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Haven't watched it yet and I am unfamiliar with Issa Rae, but I wanted to remind myself that HBO is more than the place I go when I'm jonesing for ice zombies, sword-fights and killer robots. Maybe I'll get around to it this weekend.

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I wish I could still go back for gay men in San Francisco but alas it wasn't Queer as Folk and random sex acts every other scene for the gay community to show up for Looking.




Anyhow, I'm waiting for a binge to watch the season.  I watched the pilot, liked it, but there's too much on Sundays that this got lost in the shuffle (same as the underwhelming Westworld).

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I have mixed feelings about LOOKING. I thought it was a good show, but I want a show about gay men that isn't entirely focused on the almost wholly white, upper middle class.
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I've liked this show a whole lot so far, watching them as they've screened here, which I think is a couple of days after they screen in the US. So I don't know what it's like to binge, but going week by week it's real good.

At least half a dozen laugh-out-loud moments per episode but also pretty darn effective at hitting the more sobering beats too.
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Sure I should be watching Rick and Morty or Black Mirror or Bojack Horseman or whatevs like the cool kids, but I watch this instead.

And hot damn is it worth it. To steal a bunch of lines from Matt Zoller Seitz:

Insecure gets by on fewer shenanigans than any half-hour show on TV. It’s not as if creator-star Issa Rae and her collaborators signed any kind of pledge saying that nothing would happen to the characters that couldn’t happen in life. But somehow, that’s what the show turned into, and it’s more special for its decision to live in something like reality.
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I really enjoyed Insecure. Issa Rae has an IT quality, she is very engaging. 

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