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Oh man.

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Originally Posted by Lightning Slim View Post

Precisely. Everyone is mad that little girls were targeted. But the enemy actually sees little girls enjoying themselves as an offence not to be tolerated.

That's how backwards and fucked up they are.

That, and dead young infidels don't grow up to be adult infidels who might make more infidels.
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Originally Posted by Muzman View Post

Eh, you don't want to overstate all that "they hate our freedom!" stuff. It might be in there to some degree, but at the same time a lot of these guys get radicalised ( or claim to) by looking at civilian death in the Middle East.
If kids are going to die by the score in western sanctioned bombings then let their children die etc etc.
It's not the whole story, but it's the message they get (from people like Isis, looking for a certain kind of person who wants to make themselves important)

Don't condescend to me, maan, or even tangentially connect me to someone who thinks like that. I won't tolerate it.
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Originally Posted by jhp1608 View Post

Apparently the identity of the Manchester suicide bomber was revealed by US intelligence sources, and the UK Home Secretary (the chief government minister for home affairs) is not amused. From the Financial Times today:

No idea whether the disclosure was deliberate or accidental. 
Intentional....deliberate. Doesn't matter. If you're in any position to be privy to sensitive info, you KEEP YOUR GODDAMN MOUTH SHUT. There is no gray area in that part. If you even THINK that certain info should not be shared then you just don't do it..
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Originally Posted by Fraid uh noman View Post

Intentional....deliberate. Doesn't matter. If you're in any position to be privy to sensitive info, you KEEP YOUR GODDAMN MOUTH SHUT. There is no gray area in that part. If you even THINK that certain info should not be shared then you just don't do it..


True, unless opening your mouth furthers your nation's interests. I've no idea if that is the case here, but it does seem like an oddly unguarded move and an unusual step to call someone out for it.

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To come back to something that was mentioned on the last page - this was absolutely a crime against humanity and people living their best lives, but it was also a deliberately selected venue because it was a concert by a performer whose audience was preteen girls, and a performer whose message included an embrace of one's own sexuality. It's part of a broader pattern, across the world and across cultures, of young men being radicalized to commit specific acts of gendered violence. You can look at this as part of our conflict with ISIS, but we also need to be thinking about how this connects to Elliot Rodger or a dude who kills a woman for not going to prom with him.

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All part of the giant hypocrisy of ISIS, who claim to be religious purists but practice human trafficking and run slave brothels for their fighters.
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Originally Posted by jhp1608 View Post


True, unless opening your mouth furthers your nation's interests. I've no idea if that is the case here, but it does seem like an oddly unguarded move and an unusual step to call someone out for it.


No I think it's another example of this Administration's incompetence and cluelessness.

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The Left Leaves: In summary, we're fucked:



  • In the United States the populist uprising that elected Donald Trump is a textbook case of how economic evolution shapes political choice. Line workers -- even union workers -- deserted the Democrats en masse for Trump. What's left of the Democrats -- and they've lost over 1000 elected positions at state and national level since 2008 -- is now incapable of taking any stance save a general opposition to all things Trump. That's not enough to hold, and they face a generational wipeout in the 2018 by-elections that is likely to hand the Republicans their strongest Congressional majority in decades.
  • French presidential elections in May eradicated the ruling Socialists. Their candidate didn't only not make it to the second voting round, he only garnered an 6% share of the first-round vote. Parliamentary elections in June may well reduce them from the dominant party in the National Assembly to the fourth-largest.
  • The European financial crisis has gutted the political stability of Europe's peripheral countries. Greece is ruled by the nationalist-communists. Italy will likely have a comedian as prime minister by year's-end. The Spanish Left is being displaced by a party that takes its developmental cues from Greece.
  • In Israel the economic shift has been so holistic that it has nearly banished the Israeli Labor party -- the party that founded Israel -- from the Knesset. "

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That first point seems woefully misleading, particularly since Democrats just picked up two House seats in districts where Trump won by 7 and 20 points, respectively. 


I agree that the Democrats need to move away from the center and more towards the left, but that article seems a bit much. 

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I think his over all argument, that the underlying economic structure that underlay "traditional" politics in the West, is kaput, and we're seeing a new politics emerge. 


To your point about his point, recent elections may be a reaction to the individual in the White House, not the ideas (protect borders, control immigration, Nationalism etc). 


Zeitan also published a book recently that predicts the next 100 years are going to be pretty much All War All The Time Everywhere. Good reading if you want to lay awake at night. 

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The Montana special election will be an interesting case study - the ads being run by the Democratic challenger actually focus on policy, chiefly, health care, rather than resistance. 

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About that special election in Montana. The GOP candidate just assaulted someone, with video and audio to prove it...
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A journalist, by the sounds of it.  Since violence against the media was practically a plank of Trump's campaign platform, that makes the response even more of a bellwether as to whether red states are already souring on his brand.

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One of the victims of the Manchester bombing was responsible for an uplifting Twitter moment involving his mother:


Here's the Twitter story:


This is so sad.

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First responders being leery of fentanyl contamination is going to be a huge problem moving forward.
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Originally Posted by JacknifeJohnny View Post

Don't condescend to me, maan, or even tangentially connect me to someone who thinks like that. I won't tolerate it.

It's hardly that. Or it's not meant to be. The particular phrasing might have fairly poor associations with certain people immediately post 9/11, but in essence it has become more accurate for describing jihadi action as time has worn on.  So if we're surmising that people think little girls who listen to sinful music should be stoned and that's wrapped up in the motivation in this case, then we are saying such a person 'hates our freedoms'.

I would not be at all surprised if material comes to light where this guy straight up states it so.  Or at least that's always a possibility.

I just like to throw in that even a confessed motivation isn't the whole story (even though that's probably not necessary in this conversation, but hey, it's me.)

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In the past 7 presidential elections (1992-2016), Democrats have won the popular vote in 6 of them, all but 2004. I realize that only tells part of the story, but it makes it hard for me to believe these "Democrats are doomed" narratives.

ETA: In response to Cylon's post from a few days back.
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Solar energy prices continue to fall, so India cancelled a big plan to build coal stations and replaced it with solar instead:

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Which screws Australia's long term plans more and more every day and I couldn't be happier.

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Ukraine and Russia are in the midst of a Twitter war:


Ukraine's use of "Simpsons" .gifs has been particularly effective.

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Manuel Noriega has died:



Fears, particularly in the United States, that Noriega’s return would destabilize Panamanian politics proved to be unfounded. Despite occasional attempts to coherently codify his political philosophy (“Thought, Doctrine and Praxis Of Comandante Noriega,” his attempt to imitate Mao Tse-Tung’s little red book of Marxist aphorisms, was a giant dust-gatherer in Panamanian bookstores), Noriega and his supporters shared not an ideology but a mutual venality. Once the general was out of power, his following vanished almost instantly, and soon, much of the nation’s collective memory of Noriega followed.


“Panama is a country where people move on from things, looking forward, not back,” said Surse Pierpoint, the manager of the gigantic free-trade zone at the eastern end of the Panama Canal. “My daughter was 1 year old when Noriega fell. Now she’s 28. People her age have no memory of him.” Koster, the historian, was leafing through a Panamanian high-school history textbook recently and was astonished to discover it contained only a single paragraph on the entire 12 years of the country’s military rule.


“And it wasn’t a very long paragraph,” he added.


For many years, Noriega himself seemed to share the American delusion that he was still a significant factor in Panamanian politics. Nearly every morning during his stay in federal prison, he made a permitted local call to a friend in Miami who then patched him into a series of long-distance calls to Panama.


“He catches up on the political gossip, and then he starts giving advice and even orders,” one of the regular recipients of Noriega’s calls told a Miami Herald reporter in 2001. “And everybody says, ‘Si, mi general,’ and then goes about their business. He’s completely delusional.”


Nor did he apparently achieve much understanding of his fall from power. In 1992, federal marshals drove him to Atlanta to get him out of the way as Hurricane Andrew bore down on Miami. Chatting during the trip, one of the marshals asked Noriega about that incident where he waved the machete at the gringos. Man, the marshal said, what were you thinking? Said the general, sheepishly: “I guess I f----d up.”

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Only one person's view, but it's a person with extensive experience of German diplomacy and external relations and it gives a more nuanced view of the foreign policy issues within the EU and in terms of its external projection. Pretty sure you can read this for free, but there is an eventual article limit.


"So the problem is the man in the White House?
Yes. A president who believes in unpredictability as a negotiating strategy. But what works in real estate may not work in the same way in diplomacy. In diplomacy, the major ingredient of success is trust. No trust, no deal."

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Malaysia Airlines has confirmed that a plane departing Melbourne has been forced to land again after a passenger attempted to force their way into the cockpit. Reports suggest the person was tackled to the ground by other passengers. 

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Woof! A plane full of Aussies wouldn't be my first choice for a public declaration of terrorist intent.

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Shit's gotten worse in the Philippines:


I was there two years ago.  This is right by the airport in Manila.  If this shit's gonna spread out of the southern islands, then this country is going to turn into a no-man's land.

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Originally Posted by Judas Booth View Post

Shit's gotten worse in the Philippines:

No fatalities, and the motive was probably robbery.


EDIT: Bizarre. Now the reports are 36 dead from mostly smoke inhalation.

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China's Operation Australia


Looks to be the start of a big cross outlet, cross media story on the influence of the Chinese government in Aus.

Could be interesting.  A friend of mine's son has just got his phd and is basically a Sinologist (which always sounds a bit patronising as a term) and he has been doing his sabbaticals and visit terms while all this sort of thing has been building up and he was writing extensively on the South China Seas situation and its history. In short, his most recent visit was probably his last as the amount of questioning he was subjected to each time steadily increased and gradually became more threatening.  Then of course there's the stories of people being put up to walking in front of your car, or getting you alone so they can accuse you of sexual assault or something.


Mostly it's not a Soviet as it can sound though and has quite a different flavor to it.  Instead of overt harsh suppression it's more sort of and just reminding you constantly that they are watching and "it is proper to be respectful to the country at all times"  (although this varies of course) and asking lots of innocent yet leading questions.  It's all quite indirect in its directness, if that makes any sense.

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Feels like we need a specific thread for 'random terrorist nutjob of the week'. But still.


Someone has driven a van at high speed over pedestrians on London Bridge, seperate incident in Borough Market (which is relatively nearby). Reports of stabbings, etc, etc. :(

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And something else occuring at Vauxhall. That's not really that close. At a push, the same guy/guys could have run to it in the time since this first incident, but looks like multiple attacks. Bloody hell.

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Jesus. What the hell did I wake up to. I'm supposed to be doing the Henley Triathlon this morning. Part of me wants to go back to bed, another glued to the news. But FUCK these idiots. I'm going to do it and give it all I've got.
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Jesus. No nation deserves this, but give England a fucking break already.
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My office is right next to London Bridge and some of my work colleagues were probably working late last night. Sent out a billion texts this morning checking up on people. 

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Guess it goes to show how well trained and drilled the Armed Response Teams are though. They got the first ambulance call about the van at 10:07. At 10:16 they'd shot dead the three guys just south of London Bridge.


Hope you and yours are okay Saxon. I spent a good twenty minutes texting everyone I knew was out or working Saturday night, but all good here.

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They were on the ball with the parliament attack as well.

Vehicle attacks do not make me optimistic for the future. They're too easy to do, they don't need any special resources or planning, and they're hard to prepare for except through draconian measures no one wants to see. So you're just left asking: what can you do?

Fingers crossed no one here has been affected.
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Originally Posted by MrSaxon View Post

My office is right next to London Bridge and some of my work colleagues were probably working late last night. Sent out a billion texts this morning checking up on people. 

Any news there Saxon? I have a mate there but he immediately posted on facebook.

I don't know what to say anymore.
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Theresa May's speech: "Enough is enough". 


How much do you want to bet we'll learn these evil bastards were on someone's watch list, maybe even questioned at some point?


The Manchester bomber was known to have traveled back and forth the Libya specifically to engage in internecine fighting there. Why on Earth was he allowed to stay in Britain? Likewise, many ISIS fighters traveled to and from Turkey to go over the border and fight in Syria. 


I think the UK, then the EU will start changing their laws to enable them to eject these walking cancers from their countries. 


Meanwhile Trump renews his calls to ban all people from Muslim countries, exactly the wrong thing to do (sigh).


Hope your colleagues are OK, Saxon.

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The second worst thing about this is that it allows this milquetoast parochial nationalist to sound like a strong leader. She's run the department whose job it is to monitor threats like this, and presided over a decade of resource cut backs, as well as antagonizing our allies on whose security co-operation we rely. Now she wants to stand up and stake a claim for leadership.
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Originally Posted by Mike's Pants View Post

Any news there Saxon? 


Yeah, everyone's checked in. 

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Shelly Palmer is a Tech analyst, but has a really interesting take on the UK attacks the larger "war" we're in:


The recent killings were not ordered by a military commander, not carried out by troops, not perpetrated by terror cells or operatives. They were socially engineered.

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I'm glad everyone you know is well, Saxon.

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A stampede in Turin, Italy where 1,527 people were injured after fireworks were mistaken for a bomb:



More than 1,500 people were injured, three seriously, after a bomb scare triggered a stampede among Juventus fans watching the Champions League final in Turin, local authorities said Sunday.


In an update on Saturday's dramatic events in a square packed with supporters watching the Cardiff match on a giant screen, the local prefecture said 1,527 had been treated for mainly minor injuries.


Three people were in a serious condition, including a young boy of Chinese origin who was crushed after tripping as he tried to run.


"We were buried under bodies," his sister told reporters outside the hospital where he was reported to be in a coma with chest injuries.


AFP reporters who witnessed the scenes said the panic seemed to have been triggered by fireworks, followed by one or more people shouting that a bomb had exploded -- a notion that quickly filtered through the crowd.

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Iran is going to try to bust the sanctions. It amuses me to see countries like Saudi trying to stake out the moral high ground.
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I'm hoping that wasn't quite what anyone had in mind when western nations were agitating for 'turning up the pressure' on potentially extremist countries.  "cut em off! Starve 'em out!"

Also shows you how interconnected these places are and dependent on trade.

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Laying siege to a whole nation that is fasting for Ramadan strikes me as particularly vicious. ABC News reports that the ruler of Kuwait is scheduling a trip to Saudi Arabia in order to try to talk the Saudis down.

French police shot and arrested a man who appeared to have been trying to commit suicide by cop in Paris today. The man was armed with a hammer.
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Altogether now, "Si j'avais un marteau..."

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This fire

Fuck. Footage is like a slice of hell. How the fuck did it go up SO fast. And the conspiracy part of my brain cant help but leap to the fact its a poor block in a rich neighbourhood that wants the poor out.

Just horrifying. The stories I'm reading and the screams in the video.

Hope all London chewers and their families are safe. If only everyone in that block was, but it looks like its going to be really bad.
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Yeah, it's been the main topic of conversation at work this morning. I read somewhere that the residents had already complained about the tower being a potential death trap due to there being only one exit. Of course, nobody appears to have listened.... 

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