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So, I posted a CL ad to my FB page & mentioned I wanted to buy a Jackson Flying V:



I was just kind of kidding, saying "Take me out of my misery & buy this so I don't!"


mixed replies, from buy it (only $250) to "You can get a one new for $270", but it's a different model


the one that stuck out was this one though, from an acquaintance of mine who plays bass & has seen me muddle around on a guitar at least once


"You haven't a single microgram of musical talent. Absolutely no sense of rhythm whatsoever, and no sense of pitch. Your desire to play is strong. Your ability to play is nonexistent. A sad truth to be told."


that stings like a motherfucker TBH, but OTOH he's right


I don't know whether to thank him or tell him to fuck off!