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Originally Posted by Bartleby_Scriven View Post

I've said it before, but anyone that gets upset about a dumb blockbuster must only see blockbusters.


I don't think that's true.


Also Mangy isn't even upset.  He enjoyed the movie like I did.  As a VFX/concept art demo reel!  

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How does it feel to be so wrong, Nooj?

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you tell me

(sips drink)
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The choppy editing, nasty color grading, and overbearing soundtrack kept me from enjoying much of the good looking parts.


I dunno about this director guy for Metal Gear Solid. It's going to be a disaster no matter who does it, but it could at least be a fun B-level disaster. I'll see it if he gets a different editor.

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Originally Posted by Mangy View Post

Thinking about this more, this reminded me a bit of Jurassic World

I think it's got a closer relative in JURASSIC PARK III - a very straightforward B-movie that has no pretensions about being anything else. It's a movie about a large cast being picked off by krazy kreatures and nothing else. Taken as such, I think it is a success, and doesn't make JP3's mistake of frontloading all the deaths.

Not that "Whoopie" isn't still an appropriate response to a movie whose claim to fame is that it out-JP3's JP3, but rainy days gotta be occupied by something.
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Following up on the aspect ratio thing:

Sucks that HBO does that. I'm pretty sure the only people left who dislike the black bars are my parents, but their tv is permanently zoomed and distorted anyway.
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Watched this a while back an really got a kick out of it. One of the better big action movies I've seen in a while, and one of the more enjoyable things I've seen this year. Was surprised to see a Cannibal Holocaust reference of all things in it. Anyways, recently watched War for the Planet of the Apes and got a chuckle while watching that and realizing this year we got two ape related movies that are drawing heavily from Apocalypse Now. Just seemed like an odd thing to in 2014 when John Wick and The Rover came out.
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