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Hmm apparently it's a competition built entirely around shows paying tribute to other shows, and you have to present a big themed hat at the end. I was wondering what that was all about. I had no idea such a thing existed.
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how odd!

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The Easter Bonnet is an annual Broadway theater tradition. It's part of a larger organization called Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, one of the longest-running AIDS charities. They do a number of these events each year, as well as collecting at shows a couple times a year. It's a great organization:

Also, I went to my first Broadway Flea Market this year (where theaters, companies, organizations basically sell overflow merch and collectables, with all the profits going to charity), and boy oh boy, if you thought comic cons were intense, that's nothing compared to theater kids trying to get that last bit of Tuck Everlasting swag on a Saturday!

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Hamilton's America is available on PBS now if you're able to access it.

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That tracklist does not disappoint:


except for jimmy fallon say what?

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Looking forward to it! My one problem with Hamilton songs just taken as songs is that the lyrics are so literal and plot specific you can't really take them out of context, I wonder if these versions will get around that.

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Originally Posted by Paul C View Post

Looking forward to it! My one problem with Hamilton songs just taken as songs is that the lyrics are so literal and plot specific you can't really take them out of context, I wonder if these versions will get around that.


I think there are some - Wait for It and Helpless being two that spring to mind - that you can, with a few alterations, pull out of the musical and do as stand-alone pop songs. But, I mean, there are a ton  of Broadway/pop standards that do this, or have been altered to stand alone, over the years. In some cases, the alterations stand. In others, you just sort of go with it and accept that the song is "out of context." 

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So two tracks are out. 


The version of "My Shot" with the Roots and Busta Rhymes is probably the best piece of pump-up music since the "Lord Knows/Fighting Stronger" mashup from Creed. 

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My wife got me into Broadway years ago. I have always like Lin's creativity! I did not see were crazy expensive! You can YouTube him and check out all of his works. In the Heights was supposedly really good as well.


his lyrics are so damn good as is his delivery.

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the busta part is so fucking good

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Looks like I'm seeing this on January 17th. 2018 that is!


I gave the Mixtape a few listens around the time it came out. It's enjoyable enough but has a definite 'bonus disc' vibe.


The hip hop tracks are all pretty solid, even if the connection to the show is both musically and lyrically tenuous on a couple of them. The covers are a mixed bag. Some of the balladry that I find quite affecting in the context of the story are just a bit drippy when they're given blockbuster production and sung by some pop star.


I'm also not sure how successful the attempts at de-Hamiltonising the songs are.


Say Yes To This has the right approach IMO, basically putting together a new set of lyrics inspired by the original. On some of the others they basically just remove the name "Hamilton", often in ways that don't make a whole lot of sense!


Like, Quiet Uptown isn't technically about Hamilton anymore, but the rest of the lyrics are unchanged. So now it's just a song about... some other person with a dead child who wants their wife to forgive them for something, and which changes from first to third person at random.


And Usher's version of Wait For It, though thankfully correcting the egregious lack of airhorn blasts on the original, doesn't make a whole lot of sense anymore! They keep the references to Theodosia and the war, but now the middle eight switches 'Hamilton' with 'everyone', I guess to make it seem inspirational or something. But the whole point of the lyrics was that Burr was contrasting himself with Hamilton! Now he's contrasting himself with... everyone? And then they keep "what is it like in his shoes", even though there's no 'him' anymore. Sloppy!


Still, like I said, it's enjoyable enough, and I like the outtakes. It's a shame they didn't include the Whiskey Riot track. I also kind of wish they'd recorded the outtakes with the original cast so I could make a mega-Hamilton playlist, but beggars can't be choosers I suppose.

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