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Triumph’s Summer Election Special 2016 (Hulu)

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This is a follow-up to the February one focusing on the conventions, and it's coming August 11.

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Yeah, really looking forward to this.


"When you watch the movie Philadelphia, do you cheer for the AIDS?"

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This thing is pure gold.


"It's very difficult to breastfeed if your father is trying to videotape it."


"They shoot lions in Africa. They were trying to shoot the natives, but they have really bad aim."


"Every abortion package will come with 25 chips and a free shake at Johnny Rockets"


And that focus group session is simultaneously hilarious, fascinating, and utterly horrifying. Smigel really needs to do one of these every few months. Triumph makes everything better

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Oh wow...just now heard of this.  I know what I need to watch tonight!

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My son of all people got me to watch the one earlier this year. I introduced him to Triumph last year with the Star Wars and Dog Show specials.

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That's the closest thing a parent can get to proof that they raised their kid right.


I love how frayed and crummy Triumph's gold bowtie is looking at this point.  Would not surprise me in the least if it was the 1997 original.


Yeah, this was great.  I give it an edge over the previous one, which sagged a bit in the middle with the panel stuff.  Hour long turns out to be the perfect length.  Apparently there was enough leftover footage to give Smigel a headstart on what he hopes will be a third special before the election.

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Yeah saw a special "bonus episode" mentioned on Triumph's twitter, should be good. Hopefully there will be a bit more with the Bernie or Bust people.


"She says she's a woman, and I wanna take her at her word, but have we seen her whatever?"


Smigel's impression is so good, one of the best ever maybe. The dunk tank bit is brilliant too ("Lady, I would make out with you but I'm not allowed to touch pork!", "I thought MY wrist was limp!"). If there is any sagginess here, it is around the Benjamin Franklin stuff, though even that is pretty entertaining.


Lots of comedians covered the RNC this year, but nothing has made me laugh as hard as when Triumph is about to get thrown out and tells them he is there under "the Hulu auspices".

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Ooh ooh one more!


"you look like Conan storing cashews for the winter"

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Hope Triumph is a guest on Conan to hawk his work when the show comes back from hiatus.  It would be worth it just to hear Richter announce him as an "Emmy-nominated satirist."  I believe his last appearance was promoting the ill-fated Jack and Triumph Show.



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Apparently they put out a third and fourth special, each only thirty minutes.  I've only been watching what's made it to Youtube, but that's okay because it includes Triumph's interview with Gary Johnson:



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