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RAW (2017) Discussion

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ooooh-weeee you should see this!


without seeing trailers, which I imagine gives a lot away!


It made me think of THE FITS (similar in the approach despite being of disparate genre) and IT FOLLOWS (but way more effective in terms of blending horror and metaphor, because it avoids framing it with strict horror movie rules).

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I saw it. Before the movie, they offered us barf bags. I declined. Because I'm not a wimp.
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off all the body horror in this movie, the moment that got me most was the rashes when she woke up scratching herself

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The part where her sister has a little accident with the scissors made me gasp. I didn't think that was going to happen.
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oh god... the yanking...

BY THE WAY, the older sister kinda reminds me of ANTJE TRAUE ONGH

and the lead actress has ROSE BYRNE EYES
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The scene after she's been eating her hair.



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Peeling off the big pieces of dead skin from the eczema was groady.
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I guess I'll be seeing this tonight.

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You bunch of virgins! I've seen this movie before when Claire Denis made it as Trouble Every Day (2001), or fuck, even When Animals Dream (which I disliked). At any rate, despite it being overly familiar, I really enjoyed it, but b/c I've seen this done before, I saw the ending 10 minutes into the first act.

It's pretty good, I wasn't disappointed, but I'm fighting a headache at the moment, so I've got to get home and take care of that before I get into this.

Barf bags. What kind of pussyboy needs a barf bag for this?
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Yeah, when they offered us barf bags, I was like, "Ooo, it's about to get real." But it was never that nauseating.
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It's a nice bit of William Castle ballyhoo, but I'm glad my theater didn't do that as it would have pumped up expectations that the film was doomed to fall short of.
There's a good bit to unpack thematically and it turns the monstrous feminine trilogy (Let the Right One In, Under the Skin, Ex Machina) into a quartet, but I think it would have been more interesting (or original) in my eyes if it had been less about young women dealing with body shaming, a hypersexualized culture, social ostracism, addiction, etc, and more about the psychology of being vegan or vegetarian (I'm the latter) and the state of having less empathy for humans than animals. That's a completely different movie, so I'm being unfair, but that was going through my brain as this movie, which is good despite all of this, took every turn I expected it to on its way to telling me a story I've seen before in brand new clothes.
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you think you're soooooooo cooooool!

well, what if you ain't!!!
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I'm not pretty enough for you!!
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On subject, it's nice to have another film to discuss in the Sex Scene thread, 

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beat you to it!

I should look up Trouble Every Day...
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By the by, though my viewing experience wasn't exactly ruined by this, there was a guy sitting behind me with who I guess was his girlfriend/date, and his commentary before the film, and in particular , a moment during the film, kind of spoke to its themes in ways he was likely too fucking dumb to realize. 


Before the film: The trailer for The Lovers (Debra Winger and Tracy Letts romcom) began - "Oh, man, look at this - Debra Winger looks like shit now! She aged badly!"


During the film (douche notices Justine's unshaved armpits): "Oh, look under her arms!" 



Now, I will confess that I generally find body hair on a man or a woman pretty unattractive, but certainly not enough to comment on it, especially not to a fucking date. Then there's the Debra Winger thing, which irrespective of subjectivity, it's just a weird thing to point out, again, especially if you're on a fucking date with the female of the species. I noticed that she didn't respond to either of these comments. I'd like to think that no matter where they were in their relationship, she immediately began making plans to ghost his lame ass. 

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Originally Posted by JacknifeJohnny View Post

Barf bags. What kind of pussyboy needs a barf bag for this?
*Meekly raises hand*

No I don't think I'd ACTUALLY need a barf bag...but just the fact that barf bags are associated with the movie (and reading what it's about) is enough to make me most likely never see it. I just can't do certain types of gore (Hannibal's beautifully realized, dream-like, tableaus of death being a big exception)...and this sounds super icky. I dunno. When films like this are made with the expressed purpose of getting under your skin....just, thanks but no thanks. Romero's Dawn of the Dead is about as gross as I go..
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I was eating breakfast during an episode of "Hannibal" once. Woof.
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I love that sort of old school hype.  Like Psycho with its nurses in attendance in case people faint and Herschell Gordon Lewis and so forth.

I noticed at a store I was working at that all the kids working there were sharing around Human Centipede just on its outre reputation. Which was something people had assumed would be less impactful in these internet times (all kids are are battle worn and psychologically broken, having grown up on extreme horror, child porn and beheadings from birth, some people seem to think).   More of that sort of thing, I say. When crass exploitation and intelligent classy filmmaking meet, gold is often formed  (which is hopefully what this is.)


I haven't seen it yet.  I'm not sure I want to based on some of the stuff I've heard (but as mentioned, maybe it's not that bad really.  The anticipation is worse)

I'm going to have to though, by the sounds as it seems there some overlap with something I've been writing for ages and clung to pathetically as one decent idea I've come up with  (and Trouble Every Day as well, which I've heard of but completely forgot about).

That's the trouble with icky ideas, you have to sit through all the similar icky ideas to see just how similar they are.

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I find it really difficult to imagine that anyone who has watched a decent number of horror films would be upset by this film on a content level alone. I think where it might hit some people the most is in how intimate a lot of it feels. For example, it takes an idea like Brazilian waxing, a culturally acceptable practice of personal grooming, and casts it in a light that makes you question why it's become normalized to the point where we expect women to just do it. I imagine anyone (sissies) who feels icky about women's bodies would probably have a tough time with the film, but it's not a big deal.

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It doesn't have anything to do with women's's just that if the movie is TRYING to make me uncomfortable....then it probably will. At least a little anyway. Maybe I've totally misinterpreted what this is about. But the post above that mentioned EATING HAIR...I mean, just typing that out gives me the willies. It's not like accidentally getting a hair in your mouth. I saw a video once of a girl who chewed on her hair and got one particularly long strand twisted around one of her taste buds and that image has never left me lol. It's the same reason that I've never watched any of the Human Centipede movies or the films of Takashi Miike (did I spell that right?). The first two Saws were more than enough as well. It's when horror starts to wallow in this sort of miserable, bizarre, groadiness that I just have to pass. The eye scene in Hostel is another good example. I should never have attempted that one.

I guess I like discussing these types of movies more than watching them. And it helps me decide if I WILL try to watch it because I DO like horror movies..
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I wasn't addressing you, Fraid. I'm responding to the film and what it may or may not mean for a prospective audience. Whether you get around to it or not is up to you.

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Oh, sorry..
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hahaha oh man the waxing scene

fun wincing!

yeah it's the relatable intimacy of the 'gore' that got me flinching, not any of the actual gore itself
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All about the hair-eating.

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I'm gonna watch this at an Alamo Drafthouse. Should I eat during the movie? I'm gonna be so hungry by the time I get to the theater.

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Ducournau SOUNDS like a name destined for horror!
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It's the name of the IKEA phone app in Germany.
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Originally Posted by JacknifeJohnny View Post


it's just a weird thing to point out, again, especially if you're on a fucking date with the female of the species. I noticed that she didn't respond to either of these comments. I'd like to think that no matter where they were in their relationship, she immediately began making plans to ghost his lame ass. 


Wow, this is highly ironic, because I feel judgy about your judginess regarding this guy in a couple that you don't know at the cinema.

Maybe they are married & have children together, which would put a pretty big damper on her ghosting him.


I watched the film this evening & hated it.

Slow-paced cliché :confused:

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I feel like you're not as new to these boards as your join date suggests. In the meantime...


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Also watched it tonight, and was a little disappointed, as I was expecting something really extreme after hearing the stories of people fainting in the theater and such.  But, great effects, and a lot of vivid colors and really beautiful imagery in between the icky parts, like that opening shot.  It just looks way too pretty to be one of those miserable dreary movies Fraid is talking about.


The toothbrush sitting on the floor of the shower was a nice touch.  Someone's going to be putting that in their mouth!

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I agree, the folks who couldn't take it must be serious lightweights.




Originally Posted by JacknifeJohnny View Post

I feel like you're not as new to these boards as your join date suggests.


I'm not sure what leads you to believe that. Judging some dude that heavily w/o even knowing the relationship of the couple is just kind of strange to me.

It doesn't take a movie forum veteran running on an alias to experience that reaction :)


Were you attracted to her?

That might be where these feelings of judgement were coming from.

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Your time is running shorter by the second.

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For what reason?

I haven't broken any rules


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Oh, don't worry, I'll do my due diligence. I'm trying not to make decisions whilst I'm irritated with a person. It's not a good look.

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I'm not worried, because you seem like a decent person who probably won't go through my entire post history to find a reason to do something.

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Oh, I'd like to think I'm a decent guy, but I'm definitely going through your post history. If I can't match anything to previous posters then I can't match anything and that's fine, but it's beared fruit in the past, so I have no reason not to do it. 

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Ah well, I'm golden then, because I only joined here when I heard they were closing down the IMdB threads :D

Not that I had used IMdB's comments section in years, but the news just reminded me I like to chat about TV & Films.

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This made me uncomfortable.
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I saw this in the cinema.
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I’m usually not, but it’s the interweaving of sex and violence that makes me squirm. For instance, there’s a particular scene in Gone Girl that haunts me.

It’s the intimacy you guys talked about above. Before Johnny went all Johnny on Princess Harford.
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Still trying to figure this movie out. What's the purpose of the lunch scene discussing AIDS, sex with monkeys, and then eating monkeys? 


It seems like it could be students bullying the gay roommate, but it doesn't really come across that way. And the conflating of sex and eating seems to be the movie stating its thesis, but I can't nail down if the cannibalism is a metaphor for blossoming female sexuality or for sexual deviance.


For instance, the father's revelation of all his scars at the end has an air of kink with him and his wife. 


Movie, what you mean movie?!?!

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I think the overlying thesis is that life is a lot more fucked up than you think, and as you grow up you realize that what you thought was fucked up is actually the norm.


See also Society.

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While that's certainly intriguing, I can't help but wonder what the movie is saying about female sexuality.


With cannibalism as metaphor, sexuality is something that the father felt compelled to keep a secret, and the mother tried to prevent entirely?  

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I think the final bit with the scarred dad is saying that the girl shouldn't feel that her compulsions are deviant. It's literally in her blood. But if the movie's really saying that all women live to consume men, that's just its opinion.

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