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something is fucked about all this

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Speaking of glitches, does anyone else have the worst time with the NBA app and Specifically trying to scroll through a given night's scores or schedule? Abhorrent.

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Hey the NBA actually wrote me back. We need a laughing while crying emojii for this one.


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Didn't Steve Francis play long enough to avoid swiping jewelry from parked cars?

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This game has been so fun.

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Pacers are up on Klay Thompson 50-40 at the half. Klay better get his act together if he wants to chip away at that lead.

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Wow, Clips/ Warriors tonite. Exciting!

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Warriors to coast to their 7th straight win over the Clips.

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Yep, coast.

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I love that the nights the games themselves are the most boring, "Inside the NBA" is at its craziest and most fun.

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Leadership: CP3 20 pts/ 20 dimes/ no TO


First player to do that.

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The Anderson's got tickets to the game? How did they get tickets?????

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Rest in Paradise, Craig Sager.


The swag will never die.

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The only celebrity passing to really affect me in a meaningful way this year. 

Such a loss.

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I've loved this season so far and can't wait for the Christmas games. 


Favorite part? Giannis.


23.4 PPG (15th)
9.0 RPG (17th)
5.8 APG (21st)
2.2 SPG (4th)
1.9 BPG (7th)


Will very possibly be the first player ever to be top 20 in the five major statistical categories.


At the age of 21.

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Beaks: "If you like the 2016 Warriors, here are a couple more things you might like: 1) watching a CEO get his bonus 2) a BMW escaping a hit & run"

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Or the showtime Lakers, or the old Celtic teams, or...

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Mavs won a game on national TV!

What a time to be alive.

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Good thing the Mavs took that one last night, because tonight...

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Prepare to be shocked and amazed!!

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Bogut was a convenient scratch their first trip to Oakland. He better not pull any of that business tonight.

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Bogut is pretty washed. He's also a Pizzagate guy. 

Hope we can flip him for a pick.

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I still got James Harden for MVP

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Charles Barkley Claims The NBA Is ‘The Worst It’s Ever Been’


"If you look at the NBA now, it’s the worst it’s ever been, in my opinion. Everybody want to use analytics, everybody want to shoot threes. Threes are great if you have a Steph Curry, a Klay Thompson, guys like that … But now, if you look around the NBA, everybody is trying to go small. We got a bunch of guys shooting threes who are not good shooters. Now we’re trying to to relegate the big man out of the game.


If you look at the big picture — and this ain’t no ‘old guy hating on the young guys’ — the NBA is the worst it’s ever been, top to bottom. We got one or two, three or four good teams, and the rest of the teams stink."

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I think he's clearly wrong, but I am at the same time concerned by the increasing reliance on the 3-point shot. It will have to be addressed at some point. And he's right about the parity, it seems like even the second-tier teams - where I usually find endless entertainment - are just not competitive on a real meaningful level.


Also, IT is a bad dude.

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This dunk is as ridiculous as I think it is, right?

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BEARDFORCE with the 53-17-16 statline.


That's pretty good I think.

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I hope NBATV replays it. I would've gone bananas if i'd been watching.

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Originally Posted by Fat Elvis View Post

I hope NBATV replays it. I would've gone bananas if i'd been watching.


They're running it right now

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Unexpected: HOU and PHI fielding two Top 5 uni colorways. Those black-on-black ROX jerseys are stupid nice, and the PHILA with the Stars are instant classics.

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Yo, Z: I think Thursday TNT has Rox vs OKC! I haven't been so excited about a match up in a while.

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I will be there

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Can't believe BEARDFORCE was the first to do it. You'd think Wilt for sure. Even maybe MJ.

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That was a really good game too

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Yo, Z: I caught the game! I basically DVR'd NBATV's whole day hoping it would show up, and it did.


Rockets were lethargic 1st quarter, so BEARDFORCE's numbers kind of snuck up me. But in second quarter he was in the zone. It was beautiful. He had this one little juke, man I jumped off the couch!


Lucas interviewed during the game said we haven't seen anything like him since Magic. However, this season he's playing like I imagine the Big O.

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Jordan had 30 50-point+ games.


I mean, you know on some level it had to be a lot. But goddamn.

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Giannis is the future.

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Gonna turn up for this one

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Korver to the Cavs?


Man at some point this shit gotta stop. Two super-ultra squads is fun and all but I mean at some point the League has to recognize, wait shit there's also a bunch of other fucking teams. 




*Mo Williams and a fake-ass 1st for Korver 


My wholly unsubstantiated take on this: LeBron is using his position as VP of the Players Association to swing some quid pro quo trades, and this thing is gonna blow up.

This honestly seems like it might be a bit too brazen.

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Hopefully Korver will eat into Richard Jefferson's minutes. Tired of seeing him on the court, tell ya that.

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Harden: Still not clutch.

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I got a feeling that the Grizz take one off the Dubs tonight.


Also: GIANNIS!!!!

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I'm really excited for Three Six Latvia-Greek Freak duel. Hopefully these will be happening in the playoffs soon enough.

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Yo this matchup is fucken flames, B

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Giannis has been a force. Monroe looks much better than usual as well. It seems he has finally found a role for them.

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