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I meant more with regard to comfort. Like how The Office, Community and Parks & Rec didn't get settled in until their second seasons.

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I think this show has been clicking since episode 1, no settling-in required.

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Ok. Well, clearly I'm doing a poor job of making my point. Time to piss off for while. Peace.

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Sorry, I didn't mean to be blunt or dismissive.


I can see where a conventional sitcom could just go on working with "we're in the afterlife and it's weird" for years, and I hope The Good Place never settles for that. As others have pointed out, this show burns through a season's worth of stories every other week. One could see that as a waste of material, or a saving of time.

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My god, give Danson the Emmy for Michael's reaction to the concept of his mortality.

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"It's Chinese, for 'Japan'." 

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I was going to comment in this thread, but I need to do some pushups.

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Reading this thread from the beginning is a lot like rewatching the first season while knowing the twist: hilarious and boy, did all of us come around to this forking great show!
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By far the greatest moment of the first season is when Janet is still rebooting and trying to find Eleanor's file to give to Michael. When he asks her if she indeed has the file behind her back and not a cactus, and that magnificent woman produces that cactus with the happiest, proudest look on her face, I died. And I went to A Good Place where I have a Janet of my very own. I love this show

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"I may be the most advanced Janet ever..."


*proceeds to rub belly and pat head happily*

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I wrote a high school term on paper on Kierkegaard.  When I visited Copenhagen, I sought out his statue.

I would totally pay real money to see Chidi's 3-hour long rap musical about Kierkegaard.

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Every moment of Michael in this episode was pure gold, especially his reaction when Eleanor calls him out at the end of the ‘simulations’.

Also, ‘reverse tortures.’ Do you mean ‘presents’?
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“This is the dream!”
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Jason with the Pikachu balloon was just perfect.

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Nobody try the mystery flavor. It’s white chocolate and it’s disgusting.

*continues eating mystery flavor shrimp’
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"Who is this conversation for, exactly?"

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what do you bet that it dispenses 'lightly expired' shrimp. I mean this IS the bad place, right?

The dipping sauces are pretty gnarly. Can't read what the far right flavor is.

I love the cocktail glasses hanging on the sides of the machine.

Generally in life I try to avoid 'mystery' anything. Tho I like white chocolate,

I wouldn't pair it with shrimp.

And I LOVE shrimp, and actually don't dip in anything.

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It may be my San Francisco elitism, but I really wish the show had been able to use a real trolley instead of a "cable-car" bus.
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Danson is giving an all-time comedy performance on this show.

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It really says a lot about the strength of this ensemble when the ostensible main character of the show appears for all of one brief scene and it's still golden.

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The drop-ins from all the regulars were great. Especially Chidi with the needles.

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Danson does great comedy, but he had some solid moments of drama here, too. Him confessing that he can't kill Janet because she's his friend was so touching, and Danson nailed it. 

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Originally Posted by Doc Happenin View Post

Danson does great comedy, but he had some solid moments of drama here, too. Him confessing that he can't kill Janet because she's his friend was so touching, and Danson nailed it. 

Yeah, this show is leading me to reevaluate Ted Danson.  He's gone from "some actor in shows I don't watch" to "national treasure" in just a season and a half.

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He was on Jimmy Kimmel's chat show recently, and he was comfortable enuff to not wear any hair piece,which I'd always heard he wore--I just didn't realize how big it must be. His whole head is thinning big time. They do a great job with him on Good Place.

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I’d kill Ted Danson and take his hair. Oh boo hoo.

:: mumbles incoherently about own hair thinning at 18 ::
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Danson's thinning hair and his hairpiece was eventually addressed on CHEERS, which was huge because Sam's hair was always one of the features he was proudest of. I grew up a big fan of him on CHEERS, but like was mentioned above, I can't believe how good he is here, and how light-years away he is from anything I've seen him in before.

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I have a great head of hair. I'm pushing 40 so I know there will be a point when nature just decides that I don't need this much. I would be happy to have hair like Ted Danson when I'm 70.

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Well shit. This is off the air until next year. That's an annoying break for a 13 episode season.

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Oh shirt! Well that figures. And on a hell of a cliffhanger as well.
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Have they said when it comes back on?  are we talking january or, like, summer / fall  2018?

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I believe the announcement at the end of the credits said the beginning of next year.

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I love this show so goddam much.


An amazing confluence of a great premise with unique characters with elaborate ethical dilemmas and metaphysical hijinks and hilarious absurdism.


Derek is one of my favorite things to ever happen in the history of TV. I pray for his swift return.


And I sure hope this loooooong hiatus doesn't kill the momentum the show was building on social media.

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Calling these  'fall finale's  makes sense, if they only are short, beginning of next year short. Not in summer, or even in spring.

Everybody does it already, have for years. There's so much 'special' Holiday family fare and sporting events that fill the end of year prime time TV, the regular shows just go into slumber till it's played out.

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You guys are such wimps...


Back in my day, a network would air a show no more than two weeks in a row before skipping weeks, then bring the show back on a different night and time and end the season with a huge cliffhanger and not bother to tell you it was canceled until three months later when a new show about an angel saving people's lives with hugs airs in its place.


Yes, I'm still bitter about the original V: The Series!

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That news just made my day.

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Fork yeah!

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Binged season 1 last night and this afternoon. So much fun. I see all of season 2 is up on the website, gonna start that tomorrow.  I was spoiled on the "surprise" already, but you really could tell nothing was ever as it seemed right from the start, because you're never really sure what the playing field is.

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Also Mindy really really loves cocaine.

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Originally Posted by wasp View Post

Derek is one of my favorite things to ever happen in the history of TV. I pray for his swift return.


I got to Derek at about 2 a.m. last night, and scared my cat I was laughing so hard. So glad to see Jason Mantzoukas be able to use his crazy intensity in a non-asshole/psycho role. Though Janet is still my favorite thing on the show.


Kinda sad that I'm all caught up now, can't wait for more.

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The windchimes for genitals bit was batshit genius.

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