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ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Casting Draft: Lists

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Lists go here. Keep them up to date for the brackets at the end of the draft.

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Official Synopsis:

2037: An era of civil unrest, the violent crime rate having risen four hundred percent years earlier. In a controversial safety measure, the President of the United States (Academy Award nominee ALEC BALDWIN, "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation") establishes the Manhattan Maximum Security Penitentiary, a lawless, unsafe playground for the nation's convicts that was once the prosperous New York City borough. When Air Force One is hijacked, the President is abandoned on the island, which is controlled by the omnipresent Duke of New York (CHOW YUN-FAT, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon").


Bob Hauk (Academy Award nominee and Emmy winner BRYAN CRANSTON, "Trumbo"), New York police commissioner and warden of the prison, recruits World War III veteran turned criminal Snake Plissken (DAN STEVENS, "Beauty and the Beast") on a dangerous redemption mission to save the President from the walls of Manhattan. From there, he is assisted by Cabbie (Emmy winner JOHN GOODMAN, "10 Cloverfield Lane"), a proud taxi driver who refused to leave his city; Brain (Academy Award nominee DON CHEADLE, "Captain America: Civil War"), Snake's ex-partner and an advisor to the Duke; and Maggie (Golden Globe nominee EVA GREEN, "Penny Dreadful"), Brain's lover. Snake must rescue the President from Manhattan in 24 hours. Should he succeed, he will be pardoned of his crimes... or die trying.


Imogen Poots ("Green Room"), Isiah Whitlock Jr. ("The Wire"), Macon Blair ("Green Room"), and Steven Ogg ("The Walking Dead") co-star in this hard-hitting remake of John Carpenter's iconic 1981 science fiction film. "Escape from New York" is directed by Jeremy Saulnier ("Green Room") from a screenplay by Taylor Sheridan ("Sicario"), based on the 1981 screenplay by Carpenter and Nick Castle. Carpenter serves as executive producer and will provide a new score.


"Escape from New York" is set for an August 17, 2018 release from 20th Century Fox.

Snake Plissken - Dan Stevens


Bob Hauk - Bryan Cranston


Cabbie - John Goodman


The President - Alec Baldwin


The Duke - Chow Yun-Fat


Special Appearance by

Imogen Poots


Girl in TGI Friday's


Rehme - Isiah Whitlock Jr.


Secretary of State - Macon Blair


Don Cheadle





Eva Green

as Maggie


Romero - Steven Ogg


Slag - Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino



Music by John Carpenter

Executive Producer - John Carpenter

Based on the screenplay by John Carpenter & Nick Castle

Screenplay by Taylor Sheridan

Directed by Jeremy Saulnier

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After voting irregularities in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania secured Donald Trump the 2016 presidential election, crime rose 400% in the United States.  Trump used the chaos to declare martial law.  Then, in a bold gambit, BFF's Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin declared themselves emperors of their respective countries, and each used the threat of mutally assured destruction to back the other's claim.

Some months later, Putin was found dead.  Having been mysteriously stabbed 33 times by uranium tipped daggers.  Realizing the jig might soon be up, Trump operative John Miller called in a dirty bomb threat to the police in Manhattan, and then the military was ordered to evacuate the island.  Finally, using excess material and laborers originally assigned to his failed "Wall of America" project, Trump quickly had them build a barrier around Manhattan; saying no one was allowed in until the area was deemed secure.  The wall was then surrounded by mines originally meant for Mexican immigrants.

The country's outrage grew.  Before Emperor Trump could be forcibly removed from power, he took his family and sequestered them in the World Trump Towers.  With thousands of armed loyalists still under his command threatening to shoot down any plane that entered their airspace, and an allegedly operational suitcase nuke chained to his right hand, Trump declared Manhattan was now off limits to the United States.  It was now TRUMP YORK...

25 years have passed.  Trump and his family have since perished, or are presumed dead.  What was once a thriving metropolis has been reduced to a wasteland, which the United States government uses as a maximum security prison to dump its most violent criminals.  Inside, it is run by gangs who fight over necessities like food and gas; the most powerful of which is headed by a mysterious man known only as... The Baron.



Timothy Olyphant as Snake Plissken


Steve Buscemi as Cabbie


J.K. Simmons as Hauk


Carla Gugino as Maggie


Rami Malek as Romero


Jeremy Davies as Brain




Christian Bale as The Baron of Trump York


and Norman Lloyd as President Bernie Sanders



Alison Lohman as The Girl in Chock Full o' Nuts

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2027: New York City is a walled maximum security prison. Breaking out is impossible.

Breaking in is insane.


Directed by Kathryn Bigelow

1. Tom Hardy as Snake Plissken

2. Stephen Root as Cabbie

3. Walton Goggins as Brain

4. Common as The Duke of New York

5. Noomi Rapace as Maggie

6. Scott Glenn as Hauk

7. Jared Harris as The President of the United States

8. Dane DeHaan as Romero

9. Charlotte Riley as The Girl at the Chock Full o' Nuts

Bonus: Rory McCann as Slag

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Keanu Reeves as "S.D. PLISSKEN"



Tommy Lee Jones as "HAUK"



Joe Pesci as "CABBIE"






Michael Pitt as "ROMERO"



Jeffrey Wright as "BRAIN"



Naomie Harris as "MAGGIE"



with Martin Sheen as "THE PRESIDENT"



and Maika Monroe as "COMPUTER VOICE / NARRATOR"


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Samuel L. Bronkowitz presents:



Picture credit to Rob Hughes


Snake Plissken: Zac Efron

'Breaking the Law'

'You've Got Another Thing Coming'

'Take Me With You' (duet with Chock Full 'O Nuts lady)

'Some Heads Are Gonna Roll'

'Screaming for Vengeance'


The Duke of New York: Idris Elba


'A Number One' (duet with the President, new song added for Oscar consideration)


Bob Hauk: Russell Crowe

'Another One Bites the Dust'

'Hammer to Fall'


The President: Kevin Spacey

'Land of Confusion'

'A Number One' (duet with the Duke, new song added for Oscar consideration)


Brain: Ryan Gosling

'She Blinded Me with Science!'



Maggie: Scarlett Johansson

'The Warrior'

'Goodbye to You'


Cabbie: Meat Loaf

'You Can Still Rock in America'

'You Can Still Rock in America' (reprise, End Credits)


Romero: Adam Lambert

'Mean Street'

'Atomic Punk'


Chock Full O' Nute Lady: Alecia Moore/Pink

'Take Me With You' (duet with Snake Plissken)

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"Escap3 From New York: Plissken Lives."

This Christmas, call me Snake.

Oscar Isaac as S.D. Bob "Snake" Plissken.

Dwayne Johnson as the Duke of New York.

John Cho as Brain.

Morena Baccarin as Maggie.

Eddie Pepitone as Cabbie.

Harry Lennix as Hauk.

Jeffrey Tambor as POTUS.

Doug Jones as Romero.

Amy Schumer as Chock Full O' Nuts Girl.
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Norman Reedus as Snake Plissken


Bruce Willis as Hauk



Woody Harrelson as Brain


Kat Dennings as Maggie


Wayne Knight as Cabbie


DMX as the Duke



Patrick Stewart as The President



Clint Howard as Romero



Aubrey Plaza as the Chock Full of Nuts Girl



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Michelle Rodriguez as Snake Plissken


Linda Hamilton as Hauk


Jennifer Jason Leigh as Brain


Salma Hayek as The Duchess of New York


Anthony Mackie as Matty


Carol Kane as Cabbie


Miranda Richardson as The President


Jena Malone as Romero


Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Chock Full o'Nuts Guy

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ESCAPE FROM the NEW YORK City Melting Pot




Michael Kenneth Williams as Snake Plissken



Stephen Lang as Hauk



Javier Bardem as The Duke of New York



Maggie Q as Maggie



Joe Pantoliano as Cabbie



Tom Wilkinson as The President



Michael Stuhlbarg as Brain



Noel Fielding as Romero



Laverne Cox as the Chock Full O' Nuts Girl



Bonus:  Cabbie's Cassette:


Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

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J O H N   C A R P E N T E R   P R E S E N T S

A   F I L M   B Y   P A U L   V E R H O E V E N




Starring... Chris Evans as "SNAKE PLISSKEN"



Samuel L. Jackson as "THE DUKE OF NEW YORK"



Sigourney Weaver as "BARB HAUK"



Sharlto Copley as "BRAIN"



Christina Hendricks as "MAGGIE"



Sean Harris as "ROMERO"



Dean Norris as "REHME"



with Danny Glover as "CABBIE"






Special Appearances by Robert Maillet as Slag, Jenny Slate as the Girl in the Chock full o'Nuts and Wham!'s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go as Cabbie's song.



Warning: Long-ass write-up! (Click to show)

Still riding high off the success of Mad Max: Fury Road, Warner Bros. approaches cult filmmaker and legend John Carpenter with the idea of pulling him out of his semi-retirement and making a genre blockbuster in the vein of his classic 80s outpout. The director is interested but turns them down, citing that "his time of directing films had passed" and that his desire now was to focus on music. The company insists with the offer, assuring him full creative control and a $90 million budget. Realizing he has the opportunity to think big and make a personal movie (something that he hadn't been able to do in a long time) Carpenter changes his mind and accepts; he still prefers to step out of the director chair but oversees the whole project. Looking for inspiration he starts doing some digging and finds an unproduced sci-fi/action script set in a dystopian future he had written alongside Nick Castle back in the day, named Escape from New York. After re-reading it and falling in love with it again he pitches the concept to Warner Bros. who agree to produce it immediately, especially since its retrofuturistic themes fit perfectly with the recent 80s-throwback trend in film.


The project begins to shape up but Carpenter still needs a director to complement his vision, stating that the only proper way to make it is "with a true auteur in the helm". He meets up personally with another genre film icon, Paul Verhoeven, and convinces him to return to Hollywood to develop the film with him, with the Dutch filmmaker assuming directing duties as well as bringing his old collaborator Ed Neumeier to revise the script alongside Carpenter himself. Although the screenplay's setting is changed from 1997 to 2037 both Verhoeven and Neumeier decide against of contemporising it for a modern audience, prefering to update the script's grim tone by injecting satire and off-the-wall humor in the style of the Dutchman's own RoboCop and Starship Troopers and pumping the action in a more manic and visceral way, taking major inspiration from the Mad Max saga. British artist Brendan McCarthy works on the concept art and design, citing The Warriors, 2000 AD comic books and 70s exploitation films as further stylistic influences. Carpenter looks forward to compose the film's score but prefers to do it with a collaborator, arguing that Verhoeven's direction needs something louder and more epic in scale than his classic minimalist music. Thinking big and seizing the opportunity to collaborate with artists he admires, he gets in touch with french electronic duo Daft Punk, who declare themselves fans of the filmmaker and accept to work with him without doubt. Jonathan Sela (director of photography), Jon Harris (editor), Ondrej Nekvasil (production design) and VFX company Iloura round up the crew.


Chris Evans nabs the main role of Snake Plissken, an eye-patched mercenary inspired by Leone's Man with No Name character. Looking to distance himself from his Captain America role, Evans jumps at the chance to play an anti-hero. Genre movie legend Sigourney Weaver is picked personally by Carpenter to play Manhattan's warden Hauk. The character (originally written as a man) is changed by the filmmakers just to have her in the film. Evans' MCU co-star Samuel L. Jackson is cast as The Duke of New York, a Blaxploitation-type crime boss, with Carpenter simply stating that "Sam Jackson kicks ass". Bill Pullman signs to play the weaselly President as a riff on his Independence Day character while Danny Glover is chosen to play the unnamed taxie driver who acts as Snake's travel guide. Rounding up the cast are District 9 star Sharlto Copley and Drive's Christina Hendricks, playing Snake's former associate Brain and his squeeze Maggie respectively whereas Sean Harris and Verhoeven regular Dean Norris are featured in minor roles. Wrestler-turned-actor Robert Maillet and Evans' couple Jenny Slate appear in cameo form.


Escape from New York opens to rave reviews (including a lengthy standing ovation at Cannes) with critics praising it as a triumphant return to Hollywood for both Paul Verhoeven and John Carpenter and highlighting the energetic direction, visual aesthetic, action sequences and synth-heavy soundtrack. The audience that enjoyed Mad Max: Fury Road years earlier flocks to see it, eager for another exhilarating R-rated action extravaganza, resulting on a box office success that opens the possibilities for a sequel. Despite the roaring response it gets notably ignored in the big categories at the awards season, although Carpenter and Daft Punk win the Academy Award for Best Original Score and Verhoeven lands a deserving first Oscar nomination for Best Director.



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                                                                                                                 Scott Eastwood as Snake Plissken




                                                                                                                        Michael Biehn as Hauk




                                                                                                                           Louis CK as Cabbie


                                                                                                    CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v80), quality = 85


                                                                                                               Richard Dreyfuss as The President




                                                                                                                 Wesley Snipes as The Duke




                                                                                                                         Mark Sheppard as Brain


                                                                                                     CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90


                                                                                                                         Aantje Traue as Maggie



                                                                                                                       Kim Coates as Romero 




                                                                                                              Tatiana Maslany As Chock full o'nuts girl




                                                                                                                      BONUS:Brock Lesnar as Slag


                                                                                               Handmade Software, Inc. Image Alchemy v1.14

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A Fat Elvis Production: ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK


Kurt Russell as Hauk


Winona Ryder as Maggie


Channing Tatum as S.D. Bob "Snake" Plissken


Nicolas Cage as Brain


Bill Skarsgård as Romero


Eric Roberts as the President of the United States.


50 Cent as The Duke of New York


Special Appearance by Blake Lively as Chock full o'Nuts Girl


And James Belushi as Cabbie


Bonus: Cabbie's Cassette: Prince "D.M.S.R."

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Escape From New York


brought to you by the letters J, H and P.



1. Snake Plissken - Nicolaj Costa-Waldau


He's got the charm, the devil may care strut, the steely eye and the cynical attitude. He's basically played a contemptuous and nihilistic badass in Game of Thrones and a man with an eye patch in Gods of Egypt. Besides, Plissken is clearly a central European name.


2. The Duke of New York - Ice-T


OG himself. Let's insist he goes broad, not the mealy mouthed actor on procedurals...I want to see Body Count, mutha fucka. Not a NY gangsta, you say? Isaac Hayes was born in Covington, Tennessee.


3. Brain - Sam Rockwell

Funny, smart, insecure..he could play a blowhard who has found his level in his sleep. And tell me you couldn't see him being the kind of guy who might have palled up with a Lannister.  


4. Cabbie - John C Reilly

His rumpled simplicity would make him the heart of the film, just like his erstwhile predecessor. 


5. Maggie - Rosario Dawson.

It's really hard to think of actresses nowadays who have a certain hard worn quality as well as both vulnerability and steel. Rosario can be luminous one minute, earthy the next. A wounded bird on the one hand, a badass on the other. You could totally see her and Rockwell, right?  


6. Hauk - Liam Neeson

A believable badass with quiet spoken menace. More than enough man to go toe to toe with Plissken.

7. The President - John Malkovich

Escape's President has to be a superficially authoritative figure with sociopathic paranoia lurking beneath the surface. Yeah, I think the Malkovich can handle that.

8. Romero - Macauley Culkin

Former child star gone to seed. Is he a douche? Is he a free spirit? Who knows? Who cares? He's the Duke's Little Bo Peep now.

9. ?
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CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 100

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Antony Starr as Snake Plissken




Mel Gibson as Hauk




Bokeem Woodbine as The Duke




Danny DeVito as Cabbie




James Woods as The President




John Turturro as Brain




Adrianne Palicki as Maggie




Clifton Collins Jr. as Romero




Yayan Ruhian as Slag




Bonus: Harry Dean Stanton as Drunk


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Escape From New York



Snake Plissken: Mark Wahlberg




Hauk: Clint Eastwood




Brain: Adrien Brody




Maggie: Eliza Dushku




Cabbie: Robert de Niro




The Duke: Christopher Walken




The President: Matt Lucas




Girl at Chock Full o' Nuts: Chloe Grace Moretz


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From director Ryan Coogler
Annapurna Pictures presents:





From the Wiki:


Combining the social consciousness of Fruitvale Station with the populist storytelling of Creed, Ryan Coogler's remake of John Carpenter's Escape From New York uses the original as a jumping off point for a furious, pitch black satire of race in American culture, with a specific focus on the disproportionate incarceration rates of black males. Coogler invisions a future America ripped even farther apart along racial divide, with the entirety of Manhattan turned into a dumping ground for any people of color deemed the least bit threatening, while White America, as represented by a terrified, ineffectual bureaucrat of a President, cowers in fear and guilt. The protagonist, an outsize superhero cartoon named Snake Plissken, is forced to help uphold the balance of authoritarian power by rescuing the very symbol of White Oppression and Privilege. The result is a heightened, subversive SciFi Action picture in the vein of Paul Verhoeven's best. 



Snake Plissken: Michael B Jordan


Hauk: Bill Paxton


Cabbie: Forest Whitaker


Brain: Wood Harris


Maggie: Paula Patton


The Duke: Mike Colter


Romero: Barkhad Abdi


Tessa Thompson as the Chock Full O Nuts Girl


and as The President: Brian Dennehy

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          Escape from New York - 2017




                         Ed Harris as HAUK                                                         Wyatt Russell as SNAKE                                                 Richard Jenkins as CABBIE        


JPEG Pro                    


                  Michael Keaton as BRAIN                                                 Christina Ricci as MAGGIE                                                   Will Smith as THE DUKE




             Timothy Spall as THE PRESIDENT                                 Olivia Thirlby as CHOCK FULL o'NUTS                                           Toby Kebbell as ROMERO



Edited by JustAncient - 8/5/16 at 5:48pm
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E S C A P E    F R O M    N E W    Y O R K


Josh Holloway as Snake


Keith Carradine as Hauk


Ron Perlman as Cabbie


John Lithgow as The President


Burn Gorman as Romero


Lance Reddick as The Duke


Famke Janssen as Maggie


Elias Koteas as Brain


Mackenzie Davis as Chock Full o' Nuts Girl



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