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Don't know if this was posted, but a video from a couple weeks before the awards ceremony:


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The Oscar podcast Little Gold Men after Moonlight won, made a good point about the balloting system: that you want to be the movie that is #2 on the list of those movies with the lowest vote total. This year, those movies were probably Fences and Hidden Figures, since they had the least nominations. It would make sense for people who valued character driven stories - and ones about people of color - to also like Moonlight. La La Land was probably number 2 for people who liked, say, Hacksaw Ridge, but since Hacksaw Ridge probably got a lot of number 1 votes, it was probably never eliminated and the votes for it reallocated to those list's number 2 choices.
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what a weird system

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This system is all fall from the decision to expand the number of nominees, which was made when The Dark Knight didn't get a nom for Best Picture.


So really, it's all Nolan's fault. As it always is. 

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But in the end, it was still Moonlight that won, so what's the advantage?
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perhaps the addition of more diversity in the academy really made a difference
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