 fp. NFL.Com can't make up their mind which. But I'm in the championship game either way so I'm in the money. Strangely enough, the finals are the same teams as last year in this league.
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The guy I played in the money league championship had Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Shady McCoy, and the Packers D.


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I had Aaron Rodgers in the semifinals of my work league, but he had Jordy Nelson. I had Jay Ajayi and he had David Johnson. It's coming down to the wire - he has Dallas' kicker and a two-point lead, I have Spencer Ware. Come on Chefs!

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I am now 30 FP down with the Chiefs D left. If I had played my "perfect" line up I would still be down by 18. But I still get money. And a hell of an ending in the Steelers game.


And irony of ironies, had I ended up playing the other guy that was the #1 seed (which I was afraid would happen), I would have beaten him this week.

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My dad is in my league's championship. He was down by 30, but has Kansas City's D/ST, Travis Kelce and Dak Prescott left to play, and the other person is tapped out. I think he's going to win by the skin of his teeth.


And here I am wondering where the fuck five-touchdown Aaron Rodgers was a few weeks ago when I needed half a point more to get into the playoffs.

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Hell between KCs D and Kelce's night that should be close to 30 right there.
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Yeah, he's now 3 points ahead. Unless Prescott somehow gets -4 points tonight, he wins.
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Final tallies:






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Looks like I will have to settle for 2nd in the A-League.  At least I was so thoroughly destroyed that nothing from my bench would have helped. 

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