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Lucia felt like a character type like Jill Masterson, Solange, Fields, and Severine, who all briefly show up but get killed for helping Bond. The only difference is that Bond actually saved her this time, but we still never see her again.
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And just say that Madeline went back to Doctors Without Borders.


Or something.

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The Christopher Nolan rumors are popping up again.  Of all the names that have been mentioned as possible directors for 25, he's far and away the choice that interests me the most.

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I would be pleased with that outcome.
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Cue the bitching.

I mean.....not Belloq and Bradito. Y'all get it. But the bellyachers will be swooping in any time now..
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Nolan to direct?

I'll allow it.
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Nolan to direct and not write?



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Zimmer doing a Bond score?

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Make it so.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Stockslivevan View Post

Zimmer doing a Bond score?

Oh god yes. I didn't even think about that..
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Nolan has the film making chops and can direct actors. Pair him with a strong Assistant Director (NEIL MARSHALL), a good script writer who can channel but not bow down to Ian Fleming, and a strong producer, and we'd see what CHUD's Mr. Saxon would call a "crackerjack Bond film!".

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If Nolan gets the gig, I'm curious to what extent he's conceding. He doesn't use second unit, but that's a big part of the Bond series and he knows it well.
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I'm okay with Nolan directing a Bond film if they get someone else to direct the fight scenes and someone else to dictate Average Shot Length.

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If it is Nolan, then Warner Brothers won that bidding war. Dude is loyal to the studio.

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Bond film sets have a tradition of fine catering, but Nolan insists on serving only porridge and beans. It could never work.
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So it's probably all smoke and mirrors but the intensity of the plethora of "Nolan close to signing on for this" rumors has really picked up in the last 48 hours or so. 


An announcement concerning the director is supposed to hit in the first few weeks of 2018. Guess we'll know for sure pretty soon, one way or the other.

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Well that would suit me just fine...
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Of course, now there's a 99% chance we'll get a completely different director and everyone will be disappointed. 



Originally Posted by Cylon Baby View Post

we'd see what CHUD's Mr. Saxon would call a "crackerjack Bond film!".


It's like you can see into my mind!

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