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Big protests in Venezuela after an opposition leader is banned from holding political office for 15 years:



Saturday's protests extended a week of unrest sparked by last week's Supreme Court decision in which it assumed the role of the opposition-led congress. The action was quickly overturned, but the global outcry it sparked galvanized the opposition.


Security forces blocked the march in Caracas, as they did during two other protests this week, prompting violent confrontations.


Protesters lobbed rocks and petrol bombs and burned trash in the street while authorities responded with a volley of tear gas.


"The government is afraid. If it were not afraid, it would not close the streets. ... It would not disqualify Capriles," said 27-year-old lawyer Gikeissy Diaz, adding that half of her graduating class has left the country and that she is thinking of doing so, too.


Capriles, a two-time presidential candidate and current Miranda state governor, who was seen by many as the opposition's best chance in the presidential election scheduled for 2018, on Friday was banned from holding political office for 15 years.


The order from the national comptroller's office cited "administrative irregularities" including breaking contracting laws and improper management of donations, according to a copy of the ban.


The ban triggered condemnation from other Latin American countries and the United States, which said it was "deeply troubled by the persecution" of Venezuela's opposition.

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An explosive device found in Oslo, Norway Saturday night has been neutralized by police:



Police in the Norwegian capital of Oslo said they neutralized an explosive device found in a busy area of downtown Oslo late Saturday night and said they had arrested a suspect.


Police Chief Vidar Pedersen confirmed that the device, initially described as "bomb-like," was an explosive. The police Twitter account said it had been defused or neutralized.


Police would not give any details about the suspect, or further information about the device.


Pedersen said the device was found on the street just outside the Groenland underground station, and police swept through the area to remove people from bars and restaurants.


"Every restaurant was being closed," said 23-year-old Malin Myrvold, who witnessed the scene from a fourth-story window. "You could see cops in heavy armor going in every store and restaurant.


"We were trying to see what was going on. The police were screaming at us to get back inside and stay where we were," she added by telephone.

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Marine le Pen wants you to know that France was not responsible for rounding up Jews who were then sent to death camps, despite the fact that it totally happened:


Le Pen suggested France was not responsible for the wartime round-up of Jews who were sent to Nazi death camps. With just 13 days until the first round of voting in France's presidential election, her remarks have been met with widespread condemnation.
Her stance is at odds with former president Jacques Chirac and current premier Francois Hollande, who have both apologized for the role played by French police in the rounding up of 13,000 Jews at the Vel d'Hiv cycling track in Paris, ordered by the Nazis in July 1942.
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Comparing where the Socialist Party won the first round in the 2012 French presidential election with this year:


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Macron lost the youth vote to Mélenchon and Le Pen. Will be interesting to see what this portends for 2020 and beyond. At a glance, it definitely suggests that the youth in France are less enamored with establishment politics than previous generations and not all that turned off by Le Pen's far-right rhetoric.


Europe may be temporarily saved if Macron wins the election (which looks likely based on his strong polling and unified anti-Le Pen sentiment), but if he's unable to combat high unemployment and has the misfortune of being in office during more high-profile terror attacks, centrist, pro-European politics in France may suffer a death blow.


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A German soldier pretending to be a Syrian refugee was planning a false-flag terror attack before being arrested:



“These findings, as well as other evidence, point towards a xenophobic motive for the soldier’s suspected plan to commit an attack using a weapon deposited at Vienna airport.”


If his plan had succeeded, his fingerprints would have registered on the refugee records system and led investigators to his false identity as a Syrian asylum seeker, turning fresh scrutiny on migrants in Germany.


Isis has previously used a similar ploy, giving its militants fake Syrian passports that were found at the scene of the Paris attacks.


The man’s suspected accomplice, a 24-year-old student, was arrested in Hammelburg for alleged involvement in the plot. 


Police have searched the homes of the two suspects as well as their friends and workplaces, with detectives seizing “extensive material” including mobile phones, laptops and documents.


Prosecutors said the soldier had no permission for the 7.65mm pistol stashed in Vienna, while illegal weapons were also found at his accomplice’s house. 


Both men remain in custody in Frankfurt as the probe continues.


The soldier was arrested days after prosecutors revealed that the man who orchestrated the Dortmund bus bombings had attempted to frame Isis to make money on shares.

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The Macron campaign in France has been affected by a massive, coordinated leak of internal emails. Genuine emails were mixed with fake ones in order to sow confusion prior to the election. Funny how these groups never target the right-wing, anti-EU/NATO candidates, isn't it?
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Originally Posted by Draco Senior View Post

The Macron campaign in France has been affected by a massive, coordinated leak of internal emails. Genuine emails were mixed with fake ones in order to sow confusion prior to the election. Funny how these groups never target the right-wing, anti-EU/NATO candidates, isn't it?


ahem......Déjà vu

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Originally Posted by Iron Maiden View Post

A German soldier pretending to be a Syrian refugee was planning a false-flag terror attack before being arrested:


Nazi-era memorabilia has been discovered at two German military bases since this soldier's arrest:



Details emerged in late April following the arrest of a 28-year-old soldier stationed at a Franco-German base near Strasbourg who had expressed far-right extremist views and was plotting an attack disguised as a Syrian refugee.


Following his arrest, Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen scrapped a trip to the United States and went to his base in Illkirch in northeastern France.


There, officials found Wehrmacht memorabilia openly displayed in the common room without any apparent effort to remove it.


The ministry, which has banned such symbols, then discovered other Wehrmacht items at another base in southwestern Germany.

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Macron won easily.  


Also, this guy:






Yes, "as everyone expected," alt-right guy who told everyone Macron would lose.

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Can't find the tweet right now but someone posted a before/after bad boy profile pic transformation for that dweeb, and dropped a Sandy from Grease reference that made me laugh a lot.

Oh and good on France for rejecting that fucking Nazi.
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Heartfelt congratulations to France. Macron wins by nearly a 2 to 1 margin. That's an ass whooping.
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Thanks guys. Not a fan of some of Macron's policies to say the least but I feel pretty fucking relieved.
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There were an unusually high number of abstentions during the election, which the press has been attributing mainly to Melenchon voters.


If Macron hadn't entered the ring, it would have been interesting to see a Melenchon vs. Le Pen election. The French left has a real opportunity here.

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Always have to be careful with those political correctness swords, ya know?


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Would it have killed the cartoonist to arrange the composition so that it looks like that northwest spur of the country is a tear in the fabric with the sword coming out of it? I mean, jeez. It didn't even take me a minute to think of that.
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The Christian governor of Jakarta was just sentenced to two years in prison for blasphemy. His offense was claiming that Muslims could vote for non-Muslims without violating any Islamic doctrine. Of course, he was not only a non-Muslim but a reformer who took a hard line against corruption, so this case was also a mix of the religious and the political, with the former serving as a means to an end for the latter. A sad day for Indonesia.
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Any of the New Zealanders here hear about this? This just sounds utterly bonkers.

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It's been in the news. It's hilarious. At the time it was obvious they'd ripped off 'lose yourself' and they stopped playing it fairly quickly. Why they wanted to let it turn into a court case is bizarre.
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France Stuff I Only Just Realised: today President Emmanuel Macron took possession of the French nuclear weapon launch codes. Gave me a pause, somehow I had forgotten they have those.
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Originally Posted by Virtanen View Post

France Stuff I Only Just Realised: today President Emmanuel Macron took possession of the French nuclear weapon launch codes. Gave me a pause, somehow I had forgotten they have those.


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An important journalist who covered drug cartels in Mexico has been assassinated:



Mexican crime reporter Javier Valdez Cárdenas was assassinated Monday by an armed group that reportedly shot him while he was driving, according to both news outlets he worked for. 

Cárdenas was attacked in Sinaloa province, where he lived and worked. The area in northwestern Mexico is known as the country’s drug capital.


Cárdenas began his career in journalism in the early 1990s, according to La Jornada, a Mexican news outlet where he worked as a national correspondent. He founded RioDoce in 2003, which has won several awards. He also won an International Press Freedom award in 2011.


He compiled much of his reporting into several books, the most recent of which, Narcoperiodismo, was published late last year. It tells the stories of Mexican journalists who have been victims of crimes.


Several other journalists in Mexico have been killed in recent months. Three were slain in March.


“In Mexico a ‘war’ is raging against journalists,” Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International, said in March. “The country has turned into a no-go zone for anyone brave enough to talk about issues including the increasing power of organized crime and the collusion of these groups with the authorities.”

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Originally Posted by Virtanen View Post

France Stuff I Only Just Realised: today President Emmanuel Macron took possession of the French nuclear weapon launch codes. Gave me a pause, somehow I had forgotten they have those.


Also, as this week's Tasmanian Sex Boat™ episode of The Leftovers showed us...


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Originally Posted by Iron Maiden View Post

An important journalist who covered drug cartels in Mexico has been assassinated:



On Monday, Javier Valdez became the sixth journalist slain in Mexico since early March, a deadly spree unusual even in a country that ranks behind only Syria and Afghanistan for such murders. There's no evidence directly linking the killings to each other, but collectively they are a grim signal that lawlessness and impunity continue to threaten the lives and work of journalists across much of the country.


The killings come at a time when overall homicides rose 29 percent in the first three months of the year from the same period in 2016; high-stakes state elections and a presidential vote next year have been bitterly contested; corruption scandals are regular news; and a decade-old militarized offensive against brutal drug cartels shows no sign of being won.


"Mexico has become more dangerous in general over the past year, and that is affecting the way there is more fighting," Mexican security analyst Alejandro Hope said. "Tensions are running really high in the underworld, so I think that people that are covering this are getting themselves into much riskier situations."


Journalists are in a tight spot in Mexico:



In some places such as Tamaulipas state, critical media expression has become practically nonexistent, with criminal gangs and corrupt public servants essentially setting editorial lines. Self-censorship as a survival mechanism is common, leading to news blackouts on sensitive topics. Some journalists are bought off by criminals or corrupt officials, or threatened with death if they won't accept bribes for favorable or soft coverage.


None of the killings attracted more attention or generated more outrage than that of Valdez, who was pulled from his car a block from the offices of Riodoce, shot dead and left in the street.


On Tuesday some Mexican media outlets went dark online in protest, and editorials and headlines lamented the slaying. "They are killing us in Mexico," demonstrating journalists scrawled on the pavement at the capital's Angel of Independence monument. At a wake in Culiacan, Valdez's body lay in a coffin crowned by his trademark Panama-style hat.

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The World Health Organization says cholera cases in Yemen could reach 300,000 in six months:



Yemen could have as many as 300,000 cases of cholera within six months and an "extremely high" number of deaths, the World Health Organization said on Friday.


"We need to expect something that could go up to 200,000-250,000 cases over the next six months, in addition to the 50,000 cases that have already occurred," Nevio Zagaria. WHO Yemen representative, told reporters in Geneva by phone.


The cost in lives from this will be will be "extremely, extremely high", he said.


The epidemic began in October 2016 and grew until December. It dwindled but was never fully under control, Zagaria said, and new cases had arisen with the rainy season, worsened by the collapse of the economy and the health system.


The outbreak has caused 23,425 cases in 18 of Yemen's 23 governorates since April 27, and 242 people have died, he said.


That misleadingly suggested a case fatality rate of about 1 percent, with the true rate more likely 4-5 percent, he said, adding that the latest data had taken health experts by surprise.


"The speed of the resurgence of the cholera epidemic is unprecedented (for Yemen)."

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​Police are responding to reports of an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in England.


In a statement, police said there are a "number of confirmed fatalities" as well as additional injuries. Authorities are telling people to avoid the area.


Further details of the incident were not immediately available. 

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U.S. officials briefed on the incident are saying that U.K. officials believe a suicide bomber is to blame:



At least 20 people were killed and possibly "hundreds" of others were injured after one or more loud bangs were heard Monday night at an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in England, multiple law enforcement told NBC News.


Multiple U.S. officials briefed on the investigation so far say authorities in the U.K. suspect that the incident was conducted by a suicide bomber.


At least, 20 killed and "hundreds" injured.  Geez.

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Fucking horrific.

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As someone pointed out on Facebook, you know who's mostly at an Ariana Grande concert?  Teenage girls.  Who never did a fucking thing to anybody.

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Originally Posted by Richard Dickson View Post

As someone pointed out on Facebook, you know who's mostly at an Ariana Grande concert?  Teenage girls.  Who never did a fucking thing to anybody.


Many were unaccompanied too.  Hopefully, all of them found adults as protective as this one:


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Fucking coward. Moments like these make me wish I believed in Hell, because it's deeply satisfying to imagine whoever this POS was in severe eternal agony.

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Manchester citizens are stepping up:



The city of Manchester has responded to the death and chaos triggered after an Ariana Grande concert, with offers of beds for the stranded, cups of tea for those stunned and bewildered and free taxi rides home as public transport ground to a halt.


As people ran screaming in panic from the Manchester Arena after reports of an explosion, which police said they were for now treating as a terror incident, social media lit with information about ordinary people doing what they could to respond to an incident police said they were treating as potential terrorists incident. They made offers; they shared information.


Report said that the Holiday Inn nearest to the venue was offering rooms and shelter to people while others were offering rooms on social media, using the hashtag #RoomForManchester. 

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A police update said that 22 are now dead.  There are 59 injured.

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This is disgusting and tragic. The bomb didn't go off in the stadium but in a foyer between the stadium and a train station. The authorities have identified a probable male suspect but haven't released his name. 


President Trump has expressed his condolences and condemned the "evil losers" responsible. For once, I agree with his choice of words.

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I listened to a mother on a radio station this morning who still hasn't heard from her fourteen year old daughter who was attending the concert with friends. Heartbreaking.


Absolute scumbags. If you're intentionally blowing up little girls with bombs, you're most definitely on the wrong side of whatever war you think you're fighting. 

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Second confirmed victim was an eight year old.


Fuck everything.
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Bomber has been tentatively identified as Salman Abedi, although the coroner hasn't officially named him yet. Seems to be local - born in Manchester.
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Originally Posted by MrSaxon View Post

Absolute scumbags. If you're intentionally blowing up little girls with bombs, you're most definitely on the wrong side of whatever war you think you're fighting. 

I keep seeing articles and comments on how these kind of attacks are recruitment tools for terrorist organizations. How the fuck does that work out with shit like this? Is there some kind of genius morale boosting aspect in murdering children that I just can't wrap my brain around?
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The ISIS press release that takes credit for the attack is basically their typical boilerplate. Doesn't name the bomber, gets details like the number of bombs wrong. ISIS just seems to have a standing policy of scanning the Internet for stories of Muslims committing suicide and then claiming to be responsible.

That was what happened with the kid who committed suicide by cop at the military recruiting center in Chattanooga, near where I live, a couple years back. The kid was no militarized radical, he was a drug addict and mulitple-arrest fuckup who couldn't get the security clearance that his dad could, didn't have a way to qualify for the well paying job his dad had at the local power plant, and didn't know what else to do with himself. ISIS tried to take credit for that one too, and it was a fucking joke on top of the tragedy already going on.
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Well yeah, I was going to make an insensitive joke on how today ISIS also claimed responsibility for my printer's emptied ink cartridge.


Also, quoted from another thread:


Originally Posted by jhp1608 View Post

Thought this was interesting...



Every single victim is too much, but this should be on the cover of every newspaper this week. I don't want to sound nostalgic for the ETA/IRA perpetrators, but we have to remember these wankers are just dimwitted fuckups. 

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I'd almost put Lockerbie out of my head.

Except not really. We had family friends on there.
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Sorry to hear that, didn't mean to sound harsh or inappropriate. Though I guess that's inevitable if you just measure these attacks by numbers.

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No offence taken. There have always been zealots and murderers and I hope we can one day get rid of them.
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On a more constructive note, I'm reminded of a quote from one of the Bataclan-perps' lawyer when describing his client, and in my opinion, every single one of these morons:


"He's a little idiot from Molenbeek with a petty criminal background - a follower rather than a leader. He has the intellect of an ashtray, his vacuousness is abyssal."
"He is the perfect example of the GTA generation who think they're living in a video game. He and his mates have managed to give an entire religion a bad name. I asked him if he'd read the Quran, which I have, and he replied that he'd read its interpretation on the Internet. For simple minds, it's perfect the Web, it's the most they can grasp."
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Thinking on this a bit...

Back in the day the IRA used to issue warnings, which were mostly effective at reducing death tolls. Their campaign was in part aimed at changing people's minds and they quite correctly calculated that you don't help your cause the more remote your victims are from the conflict or decision making. What is easy to forget is that many of the deaths from that era were individual or targeted killings. Mainland UK to Ireland then was broadly the parallel of Western Europe to the Middle East now, which slightly complicates the comparison further.

Basically if you lived in Ireland or Spain you were far more at risk back in the day, but if you live in Manchester the risk has increased. Although the risk is very far from high, and not likely to be mitigated by border controls, but I will be long gone before that canard ceases to lay political eggs.
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I "get" that the purpose of Terrorism is to instill a sense of hopelessness in the target group/ethnicity/nation, but does this not make ISIS the moral lepers of the world?

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Depends on your definition of "evil" and "immoral". To certain people who have yet to join this century, or the last four for that matter, Ariana Grande and the people who would attend her concert deserve to be stoned to death. As long as there are people like that in this world, a group like ISIS will always have a home.

This is the world we've made for ourselves, such as it is.
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Precisely. Everyone is mad that little girls were targeted. But the enemy actually sees little girls enjoying themselves as an offence not to be tolerated.

That's how backwards and fucked up they are.
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Eh, you don't want to overstate all that "they hate our freedom!" stuff. It might be in there to some degree, but at the same time a lot of these guys get radicalised ( or claim to) by looking at civilian death in the Middle East.
If kids are going to die by the score in western sanctioned bombings then let their children die etc etc.
It's not the whole story, but it's the message they get (from people like Isis, looking for a certain kind of person who wants to make themselves important)
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Apparently the identity of the Manchester suicide bomber was revealed by US intelligence sources, and the UK Home Secretary (the chief government minister for home affairs) is not amused. From the Financial Times today:


"Ms Rudd [Amber Rudd, Home Secretary] also expressed “irritation” that Abedi’s identity was released by US security officials, which, she said, could hamper investigations. Asked by the BBC if she was reviewing the sharing of intelligence information with the US as a result of the release, she said: “Yes, quite frankly.”


“The British police have made it very clear that they want to control the flow of information in order to protect operational integrity — the element of surprise. It is irritating if it gets released from other sources. I have been very clear with our friends that it shouldn’t happen again.”


The possibility of an extensive international dimension has become a concern for intelligence agencies. Investigators are hoping to ascertain Abedi’s potential connections to the conflict in Syria and to Isis, the jihadi group."


No idea whether the disclosure was deliberate or accidental. 

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