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Not as good as the first but I still cried like a baby. I adore these characters.
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Originally Posted by Analog Olmos View Post

If memory serves, there was a scene cut from Begins where Bruce comes back from being Batman, is about to walk out to see his guests, and Alfred catches him because he's still got black eyeliner on.

Part of me really wanted to see that! But the amount of humor in the film for me kiiiiinda works (tell them that joke you know! He's in a black.... tank.) though other stuff falls flat because they belong in a dumber movie. And those lines (gotta get me one of those!) aren't even so much humor as they are just Shitty Generic Blockbuster Quotes (SGBQ).

The eyeliner thing is one of those weird instances where it's so clear that it's being used, but the movies should never acknowledge it. Kind of like in the Raimi Spider-Mans (and later ones?) the mask also had molding in it to create a certain shape for Spider-Man's head that obviously didn't match up with Peter pulling his mask off. 

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What is with the release of this movie on video?

I had to order a region free 3D version from the UK.

The only option to get a 3D or 4K version was as a bundle in a Best Buy exclusive steel book. Which had an absolutely awful cover, and was also apparently sold out immediately but are now available on Ebay at an inflated price.

How did this one get bungled so much?
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Disney no longer gives any fucks about 3D blu-ray releases in the US. Their home video department is some weird stupid nightmare where they're willfully ignorant of the secondary market. I used to work with someone who worked in that division in the lead up to Tron: Legacy, and they actually pulled the Tron 20th Anniversary DVD from retail before Legacy came out in theaters and when she pointed out that this was going to make the price of the dvd on the secondary market skyrocket their response was 'secondary market? what are you talking about?'


Guardians is a weird case, because as far as I can tell the 3D Spider-Man Homecoming is not going to be retailer exclusive. Though maybe that's Sony's influence.

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I know this is a derail, but Nolan applying a literal interpretation to the Batman costume's backed-out eyelids technique represents everything that turns me off about his take on the character.

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But haven't they all done that? Except for Adam West?

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Originally Posted by Arjen Rudd View Post

Except for Adam West?
And now you grasp the true nature of the superior Batman.
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Originally Posted by Arjen Rudd View Post

But haven't they all done that? Except for Adam West?


The first time I remember seeing it was the 1989 film. But it's strictly a photographic strategy: when Keaton unmasks in Returns there's no gunk on his eyes. Blacking up isn't something Bruce actually does, and Nolan (reportedly) deciding that was one more comic-book detail that he had to find a 'realistic' rationale for is what bugs me.

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Huh? He never blacked up in Begins. In fact there's at least one shot where they absolutely do the 'eye-shadow when cowl on -> takes off cowl -> eyes instantly clean' thing: when he takes the cowl off after bringing Rachel back to the Batcave.

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Originally Posted by Fafhrd View Post

He never blacked up in Begins


For a second I thought I was reading the Racism thread. 

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Originally Posted by catartik View Post

That's a fair criticism but I think that Phase 3 has handled the tone of the movies a lot better.

Civil War plays the entire climax pretty straight with nary a joke from the second they arrive at the Soviet base all the way until "Tony Stank". That's a good 20 minutes. "He killed my Mom."

Dr Strange handles the death of the Ancient One with a lot of class. From the legitimate oomph of her falling, smashing through the glass, and hitting the cement to their conversation with time slowed down and the "It's not about you" line. That's good stuff.

Ego revealed that he gave Peter's Mom the tumour, which resulted in an immediate no-jokes reaction.

And finally Peter being uncomfortable in the car on the way to the Homecoming Dance while Toomes is slowly figuring out who Peter is. No jokes.

I like all that stuff.


I like all that stuff. Phase 3 really has been good.

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As far as I know, the only movie that has actually acknowledged the characters diegetically (YASSSSSSS) using eyeliner is Big Daddy in Kick-Ass. 

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Originally Posted by mcnooj82 View Post

she's supposed to be working on her transformers series!!!!

The latest one went up today. Its about how the male gaze effects the male characters of the series.

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Finally got to the rewatch in the Squarejaw Cave:

Goddamn it holds up.


Vol 1 clearly has a stronger narrative throughline, the FX are better implemented, the pacing is unquestionably better (there's a solid 20 minutes before the climax that you can safely forgo, and miss nothing).


But the emotional heart of Vol 2 is powerful. Exceptionally so. The intercharacter relationships, the meaning they have for one another: I think Vol 1 paid a lot of lip service to that angle, but this one actually puts it all up there on the screen. Mantis feeling Drax's depth of sorrow; Nebula and Gamoras deeply shaded sisterhood; Rockets alienation; Ego's blazing entitlement; Kraglins sincere regret; even Space Sly's frustration with Yondu. And, of course, the surrogate father/son relationship between Yondu and Quill, which carries heavy weight for anyone who grew up in a similar situation.


I hope Vol 3 finds Quill more mature, and seasoned by what happened in this movie. He lost a lot, and he gained even more. He has the potential to be among the most interesting characters in this universe, up there with Cap and Black Widow. 


Also worth noting is the CGI Clustercuss of the finale. As far as computer generated buggery goes, what happens at the end of Vol 2 is notable for its ambition, and creativity. Greenscreen inanity might be played out, but I think we should provide some credit here. They go balls out.

I cried a lot.

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One thing I caught on to more the second time around is that yeah, Drax's sadness over losing his family won't ever go away, but he's no longer the vengeful, solemn character he was in Vol. 1.

He's joyful and laughing through almost all of Vol. 2, because he's incredibly happy to be part of a family again. He belongs somewhere.

I can't wait to have Drax interact with Thor and Hulk in Infinity War.
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"You are beautiful ... on the inside."


lol what a fantastic guy

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Meaningless scores:

I'd put GotG at a 95.


I'll put Vol 2 at, say, 84. But the last five minutes are a solid 100+.

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This is great.




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James Gunn just OWNED cinema sins.

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