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Battlestar Galactica (original)

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I noticed MeTV (Memorable Entertainment) dropped a hint last night that they're adding the original BSG to their Sci-Fi Saturday night lineup.


However, there's no mention of it on their website:


The question most are posing is which current Sat. night show they're replacing, Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman, or Star Trek.

I hope it's Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter is easy on the eyes to be sure, but I consider that show filler while I'm waiting between Hulk & ST.

Considering ST is the most similar to BSG, that's probably the likely candidate though :frown:


Recently they finished the ST series & started over at the beginning, so maybe they're ready to throw BSG on in its slot.

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shameless bump :D

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Why? Nobody cares.

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Wow, you're such a nice person :mad:

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