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NHL 2016-2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

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With the Postseason set to begin tomorrow I figured a thread should be made for fans of the NHL!

What are your predictions for Round 1?

Eastern Conference:

Capitals (5) vs. Leafs
Penguins (6) vs. Blue Jackets
Montreal (7) vs. Rangers
Senators vs. Bruins (7)

Western Conference:

Blackhawks (7) vs. Predators
Blues(6) vs. Wild
Ducks vs. Calgary (7)
Oilers vs. Sharks (6)

Calgary is my darkhorse pick this year.

I'm hoping my Penguins will repeat.  However good the Capitals are they have been the favourites for the last, 7 seasons? And that never works out for them.
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I hope my Canadiens win it all, but realistically, I think they'll only get past the Rangers. Pittsburgh will have a hard time without Letang in the lineup. The Cup winners will either be Chicago or Washington. It's a toss up for me.

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Not having Letang in the lineup hurts, but he has missed pretty much half the season already and they finished with the second best record. That is also despite having the most injured team in the league as well that is finally getting healthy just in time for a run.

Plus we have the luxury to have Mark Streit, who would be a top 6 D man on any other team, as a healthy scratch.

Washington is the biggest test for sure.

I'm going to guess it will be a Wild vs. Capitals/Penguins final.
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Go Wild!
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Come on Oilers.  Put em away.  

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It's absolutely hilarious when the so called NHL "experts" pretty much unanimously predicted a Blackhawks vs. Capitals final.

How did that work out?

I guess picking the top two teams in both conference qualifies you as an expert?

Having said that my first round picks so far look to all be off as well!

I love being pleasantly surprised by what the Predators have done. For at least a decade I've always picked the Predators and Blues as dark horses. Glad to see them have some success.

Patrick Kane did make a good point, he said maybe they got an inflated sense of how good they were based on winning so many games in the shoot out.
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I'm just hoping that the Wild can pull off an upset and take the series.  Odds are against them but eff it...I'm hoping.

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This Washington/Toronto series is something else.
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Toronto gave Washington a bit of a run because of their youth and speed.


The second round starts Wednesday with both games in the Western Conference Semi Final:


Blues vs. Predators 

Ducks vs. Oilers 


Eastern Conference Semi Final:


Capitals vs. Penguins

Senators vs. Rangers


I'm not even going to make predictions this round because this post season has been wacky.


Go Penguins!

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I wouldn't call 5 ot games a "bit of a run".

Washington probably chokes again, Penguins v Rangers in a Bettman fantasy Eastern final.

Nashville revolves around goaltending, if Pekka magically stays on point could go to final. Will the Ducks continue to choke? Will Mcdavid step up finally? God I hate Edmonton. But Kesler is AIDs. Hope Nashville or the Blues come out of the West.
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When I say a bit of a run I'm minimalizing it because I'm superstitious and I'm trying to give Washington a bit of credit.

I still think Washington's defense is too slow to compete in a postseason that is dominated by speed.

San Jose didn't learn that lesson after losing to the Penguins. They just learned that lesson again aginast the Oilers. Maybe instead of running the score up 7-0 that one game they should have played that way the entire series. But they couldn't keep up, and that's what cost them.

There are two dinstinct seasons in the NHL. The playoffs are an entirely different beast.
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San Jose played great considering the injuries/age/shit end to season. Pavelski goes crossbar/post with what a min to go in game 6. Plus Schlemko gifted Kassian/the Coilers a win in game 3. Last year was their last hurrah there wasn't much to learn short of blowing it up. With Chicago out looks like a changing of the guard in the West.

Freeman are you from deadmonton or just bandwagoneering it up?
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I was a fan as a kid and I lived there for most of my teen years.  I've since moved to the coast but that doesn't stop me from supporting them dammit!  I was there for the heart break of their last playoff run ten years ago!


I was also there when the Canucks fans burned down the city...  


If it wasn't for that big Olympics win my Hockey fandom of the last decade has been literal misery and vandalism.  


But now the Oilers are young fast tough CONTENDERS dammit!

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OF COURSE IT WAS FUCKING GOALIE INTERFERENCE YOU FUCKING MORONS!  Look at Kessler shoving his hand right into those pads get the fuck out of here that doesn't get called fucking BULLSHIT.  

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Quack... Quack.... Quack... QUACK

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That's as blown a call as can be.

Clearly interfering with the ability of the goalie to make a save.

It's no wonder why the NHL isn't popular in the States any more, the rules are too fluid. Except for a sometimes inconsistent strike zone I can't think of any other "major" sport that has so many blown calls.
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The refs won that game for the Ducks last night. Wow.

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To be fair the Oilers shouldn't have let them score the first two before that shady third one.
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Playoff hockey boys. Perry munched on that high stick before the Oilers third goal.
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Originally Posted by Munson View Post

Quack... Quack.... Quack... QUACK


Ducks very clearly cheated.  The panel agrees unanimously.  

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Originally Posted by Mun son View Post

Playoff hockey boys. Perry munched on that high stick before the Oils third goal.

Being lenient and letting calls go here and there is completely different from ignoring an obvious and brutal violation of the actual rules.  Why have goalie interference at all?!

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I wouldn't call Kesler cheating. Greasy sure but hockey is built on plays like that. Nurse pushed him into the net also.

The other day in the Caps/Pens that dman won an oscar with his fake head whip that fucked the Caps with a high stick penalty. Shitty reffing is sports.
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Bonino is a forward.

Oshie did that exact same move last playoffs against the Penguins.

Did he get away with an embellishment? Absolutely. But there is no argument that Oshie hit him in the upper chest with a high stick, which is an infraction.

Getting a power play on a borderline call is gamesmanship. Power plays don't guarantee a goal.

I wouldn't say Kesler was doing that on purpose, he might have been unintelltionay interfering. But when you have replay to review something like that you can clearly see that Talbot is being interfered with in his goal crease, which is an infraction.

The last game when he was interfered with outside of the crease is a different story. That was a good goal.
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That was not a penalty by Oshie and was a brutal call. But Bonino sold it, can't blame the guy. I bet he isn't drawing a high stick without some McSorley on Brashear action though.

Agree the Kesler play is worse because they reviewed and still missed it. If you get knocked into the goalie you do all you can to make his life miserable.
He knew exactly what he was doing, so if you can get away with it good on you.

Either way the Oilers still could of won. But they didn't lelelelel.

Apparently Ottawa and NY have hockey teams. Who knew?
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"If the guy in the crease is grabbing your pad, that's goalie interference." -Kelly


There's no room for interpretation here.  There's no "Well it's rough hockey."  It's the fucking rules.  

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Kelly didn't even fucking notice till Elliot told him!

It was kinda bullshit. Life goes on. Game 6 tomorrow, we shall see what happens.
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And when he did, he changed his mind and didn't let it get blown off.  

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Kesler is a whiny sissy boy cuntface and that's even when he was with the Canucks. He's poison and you'll find that out soon enough.

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A whiny bitch on the Canucks? Impossible.

Only bad part of the Oilers losing is all the conspiracy theorists are out of the wood work saying the league hates Edmonton. Everything has a negative I guess.
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Somebody call the police!

The Ducks are getting murdered!

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Kesler's sad face is the icing on the cake. Karma's a bitch.

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All the Capitals did last night was delay the inevitable. Lets go Pens!

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Originally Posted by Chaz View Post

All the Capitals did last night was delay the inevitable. Lets go Pens!

If the Penguins possessed the puck a bit more the series would have been a sweep.

Their style of play is completely different in front of Fleury. There is no doubt in my mind Sullivan has them hanging back in their zone a bit more to protect Fleury and avoid the rush.

Washington moves through the neutral zone extremely fast and Fleury has a hard time handling shots that get through from the face off circles. That's why the Penguins are getting in those lanes to block shots.

The forwards would be playing a lot higher in the defensive zone if Murray was healthy.
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Sad that Ovechkin never been past the second round. Beast at the WHC though!

Nashville looking damn good. Extra days off in the playoffs is garbage.
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Originally Posted by Chaz View Post

All the Capitals did last night was delay the inevitable. Lets go Pens!

I may have  jinxed the Penguins.

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To be fair, the Ducks gave up 5 goals in one period.

Terrible showing by the Penguins, but at least they didn't entirely give up and scored 2 in the last 5 minutes.

Anything can happen in a game 7 but it would have been nice to close the series out sooner!

Penguins just have to do why the Caps did to us, pepper the goalie with shots. Holtby doesn't have the mojo right now. Come out and play with some desperation for a change and Penguins could do it.

No pressure though, we just won the cup last year. Repeating would be nice but near impossible without Murray and Letang.
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I'm so nervous for tonight.  I'll be cheering for the Capitals.

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I want the Caps to win but I have zero faith. Kinda feel bad for the Ducks, fifth straight year up 3-2 and shitting the bed.
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I want the Caps to score first just so these butterflies in my stomach go away.  I'm predicting a final score of 3-2, WSH.

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Tonight is do or die for the Oilers.  Just as nervous.  This series is so unpredictable.  

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Well, shit.
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I'm with you, Chaz!
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When I woke up this morning, I was worried about the Penguins blowing this series. As the day went on I thought that Sullivan was too good of a coach to let a 3-1 series lead slip though the Pens fingers. I'm glad the Penguins pulled it out. Eight down, eight to go!


A friend of mine posted on Facebook that the Caps may move to Seattle or Portland. Anyone else hear about that?

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Edmonton deserved to be eliminated after that pathetic effort.  

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Caps are staying put. Ovie maybe not, I mean third line, never past second round, coach can't even speak about you at the presser? Yeesh.

Poor Edmonton. Maybe next year McDavid will show up for the playoffs.
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Yeah I've never heard that rumour before. There is no truth to it.

If any teams are going to relocate it will be Arizona or Carolina.

I had a good feeling about Pittsburgh winning all day. They finanly played Penguins hockey by being aggressive on the forecheck to protect a 1-0 lead in the third, which resulted in Ovechkin giving up the puck and going up 2-0.

Ovechkin was the only Capital on the ice for both Penguins goals despite being 7th in time played. That's bad. But that's exactly why that team can't seem to get past the second round. It's not only the Penguins that they lose to.
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Seattle is always being used as a threat for possible relocation. I desperately want a NHL team up here but I also don't get my hopes up every time it's mentioned.
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I remember when the Oilers brass "randomly" all went to a Seahawks game during the arena negotiations... panic attack in the city.
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