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I think this series would thrive on Netflix if given the chance.

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I got into the show by binge-watching most of the first season (which I'd initially dismissed due to a scathing AV Club review) so it definitely has the binge-worthy qualities Netflix would want.


Would be a real shame if we lost a show as well made as this, espcially as I can count the number of genuinely creepy television shows on one hand. Most horror shows seem to be either funny or satirical. This show actually manages to give me the creeps in places (i.e the witch's house scene in this episode with its open door and eerie noises within). 

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Originally Posted by Headless Fett View Post

I think this series would thrive on Netflix if given the chance.

I think just putting it on FX would have done the trick.
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I was pleasantly surprised that this was picked up for a second season, so I wouldn't put many chips on Fox going for a third.  FX does seem like a great substitute, though, if they can keep this going.


So far, so good.  The Montana storyline isn't the best, but an exorcist/car chase hybrid is not something I ever thought I would see.  I feel like once we get Tomas and Marcus to Washington, things will coalesce.  Cho is a welcome addition, and the kids seem great.  The isolated setting should do wonders.

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That was gloriously insane. Given the show's bleak future, they may as well have nuked the neonatal ward while they were at it.
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Yeah, the story with the two priests ended up going in a direction I very much approved of. And that scene with the evil lamb? Urgh. *Shivers*

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As soon as they cut to the lamb birth I knew it was going to come out "wrong" somehow. I wasn't disappointed.


Very solid episode with some genuinely creepy moments. Really love the Vatican subplot too.

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It's interesting that we still don't know who is definitely possessed over on the island. The number one suspect is, of course, Caleb but who is to say that a possessed Verity didn't lead him out to the well (and it's interesting that his apple turned to maggots just before she arrived)? And then there's Shelby and Truck, both of whom are hearing scary things (Shelby hearing the lamb noises and Truck hearing something nobody else could hear in the witch's hut last week) and acting a bit abnormally. My money, however, is on the little girl (Grace?) who we've not seen much of, just because we've been given no reason to suspect her. And she has that freaky mask. 

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I like that aspect a lot actually. There's no clear indication who is getting possessed or maybe it will be more than one person this time?

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A mass possession would be incredibly interesting. 

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It would certainly up the stakes from just one person. Although that might be a little too much for just two exorcists.

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Was away for the weekend, so just caught up with the second episode.  REALLY digging where this is going.  The Vatican conspiracy stuff is effective so far, and I like that it’s painting a picture of various internal factions in conflict.  Cho’s half of the plotline with the kids is bringing a fresh energy to things, and Cho himself is doing some very fine work.  The stuff in the hospital was surprisingly potent, and - like last season - I appreciate that the show is emphasizing how physically dangerous the possessed can be.


And that birthing scene was pretty nightmarish!

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The storylines are about to converge!


Good episode overall.  I appreciated that the boys encountered a situation that was not a real possession, and it will be interesting to see how this girl affects the energy of Cho’s foster home going forward.

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Nice to see THE HATEFUL EIGHT poison is still finding work these days.
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This was really damn good. Of course with Manny Coto writing and horror maestro Ti West directing you know you're in good hands.

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Really impressed with this episode, not only for how it subverted the usual exorcism scenario whilst showing that Tomas still has much to learn on his path to become an exorcist, but how it used that storyline to naturally introduce Rose to the two leads. I would shake Slater's hand, if I could, for somehow pulling off something quite rare this season: a show with multiple storylines where I enjoy all of them almost equally. Usually with shows that try this, there's at least one storyline featuring a character I don't like or a story thread that I don't find engaging. Here? I'm as equally invested in the adventures of the two priests, as I am with the island and the conspiracy storylines. It's also incredibly impressive how this show manages to make horror work over a long period of time. The scenes on the island are as tense and filled with dread as they were three hours ago.


Oh and I was surprised to hear Keane describe how someone would "have our guts for garters". This is a saying my mother uses a lot and I can't ever recall hearing it used on a U.S show or movie before. I can only assume that Ben Daniels has some input into his character's lines or that they have someone on the writing staff who is well versed with British phrases.

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I'm a monkey's uncle if that temple of doom bridge doesn't come into play later on.
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Originally Posted by FatherDude View Post

I'm a monkey's uncle if that temple of doom bridge doesn't come into play later on.

It has to!  Just like the spooky shack by the well.  They seem to be setting up lots of things for payoffs in one way or another.

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Yeah, it'd be a real shame if we lose this show.  It's one of the most exciting and intriguing things on television.  I keep going back and forth on which kid is possessed, and that's pretty awesome.

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Also: What they did to cat-lovers this week was true horror. A possessed man sits down at a table filled with other demonic servants and he picks up a cat......... pets it, and puts it back on the floor.


You son of a bitch, Jeremy Slater. 

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Even demons love kitties, Saxon!

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So did Mouse poison the cabal simply put putting the communion hosts on their food, or was there actual poison involved?  Is the idea supposed to be that ingesting the Eucharist while you have a demon inside you will make you vomit your insides, and that's why taking communion is being portrayed as this handy litmus test for whether you're in cahoots with ol' Scratch?

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As we never saw any poison, I have to assume it's the former. If a possessed person comes at you, shove some communion host down their throat and watch the fucker bleed out from the inside!

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Originally Posted by FatherDude View Post

Is the idea supposed to be that ingesting the Eucharist while you have a demon inside you will make you vomit your insides, and that's why taking communion is being portrayed as this handy litmus test for whether you're in cahoots with ol' Scratch?

This was my interpretation.

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Another strong episode. Unfortunately we have a two week wait for the next one.
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Really nice twist at the end there regarding Andy. Damn!

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Yes, that was well-executed, and re-contextualizes the troubled reaction of the other kids when Andy gets frustrated and leaves the room because Grace does.

It also lends added purpose to the initial possession case, which established the vulnerability of someone to a demon after they lost a love one.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
If Grace appeared to Andy as the result of losing his wife, what does she represent? Was Andy's wife pregnant at the time of her death?
Grace has called Andy "daddy."
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I think your theory might be correct.

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That was my favorite episode of the season so far.  I'm enjoying all the storylines and the way they're escalating.  Great final revelation, one that opens up a lot of possibilities going forward.


And it seems we may be headed back to Chicago, which could be fun if the conspiracy plot is going the way they seem to be implying.

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God. I've seen enough horror movies to have seen this coming and yet it completely blindsided me. It wasn't until the much-too-happy garden scene when I suddenly thought about how Grace is never mentioned by the other kids, and how nobody has ever specified the exact number of kids in that house, that I suddenly thought "Wait a minute....."


Originally Posted by FatherDude View Post

Unfortunately we have a two week wait for the next one.




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I had wondered why no one other than Andy talked about Grace, but I never saw that swerve coming.  Very, very good.

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You've got to hand it to the people behind this show. Between this and the first season's sudden connection to the original movie / novel that  nobody saw coming, they know how to pull off satisfying and interesting twists in a way probably 85% of shows don't. 

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Some great stuff with Cho and the kids this week.


I'm also intrigued by the implication that whatever entity is involved has been "haunting" this same place for a long, long time.

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Another winner. I'm expecting some batty stuff from the back half of the season.
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The next episode is called "Darling Nikki," so it's already on my good side.


On Twitter, Slater said it's the best episode of the series so far.


The wrap party looks like it was a blast:


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Regarding the last episode, the boat scenes with Father Marcus were very unexpected and great.

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Hearing good things about tonight's episode.

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Well, that's one way to bring Kirsten Fitzgerald back.
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Things just got very crazy very quickly.  I like it.



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This show is so fucking good when it comes to building up the tension to the inevitable showdown with the demon.

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John Cho is so fucking great in this that I'd love him to get an Emmy nod. I think back to how warm and wonderful he was at the beginning of the season, and how cold he's been since the Grace reveal, and it's like two different men. I mean, just look at the interrogation scene between Andy and the two priests where he fluctuates between grieving widower, paranoid foster-father, and victim of possession. Cho nails what's required of him at every point. So great.


This was probably the best episode of the season so far (I especially liked the Chicago scene and the Marcus / Mouse reveal). I'm happy to say that this is a stronger season than the first one, and I'm really glad we got this, even if we don't get a third.


I'm confident that this is going to become one of those shows that people discover long after it aired and wish they'd supported at the time. 

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Really good interview with Slater about the season.

We have the other plotline with Bennett and Mouse. Is that going in the direction you thought it would? I was quite surprised our surviving demon from last season get knocked off quite so rapidly… I was waiting for Maria Walters to turn up and then you shot her!

Unfortunately the decision to move shooting locations from Chicago to Vancouver was not necessarily in our hands – one of the contingencies on bringing the show back was we had to find ways to make it cheaper because we are obviously not a ratings smash. We were told “you’re moving to Vancouver”, so we decided to embrace the landscape and the nature, and do these creepy cabin in the woods stories we couldn’t do in the first year. But it became very apparent in breaking the season that there weren’t enough characters left in Chicago to check back in on and also it felt a little silly to have Maria Walters hop in her limo and chase the heroes to Seattle and continue to torment them there.

We were at a bit of a loss – we had an actor that we absolutely loved but we had no real way to incorporate her into the show, but at the same time we knew the fans were invested in that storyline and we’d spent a lot of time on it. We wanted to at least give the character some sort of end to her arc, even if it is a tragic end, rather than leaving her as a loose thread, and she’s just out there.

I did think there was something nicely poetic about this craven character who had spent her life so desperate for this kind of demonic immortality that she was willing to do any terrible deed to do what she wanted, and it’s a little bit of a “Monkey’s Paw” story where she gets what she wants and it destroys her in a very real way.

I’m a great fan of the actress, Kirsten Fitzgerald, and I was determined to bring her back this year in one form or another, and we never found a way to dovetail it with the Marcus and Tomas storyline, so we said, let’s use Bennett and Mouse to keep our conspiracy storyline while at the same time giving what we hope is a creepy send-off to a fan favourite character.

It's a credit to the team that Season 2 doesn't come across as any cheaper than Season 1. All about taking full advantage of your location.
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It helps that it's a pretty well shot show.  Good amount of atmosphere, and the new locale is decently scenic, too.

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Originally Posted by FatherDude View Post

Really good interview with Slater about the season.


You give him his full title, goddammit.  "Slater, writer of Fantastic Four (2015)." 


Was that an in-person/telephonic interview?  I'd have really liked to hear the audio, cause they were amazingly articulate answers if done on the fly. 

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So the first season was The Exorcist, this season they're doing a take on The Amityville Horror, wonder what they'll do next season?

This episode was really good. But it feels like the season is just getting started with this episode and there's what, just two more episodes left?
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Four more.
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Oh, so this season is ten episodes too? I was thinking it was just eight.
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Originally Posted by FatherDude View Post

I think just putting it on FX would have done the trick.

The networks just need to do a better job of clueing people in that they're doing this kind of stuff on network tv too. There's no reason free tv should have a harder time getting viewers than something like FX.
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I think part of it is the business model. While network TV still largely lives or dies by the overnights, cable shows being partially subsidized by carriage fees gives them a little wiggle room.

It doesn't help that the show airs on Friday night.
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Some might argue that not much really happened in this episode, but I think it was essential in getting us fully into Cho’s headspace.


Also, shout out to Alicia Witt doing some particularly fine work this week.  It’s nice to see her in something again.

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