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Originally Posted by bob loblaw View Post


Boston/Cleveland opening night.  Yes please.


D.Rose has looked really good in the preseason.


Like really, really good.

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Some good points made here. Most notably, yeah, only one guy can have the ball at a time. But a defender can only guard one guy at a time. So if your teams best backcourt defender is on Harden, who is guarding Paul? And vice versa.

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"Nuggets will retire Fat Lever's #12 jersey during 50th anniversary season Most underrated triple-double threat ever:"






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19-8-8 is fucking ridiculous.


And this dude aint even fat!

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Well that sucks.

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Cleveland's not making the playoffs this year are they?
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Also that would be hilarious.

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I was drunk when I wrote that last night. Charlotte took the lead and I over reacted. I'm sure Cleveland will be fine.
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Drunk hoops is the best.

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