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Guentzel has been impressive all season.

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It's Preds Pride Day here in Nashville. In honor of the occasion, one of our streets downtown has been named Predators Way.


"Come on kids, let's go down to Predators Way." Hmm, that doesn't sound good.

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The fans have been crazy in Nashville.
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That was not a fun game to watch. Not fun at all.


I have to give the devil his due, Rinne made some great saves tonight.

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Rinne was fantastic.


The Predators need to steal one on the road. Their home ice advantage seems pretty damn solid.

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Penguins look out of gas.

Maata and Hainsey are liabilities right now. Would have been nice to have a Letang healthy to cover for them.

Still 3 games to go!
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The Pens looked like they might blow series three and four and went on to win. I haven't lost hope in them yet.

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I'm with you, Chaz.

Home ice could be the difference in this series.

And they way I look at it is this, Penguins just won the cup last year. Everyone said they didn't have a chance to make a deep run without Letang, and look where they are.

I still think it's a success no matter what happens .
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So excited for game five tonight. If Nashville wins, I expect the series to end at game 6 with the Predators winning at home. If Pittsburg wins tonight, the series goes to seven and it's up for grabs.
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Kinda feels like Nashville has to win tonight, but we'll see. This weekend in Nashville we'll be having Game 6 on Sunday, as well as the CMA Fest, and Bonnaroo is just a few miles down the road. They're expecting 100,000 people downtown on Sunday night. Win or lose it will be an incredible scene.

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Preds getting pumped. Rinne is trash in Pittsburgh, such a Jekyll and Hyde freak show. Hope it goes to 7!

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It took Pittsburgh 5 games to finally play their best hockey of the series.

It looks like home ice is a huge advantage for both teams.

You can just tell they are angry and are trying to make a point with this game.
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 It was great to see the Penguins come out swinging! I had a good feeling about this game when I saw Crosby spilt the defense and hit the cross bar.


 That pass Malkin made to Hanisey was Mario Lemieux like.


 Kessel's goal was pretty damn sweet.


 On Sunday I know that crowd is going to be fired up and I'm sure Nashville will come out of the gate with a lot of energy. The Penguins will have to match it to win the Cup.


 I have to give the Nashville fans their due, that is one insanely fired up crowd.

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Crosby turns 30 this summer and that had to be one of his most dominant games.

He was everywhere.
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Pens destroyed the Preds from the get-go. That was a slaughter.

However, that Crosby/Subban call was some bullllllllshit. Nashville fans are going to let Sidney have it on Sunday.

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Crosby is kind of a fucking twat.


I don't begrudge Pens fans, because he's a really good hockey player. But man, he's a fuckhead and they just let him get away with it, over and over.

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 Crosby has taken more than his fair share of abuse: the concussion he got after being hit in the head in round 2 and the Ottawa bench was spraying water in his face. I can't get angry over those taps to the head he gave to Subban. Crosby was clearly not putting his all into those punches. 


 I've been following Crosby since his rookie season, which isn't hard when you live in the Pittsburgh area, and he has always shown class. Ok he whined once after the Flyers beat the shit out of the Penguins in game 3 of the first round that year. I said he showed class, I didn't say he was perfect.

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I disagree, but I'm trying to cut down on having hostile arguments on this board. Go Preds, and good luck to the Penguins. But also Go Preds again.

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I respect your maturity. I'm friends with a Flyers fan, so I do get along with people who have different views on hockey.

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Subban also had his arms wrapped around Crosby's leg and stick and he couldn't get up nor get his stick free.

The Referee standing right beside them could see what was happening.

People who don't like Crosby ignore that Subban, who has no skill, has to clutch and hold players of skill in order to remain competitive.

But, whatever, this is an endless debate.
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Haha, I'm outnumbered here. Good luck on Sunday!

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Crosby is a pussycat. In hockey you get shit on for like 7 years then everything goes your way.

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Whoa Subban had no skill? Cmon bruh.
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Originally Posted by Mangy View Post

Haha, I'm outnumbered here. Good luck on Sunday!

You have my sword.
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Hey Chaz! Congratulations on your hockey team winning the Stanley Cup!!!!
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Cinderella stories are such because they're so unlikely to happen.  Sorry Nashville.  

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 I still have a big ass smile on my face thanks to the Penguins!


It was a well played fast paced game too. While it was low scoring there where a lot of scoring chances. By the time the third period rolled around, I got nervous every time Nashville got a shot on goal.

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Congrats. I am hungover.

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So... how was that Preds goal not a goal?

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How was that Oilers play where Kessler full on stuck his hand inside a goalies pads and pulled his legs open on camera not goalie interference? The NHL is a joke organization.
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Originally Posted by D.T. View Post

So... how was that Preds goal not a goal?

The  ref blew the whistle because he lost sight  puck.

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What Chaz said. From the position the referee was in he thought that Murray saved that shot and he could no longer see the puck. The whistle was blown, and once it's blown the play is dead and you can't take back what happens. It's meant to be that way so players don't take liberties on a goalie that is covering the puck with his glove.

I feel sorry for Predators fans that are still agonizing over that instead of thinking rationally. That happened with 18:30 remaining in the second period. The refs gave Nashville 4 power plays in a row to even to make up for that, which is another issue I won't get into, and Nashville simply couldn't convert.

If that goal had the Predators up 1-0, that doesn't mean the game would have ended with a Nashville victory. Any variable could have played out. I think that's the problem with sports fans, they don't consider that.

Now if that scenario happened and that goal would have allowed Nashville to tie it 1-1 with seconds remaining that would be something to complain about.

But the thing is, it still wasn't a goal.
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Unlike the Oilers situation, which had like three seconds left on the clock.

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If only the Oilers had a whole other game and 2 OT periods to score!

Expansion draft will be fun, hope there are some crazy trades.
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Arizona needs to trade Mike Smith while there's still some value.


What's the compensation to teams for losing a player to the expansion draft? It's probably not as much as we might get if we traded Smith away and ate some of his salary (which isn't a problem anyway, since AZ struggles just to hit the cap floor each year). He's got a no trade clause anyway, so I don't think he'd agree to being exposed for the expansion.

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You can protect 10 players I think, and if they have a no move you are forced to protect them. Anybody you lose you get nothing for.
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Originally Posted by Munson View Post

Anybody you lose you get nothing for.


Well, that's fucked.

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Fluery has waived a clause in his contract so the Penguins can protect Murray from the expansion draft. While he had a couple of bad playoff series, he did far more good for the Penguins than bad.

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Yea Fluery did the Pens a real solid, helluva (former) teammate. Guy took so much shit over the years was an awesome end for him.
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Fleury and Kunitz take a lot of crap from Penguins fans.

Both were so clutch this year.
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