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Eugene's also pragmatic and knows how to leverage his skills to survive. 


Based on some of the development that he was getting and his relationship with Abraham, I think he does have some sort of plan to gain Negan's trust and aid the group from inside the Sanctuary. But it's equally plausible that he recognizes what he has with the Saviors and is fully committed to their cause. He has one of the most interesting ongoing storylines at the moment.

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Eugene has value in Negan's camp and if he's still loyal to Rick's group, he still has more value in Negan's camp. He gains nothing by leaving with Sasha except to be a basket case again which he is slowly learning not to be. 

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As one of the (if not THE) only folks watching this that actually doesn't hate Eugene, I'm concerned for his well being next week.  I mean, come on.... when Negan finds that poison on Sasha, who the hell else is he going to think gave it to her?  I'm guessing Eugene meets Lucille or goes in the furnace. 


And Sasha... what the fuck?  You go on a suicide mission, stop your partner from coming along, and then just gets herself caught and makes NO attempt to end Negan OR herself in the few chances she had?  That whole scenario just came off as writers' convenience over common sense. 


Also not buying that the Maggie, Jesus, etc.. at Hilltop wouldn't be extremely suspicious of Doug by this point. At the very least they'd be keeping tabs on him to make sure he's not slipping off to meet with Negan's people. 


All that being said, I'm still having a lot of fun with this show nowadays.  I'm sure it'll settle back into misery porn soon enough, but at the moment it doesn't feel all doom and gloom. It's a nice change of pace.

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Now all Sasha needs to do is get the contents of that capsule into Negan's food or drink. Should be easy! :D


I love how the dead can just sneak up on you, like Gregory, but once they're on screen they're hissing & scowling so hard you could have heard them from half a mile away.

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JDM enforcing the "Negan lean" at a convention:


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Ehhh, lean or no lean, I don't think I'd want to be within 100 feet of someone whose cosplay of choice is Negan.

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There's a little hottie in my FB friends list that does Negan cosplay:


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Moving on...
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So who is the "little birdy" that has alerted Negan that Ricks up to no good?

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If you really want to know, spoilers that came out a couple of months ago confirm...


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
That the Garbage Pail Kids betray Rick and join up with Negan. They start shooting on the Alexandrians during the fight with the Saviors, which causes them to nearly lose before reinforcements from The Kingdom arrive.
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That spoiler makes no sense ........ So it's probably true
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Makes sense to me.  

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
That group screamed "untrustworthy" from the moment they were introduced. It would have made less sense if they somehow remained loyal to Rick despite Negan having more to offer.
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Originally Posted by jstraw80 View Post

So who is the "little birdy" that has alerted Negan that Ricks up to no good?

The show writers! They never turn down a convenient plot point.
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Serious question,: Assuming they don't mine all the comic storylines, which I don't read, How long can they keep this show going? I'm assuming as long as the ratings stay high.
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You just answered yourself.


It'll go on until the ratings drop. There is no vision to complete, and every actor is expendable. AMC will air it as long as it makes money - why wouldn't they?

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The ratings dropped considerably this season, that might happen sooner rather than later. 

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Originally Posted by History Buff View Post

Serious question,: Assuming they don't mine all the comic storylines, which I don't read, How long can they keep this show going? I'm assuming as long as the ratings stay high.

There's 2 or 3 more story arcs until the show catches up. I'm sure they'll add a lot more filler to pad things out so that they don't outpace the comics for at least a couple more seasons, if not more.

*whisper whisper*
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It's weird that I was really looking forward to the Negan arc and now I want it to be over with so we can get to the Whisperers arc. In fairness I assumed they wouldn't draw out the conflict with Negan for this goddamn long but hey this is the show that stretched the Governor out for no reason (seriously, he attacks the prison in the season three finale, loses...then comes back to attack the prison again in the season four mid finale and succeeds. Why did we...what? It's the same damn place, why did we take so many episode to...what?)

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The Governor had his own reboot season because they flubbed the first one. I think the high point of the show was following the downfall of the prison and everyone being split up on their way to Terminus. At least in those episodes, the wheel spinning bottle episodes went in some interesting places. Terminus was a great climax too. I think the "butchers or meat" theme of them getting out of Terminus would've been a nice time to end the series. You can't sum up the overall theme of the show better than that. 

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I don't know, I for one LIKED the Alexandria arc because it showed how our characters were so damaged they would never again be able to fit in with "normal" society.


Then they made it all about how Rick is right and everyone there is weak and blah blah blah blah blah

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This season definitely needs more unhinged Rick.


Definitely wouldn't mind seeing some characters get killed off.  Sasha, Tara, Rosita...I don't blame the actors so much as the bad writing.  I just don't find any of their motivations all that compelling or worth spending time on.  Not that any of the characters are particularly deep, but Daryl's rage when he saw Dwight felt justified.  The show needs more conflict like that.  The others just want to kill Negan, but who doesn't? 


Also, how many more times do we need to see someone go on a suicide mission only to flake out when it comes time to actually do something?


Sasha and Rosita could have easily waited for Negan to come out again.  It's not like he hides inside all day crafting his plans in seclusion. Dude is always walking around in plain sight.  No need to risk running into a building full of people with guns with no idea of where Negan actually is.

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Sasha and Rosita had a perfectly clear shot on Negan, multiple times, when he went out to greet Hilltop's doctor. But they never took it because TV show.


Also, why the hell wouldn't the Saviors have those perimeter buildings secure and guarded? It was effortless for the two of them to get close enough, stake out the Saviors' base, and get a perfect shot on Negan within like a 12 hour time span, if not less. By that reasoning, all the Alexandra, Hilltop and Kingdom people need to do is stake out the empty buildings, station a couple of snipers in each direction, and just wait Negan out.


No stupid "Up up up" people, no ransacking a perfectly peaceful all-women community. This show is dumb.

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We've also had Rosita go on a suicide mission twice just to get other people killed (at least Sasha should be dead, based on how she went in there). Zero fucking patience on that girl.

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This show will end like LOST.  Rick dying and then waking up as a walker...

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So, when's Eugene's suicide pill gonna come back up, get found out before it can work on Negan, and get Sasha and/or Eugene killed?

We all know it's coming.
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season finalé tonight, but I'm betting money there's no action until next season

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I see Eugene dying. And Sasha too perhaps.

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Would have been nice if they had killed off Negan getting bit by Sasha as she jumps out of the coffin, but it was still nicely done anyway. I guess her character had run its course.

Was Dwight lying or not, who the hell knows. 

So I guess they've set up this "War" that's now officially underway between the Saviors and everyone else. Glad we won't see Alexandria and Ezekiel's group being Negan's errand boys. And Rick almost certainly has to kill Negan now, I mean he's said twice now that he's going to kill him, so there you go. And Rick could not seriously take down crazy woman when she's like right next to him with the gun in perfect grabbing position. Jesus, Rick weren't you a cop once.

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That ending with Negan and all his henchmen scrambling away felt like something out of a Ninja Turtles or GI Joe cartoon.  Instead of giving the finger as he drove off, I wish he had leaned out the window and shouted, "You haven't seen the last of me, Rick!"


I imagine the first 3 drafts of the Sasha reveal revolved around an elaborate magic trick.


ETA:  Dug the Carpenter-esque music and the fact that Negan uses Snake Plissken's gun.  The only thing better would be if Negan had a Penguin-esque baseball bat gun.

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Alright, I admit it: I fist pumped when Negan drew back Lucille and the motherfucking tiger flew into frame and everyone scrambles. So silly and over the top, but so fucking fun! All that was missing was a shot of Negan and Simon pissing themselves or biting their fingernails like Scooby and Shaggy.


The constant cutaways to a character in the dark... is it me, or are they using that motif a bit much? Last year's finale comes to mind.

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This might have been the worst season. An entire season just to build up the conflict for next season. People are going to be infuriated when Negan isn't killed.

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Originally Posted by t3cii View Post

This might have been the worst season. An entire season just to build up the conflict for next season. People are going to be infuriated when Negan isn't killed.


Replace "Negan" with "The Governor" and we've been here before. This show loves to stall. 

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I think the big difference is, we at least had a clear idea of who the Governor was by the end of season 4. The same can't be said of Negan. 

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I fast forward through about 30% of every episode. Anytime two characters I don't give a shit about have a 5 minute conversation about "surviving" or whatever, it is utterly skippable. I question why I even watch the show but then something like that tiger eating that dudes face happen and I remember this show is supposed to be fun. It's just such a goddamn drag getting to those parts.
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Yeah, I could do w/o the BS endearing talks between Sasha & Abraham, but that's their way of telegraphing the info that she's taken that capsule & is now weaponized.

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If the spoiler I read earlier in this thread regarding what happens between Rick, Negan, and Carl in the comics is true I wouldn't at all be surprised. It is so utterly preposterous that it'll fit perfectly for this show.
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The suspension of disbelief if getting pretty difficult with this one.

Jadis' team had them all under the barrel & Rick's folks had put down their weapons.


The idea of them somehow getting their weapons back in hand fast enough to get themselves out of the shit is absolutely unbelievable!

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I'm still only three episodes into this season. It sounds like it never recovers from the premiere. I imagine they'll deviate from the comics and bump off Negan next season to goose the ratings.
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I'd be very surprised if they killed off Negan. Scott Gimple has stated he thinks Negan is one of the great characters of literature. And given how Kirkman appears to be trying to make Negan some anti hero, I think we can expect Negan to stick around for at least the next two seasons.

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Well, given Negan's fate in the comics....


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Rick chooses to keep him alive and imprisoned as part of his (Rick's) movement towards being more civilized...


...we probably shouldn't get too certain that the show will kill him off.


Could happen, though, esp. if JDM's availability is limited.

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Negan's an evil dick but Rick's group did kill a whole bunch of his people. His response seemed pretty appropriate to me. 

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In the comics, Negan was a fucking psycho but he ruled the Saviors and did things the way he did because he thought it was for the greater good -- the twisted, completely fucked up and psychotic good. He genuinely felt that using murder and violence to keep people in line was saving far more lives in the long run. They illustrate him as being internally broken. Just a desensitized sociopath who suffered some kind of shut-down due to traumatic events, operating in the only way he knows how anymore. At the end of all the battling, Rick gives an impassioned speech about how Negan's way is wrong, and how everyone should work together. Negan actually agrees, says he's been wrong all this time, and that's when Rick makes his move.


But the show has made Negan such a silly, moustache-twirling cartoon character, that it'd be impossible to buy that scenario playing out the same way. In the comics, Negan seems to have a sort of moment of clarity when Rick tells him he's flat-out wrong for being such a tyrant. Negan has other moments like that - such as being genuinely sorry and apologizing when he hurts Carl's feelings over his lost eye - that foreshadow such a change of heart. But the show's portrayal of Negan makes him seem lucid and self-aware all the time, and just a complete asshole. Even when he's being sincere, he's still swaggering about, leaning back and aggrandizing himself. With the show, it's not an act or the behavior of an emotionally dead man -- it's the behavior of a man who's getting off on all of this.


So yeah, Negan needs to get offed. Not that the show has cared much about tonal consistency or careful writing, but the outcome from the comics can't happen in the TV show, with the way everything has been developed thus far.

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thanks for not framing that in a spoiler alert DUDE!

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Who's this BradW guy? Do we like him?
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I don't see any scenario where Rick wouldn't want to rip Negans head off and parade it around Alexandria
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The comic storyline was three years ago, and I don't think anything I posted was a spoiler, regardless.


Unless Rick making an impassioned speech to someone is considered a spoiler, after seven years of seeing it over, and over and over.

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Alright, next time I see "In the comics", I'll just stop reading there.

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I just can't wrap my head around Negan.  Nothing against JDM, but I don't get how this guy got to this level of power.  Oooh, a scary baseball bat.  Your'e demanding fealty?  I can't imagine even one of his followers, with a gun, wouldn't just get fed up of the long speeches and put a bullet in his brain as a power grab.  "Now I am NEGAN!" or something.  At least with the Kingdom, I get it.  Deep down they all know it's bs.  But tiger, and it's what they need to cope.  I don't get that at all with the saviors, and it seems to be made up of the type of people who'd stab you in the back at the drop of a bat.


Hell, Sasha even fucked it up.  He gave you a knife.  In a confined space.  And you're already on a suicide mission.   Just fucking stab the dude, quickly, as much as possible.  No way he could wind up enough for a fatal blow in there.  But no, suicide pill, ipod, and brainless zombie unsuccessful attempt.  Forget it Jake, it's the walking dead.

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Negan doesn't work in the comics, either. He seems like a 12-year-old's idea of a badass.
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Originally Posted by Bradito View Post

Negan doesn't work in the comics, either. He seems like a 12-year-old's idea of a badass.


Hence it working for Kirkman.

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