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LIFE (2017) Post Release Discussion

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This is so superior to Prometheus in every way possible.


Tension filled, good performances (Japanese Captain from Sunshine shows up here) and a dangerous creature.

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So the sort of strange form the creature takes is effective?
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Yup, I enjoyed this a lot. Had a little bit of a Prometheus-lite dumb smart people thing at moments but was really tense and well paced. Killer ending too.
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I was a little surprised by the ending myself.


The spacewalk section where they try to repair the antenna was really suspenseful.

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Originally Posted by Freeman View Post

So the sort of strange form the creature takes is effective?


It's not huge like a Xenomorph. But eerily smart and persistant.

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Wow. I'd completely written this off. Good to hear that it's decent!

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Wait! This isn;t a Venom prequel?!?!





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It's been nearly 40 years-Just remake Alien.

Wasn't as high on this as the rest of you. Part of he problem is that we spend so little time getting to know the crew. They give us a couple cliche moments for each and that's it. And can why do they insist on touching the aliens? Hands should be nowhere near the thing as they know both about it. Robotic hands

I thought the ending was cute. As soon as the ships bumped I knew it was going there.
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I agree with Anya. This was kind of a wet fart for me. My interest in the story began to plummet after Reynolds big scene, when the movie morphed into another Alien rip off.

The most entertaining thing at my screening was my city's fairly despised mayor sitting in front of me. Of course she talked to her husband throughout most of the movie.
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Yeah, this is just a big pile of okay until the ending. The ending is the only original thing about it.
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This would have played fine at home, but credit to the ending. More fun than clever, but pretty fun.
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Spoiler tag it, but NPR's FilmTalk review may have given away the ending in its description of Gyllenhaal's character . . . is it intentional?
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Without a link or explanation, I can't say, but it sure doesn't sound like it.

This is not a twist ending, and nothing is redefined after seeing it. It's just a solid genre ending with slightly more balls than you might expect. I got a bit overhyped on it myself (a friend said it was not unlike Orphan, which...not even fuckng close). If you're a fan of Alien rip offs, this one is above average, and you can afford to wait for it. Just forget about it until redbox and have a tolerable night.
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"Redbox and have a tolerable night" is the new "Netflix and chill."
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'Have a tolerable night' - Arjen Rudd


Put that on your poster.

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Originally Posted by Arjen Rudd View Post

This is not a twist ending



Agreed mostly, but









I think there's a bit of a trick where we're shown Rebecca's capsule is heading Eathwards and Jake's hit that bit of debris, or something.  It's a nasty switcheroo of sorts. 

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We watching this last night & talk about creepy, LOL!

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Calvin sure is an asshole.

I bonded with him for that reason. I was rooting for him till the end! I knew going in this was supposed to be an "ok" alien clone, so no big let down. I enjoyed some creative kills.
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It wasn't a bad movie. 


I do like that all Calvin was trying to was survive. Clever little fucker. 


That ending though...

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The director knows how to frame a shot well. That's the best thing I can say about this.


It wasn't enitrely bad, but my patience was wearing thin after the halfway point. Hunting/evading the creature grew pretty monotonous. They kept flip flopping on whether they were hunting it, or just avoiding it and trying to survive. Wait, no, we've decided we're suicidal now...but we still have to avoid the creature! Jesus, just pick one. Nobody likes a tease.


When the script hits the brakes and gives us our character backstory exposition, it's super painful. I think we get Ryan Reynolds, Jake G, and one of the other one's origin spiels all in a row. Very elegant scripting. Ryan: "Family is plumbers. I am fixit man." Jake: "I soldier man. As soldier man, I uniquely qualified to say it is bad thing when people die." Rebecca Ferguson: "Germs are gross."


When we are left with just Jake and Rebecca, the personality vacuum sucks harder than the vacuum of space.


The ending is an okay "Gotcha!" moment in theory, except for the laborious and clumsy setup of the final plan that makes absolutely no sense. I'm pretty sure there was another way to keep the creature away from earth that didn't involve putting it in an escape pod with an autopilot course locked for earth. Also, it kinda detracted from the moment to have Jake's face look perfectly fine and painless amongst the webbing.

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Thought it was a surprisingly effective genre film.  Sad I missed it in the theaters.  It's basically Gravity meets Alien, but it had enough surprises to keep me in engaged.  The ending kind of reminds me of The Mist, in that it succeeded in elevating a film I'd concluded was "decently good" to a higher echelon.


Calvin's fucking scary, yo. 

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Grabbed this from Redbox a few days ago, and for that, it's an enjoyable little genre film.  And I thought the twist worked.


I've seen a persuasive argument that this is less a Venom prequel and more a Cloverfield one.

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I didnt care for Calvin's design in the flicks back half. I prefered the protean shapelessness of it's earlier form. Once it shows up and it has a face, dedicated arms (good god those pecs!), a right side and a left side, and a front and a back it becomes a fairly generic creature.

Reynold's demise should have been horrifically violent, given what we knew about Calvin by that point.

Oh, I dont quite get the love for the ending . . . there shouldn't be any surprise there . . . that's exactly how creature features are supposed to end.
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It would have been cool if they had kept it an amorphous monster that just kept getting bigger, sort of like The Blob in space. I didn't mind the later forms of the creature that much, though. The final form, with the


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
webbing or whatever it was that Gyllenhaal was wrapped up in inside the pod was sufficiently freaky looking


Reminds me, this creepy lil bugger I saw on twitter reminded me of Calvin a bit:

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The amount of stupid in this defies belief.  It's almost worse than Prometheus on a logic level.  Nothing really makes sense.  And the ending is insulting in how implausible it is.  


This wouldn't be a problem if they weren't trying so hard to steep the premise in reality.  

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Originally Posted by Ambler View Post

The amount of stupid in this defies belief.  It's almost worse than Prometheus on a logic level.  Nothing really makes sense.  And the ending is insulting in how implausible it is.  

This wouldn't be a problem if they weren't trying so hard to steep the premise in reality.  

Trust me when I say that nothing about the "ISS" in this film is steeped in reality.

The few things I found rewarding from a space-head POV:

1. I loved the idea of a paraplegic astronaut
2. I liked the scenes of them using the glove box for sample containment (that and other payload-specific similar containers are what we actually have up there - there's no protocol for locking the hatches to the US lab while folks are in there though. It's in basically the center of the US segment - locking it would segregate the crew from the rest of the station. That's crazy.
3. The use of a Progress module to push the station into a different orbital inclination

The things I hated:

1. Individual escape pods the size of a 3-person Soyuz
2. The crew being able to command all the station's systems while cut off from the ground - we run literally everything from MCC. The crew are passengers, with very limited ability to command station systems under nominal conditions.
3. The weird layout of the station that seems to have a bunch of dead-end modules with only one hatchway in or out.
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Originally Posted by Analog Olmos View Post

Trust me when I say that nothing about the "ISS" in this film is steeped in reality.


That becomes clear pretty quickly.  What I mean is the film has this feeling of verisimilitude that isn't appropriate because of the ensuing silliness and implausibilities.  On top of the thinly drawn characters.  It's just a mess.  It's too bad because the horror aspect is well done.

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